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President & First Lady Michelle Obama Welcome Trick-Or-Treaters To The White House

Happy Halloween! Watch President Obama and the First Lady welcome trick-or-treaters to the White House:

Posted by The White House on Friday, October 30, 2015

Hillary Clinton On This Week's GOP Debate Whining

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After her marathon 11 hour testimony before Congress, I can imagine Hillary Clinton has little sympathy for the Republican candidates who complained about the questions at their two hour debate this week.


Happy Halloween!

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Tweet Of The Day: Newly Out Olympian Gus Kenworthy

Bad Lip Reading: First Democratic Debate

The folks at Bad Lip Reading give the recent Democratic debate the lip-dub treatment.

If you didn't know better, you'd swear it was exactly what they said.

Only much funnier.

Anthony Bourdain: 'Every Restaurant In America Would Shut Down' If Donald Trump Were President

Donald Trump
During an appearance on Sirius XM this week, CNN host and celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain said America's restaurant industry would collapse if Republican White House hopeful Donald Trump actually got the chance to enact his proposed deportation of undocumented immigrants.
“If Mr. Trump deports 11 million people or whatever he is talking about right now, every restaurant in America would shut down,” he told host Pete Dominick on Sirius XM’s “Stand Up!” on Wednesday.

“Like a lot of other white kids, I rolled out of a prestigious culinary institute and went to work in real restaurants,” Bourdain said.

“Walking into restaurants, the person who had been there the longest and took the time to show me how it was done was always Mexican or Central American,” he added.“[They are] the backbone of the industry."

Bourdain cited his 30 years in the culinary industry and time as a restaurant executive.

“Twenty of those years, I was a manager and employer,” he said. "Never in any of those years, not once, did any American-born kid walk into my restaurant and say, ‘I’d like a job as a night porter or a dishwasher or even a prep cook.’

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Sen. Ted Cruz Wants To Remind You He Hits Back

Attempting to capitalize on his brief moment of attention after criticizing the media at this week's GOP debate, the campaign wizards for Sen. Ted Cruz rushed out this spot reminding you he hits back at the "liberal biased media."

It's worth remembering that when Cruz made his grandstanding comment at the debate, he was whining about a lack of "substantive" questions from the moderators.

Ironically, he chose to be dramatic rather than answer the "substantive" question that had just been posed to him asking why he was opposing a bipartisan budget deal that would avert a debt ceiling crisis, a Medicare crisis, and a Social Security Disability Insurance crisis.

Please note the very dramatic music in the background.

South Florida Sun-Sentinel Responds To Marco Rubio's

Following Sen. Rubio's dismissal of the Sun-Sentinel's editorial at this week's Republican debate, the newspaper's editorial board responded to Rubio's comments.

During the debate, when former Gov. Jeb Bush similarly underscored Rubio's terrible attendance record, the senator said Bush was simply trying to score political points. As for the Sun Sentinel, he said we showed a liberal bias.

For the record, we'd note that we endorsed Rubio for the Senate in 2010, and Mitt Romney for president in 2012, because we were frustrated by the pace of hope and change in Washington, and they both promised to work hard to make a difference.

But ever since he got to Washington, it seems Rubio has been running for higher office.

If Rubio wants to be president, he should go for it, give it all he's got, full steam ahead. But the demands of the presidential campaign have proven too great for him to do his day job.

(tipped by TRR reader Tony)

Houston: Sally Field Calls Out Anti-HERO Campaign "It's A Lie. It's A Lie. It's A Lie. It's A Lie"

Sally Field (center) with women political leaders in Houston

Speaking with political leaders in Houston this week, Academy Award-winner Sally Field offered her full-throated opinion of the anti-LGBT campaign fighting the city's equal rights ordinance known as HERO.

“It’s a lie. It’s a lie. It’s a lie. It’s a lie.”

The last few weeks have seen a deluge of TV spots claiming HERO would allow male sex predators to prowl women’s restrooms in order to sexually assault young girls.

“Not a single case of this,” Field said. “Not one single case has ever been reported. And believe me, if it had happened, it would have been reported. Evil lies are evil lies.”

Via Buzzfeed:

BuzzFeed News interviewed more than a dozen voters on the streets of Houston this week. While only a handful had heard of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, all had heard about the “bathroom ordinance.” Several of those voters, having no idea the law on the ballot Tuesday had a wider scope than just restroom use, said they were voting “no” after hearing claims that it would endanger women and children from rapists who lurk in restrooms.

Titled as Proposition 1 on Tuesday’s ballot, HERO bans discrimination against 15 classes of people — including racial minorities, women, people of faith, and LGBT people — in places of housing, employment, and public accommodation. More than 200 jurisdictions in Texas already have LGBT nondiscrimination laws on the books, including many of states largest cities.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Republican National Committee Suspends Debate Partnership With NBC

Following this week's GOP presidential debate, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus sent a letter to NBC News stating the RNC is “suspending the partnership” with the network regarding a planned February debate.

The letter came in the wake of intense criticism of how the CBNC debate was handled earlier this week.

Priebus wrote that the partnership was suspended “pending further discussion between the RNC and our presidential campaigns.”

NBC has been scheduled to hold a GOP debate February 26 in Houston.

Although CNBC and NBC News are both owned by NBCUniversal, the two are separate entities; they have different management teams and different locations while often sharing and collaborating on news stories.

I watched the CNBC debate, and while I think the candidates over-reacted to the questions asked (many just ignored the questions), I did think the CNBC team wasn't prepared or tightly focused enough to keep control of the event. At times, the moderators didn't seem equipped nor ready with follow up questions.


Postmodern Jukebox Covers Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Give It Away"

Shagalicious, baby!

Aubrey Logan is back with Postmodern Jukebox, and they're going back to the shagadelic '60s to bring you the Red Hot Chili Peppers classic, "Give It Away," as it would have sounded in the "Austin Powers" soundtrack.

Not only are the vocals and arrangement on point, but the trio of dancers bring you some Fosse "Rich Man's Frug" inspired visuals.

Happy Friday!

Does Your Dog Insist On Sleeping With You?

Well, this just killed me.

One way to figure out whether your dog loves you is observing where he likes to sleep.

It’s part of a big controversy, but if your dog wants to sleep in your bed — even if you don’t allow it — he definitely loves you.

According to Gregory Berns, if a dog wants to sleep on your bed, it’s a good test of his loyalty because he doesn’t want to be separated from the pack.

Regular readers of The Randy Report know that Bruno the wonder dog (the daddy dog to our three 12 year old puppies) is my constant companion. Though out the day, where I go - he goes.

And yes, when we say "bedtime" the puppies run to their 'bedroom' - the laundry room.

But Bruno doesn't even think about it. He just heads to where I sleep and calls it a night.

Video: Smart Bird

Clever bird .๓พฎ—๓พฎžThanks to Mr Hui share the video ๓พŒธ

Posted by Alice Ball on Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I'm a bit fascinated by how smart this bird is.

Animals constantly amaze me.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

President Obama, Vice President Biden & Hillary Clinton Support Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance

Michael Sam Speaks Out In Support Of Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance

Pro-footballer Michael Sam speaks out to fair-minded Houstonians to vote “yes” on Proposition 1, protecting the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (#HERO).

Michael Sam Joins the Call for Houston’s Proposition 1
Football legend Michael Sam is urging fair-minded Houstonians to vote “yes” on Proposition 1, protecting the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (#HERO).Learn more: Houston Unites HRC Houston #YesOnProp1
Posted by Human Rights Campaign on Thursday, October 29, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Hello, Dolly! On Broadway

Click on the pic to enlarge

I'm in rehearsals for Hello, Dolly! at  The Wick Theater in Boca Raton, Florida, so I figure it's time for a little #TBT.

The above pic was from the 1995 Broadway revival of Dolly with Carol Channing (who else?) at the Lunt-Fontanne Theater on West 46th Street, taken during the "Hello Dolly" number. I'm far right in the pic closest to Carol (there in the shadows, but happy to be there).

Below is the end of the very athletic "Waiter's Gallop." I'm second from the left with the shish kabob in my hand. Please note my pulled up feet :)

Staging the show now, and passing on what I learned with such a beautiful, wonderful company on Broadway always makes me smile.

Just to underscore that, I always share that in 22 months, no one left the company. We were all so happy to be there. That sounds so pollyanna, but it's true. Trust me - that isn't always the atmosphere backstage on Broadway.

Here's to every Dolly past and present!

Sally Field Supports Houston's LGBT Protections Ordinance

In an appearance to show her support for Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO), Sally Field took us all back to her iconic, Oscar-winning role as "Norma Rae" holding up a sign of solidarity with the pro-equality community of Houston. Field has an openly gay son.

Today, she will participate in a press conference urging Houstonians to vote "Yes" for the legislation.

The final day of voting for the issue is Tuesday. Polls show a slim lead for the good guys, but too many "Undecided" to be comfortable.

Houston is the fourth largest city in the U.S., and the only city of it's size to not have protections in place for LGBTs.

(h/t JMG)

DWTS' Carlos PenaVegas Serves Up 'Magic Mike'-Style Rumba

Boy bander Carlos PenaVegas, of Big Time Rush, is a no-brainer as the hottest celeb cast member on this season of Dancing With the Stars.

But Carlos got a little uptight last week when assigned the "Magic Mike" dance moment "Pony" to reinvent.

His religious convictions held him back at first, but with some coaxing from Witney, he comes out of his shell.

And his t-shirt.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Brady Bunch Variety Hour "Get Ready"

The Brady Bunch Variety Hour - GET READY!
Posted by Bill Presley on Sunday, October 25, 2015

Regular readers of The Randy Report know how much I love kitschy 1970s TV. Especially musical dance numbers.

I just came across this today and HAD to share: from the Brady Bunch reboot "The Brady Bunch Variety Hour."

It all just makes me smile, it's so camp. I don't know if there's ever enough time to "get ready" for this :)

And then, they bring on the synchronized swimmers and I lose it all over again.

Cher Tweets On South Carolina Student Dragged/Thrown Across Classroom

South Florida Sun-Sentinel To Sen. Marco Rubio: Do Your Job Or Resign

Sen. Marco Rubio recently shared with the Washington Post that he was "frustrated" serving in the U.S. Senate.

Today, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel published an editorial telling Rubio, frustrated or not, he needs to spend more time doing the job Floridians sent him there to do.

Sorry, senator, but Floridians sent you to Washington to do a job. We've got serious problems with clogged highways, eroding beaches, flat Social Security checks and people who want to shut down the government.

If you hate your job, senator, follow the honorable lead of House Speaker John Boehner and resign it.

Let us elect someone who wants to be there and earn an honest dollar for an honest day's work. Don't leave us without one of our two representatives in the Senate for the next 15 months or so.

You are paid $174,000 per year to represent us, to fight for us, to solve our problems. Plus you take a $10,000 federal subsidy — declined by some in the Senate — to participate in one of the Obamacare health plans, though you are a big critic of Obamacare.

You are ripping us off, senator.


Your job is to represent Floridians in the Senate.

Either do your job, Sen. Rubio, or resign it.

U.S. Senators are paid $174,000 a year. In addition, Rubio takes a federal subsidy to participate in Obamacare to the tune of $10,000.

Rubio has missed over 60 Senate votes, in part because he's busy campaigning for the GOP presidential nomination.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, by comparison, has been campaigning for the Democratic nomination and only missed 10 votes in the Senate.

Thirty Seconds Of Baby Elephant Cuteness

The Chai Lai Orchid needs your help!

ViralHog shares Allie again with her cuddly baby Elephant.

Posted by Jay Towers on Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hump Day Remix: DJ Ryan Skyy Remixes Adele's "Hello"

Last week, Adele thrilled folks by releasing her new single, "Hello," garnering over 109 million views (at this writing)  on YouTube alone.

But what's an Adele hit without a great remix?

LGBT producer/DJ Ryan Skyy brings us this uptempo take on Adele's newest hit. You can download the remix here. (I've previously covered Ryan's work here and here).

I like this  :)

Happy Hump Day!

South Carolina High School Officer Fired For Violating Proper Procedures

Sheriff Leon Lott is currently giving a press conference egarding the South Carolina deputy who flipped a female high school student's desk over then dragged/threw her across the room.

Sounds like he saying a little of, "Basically, she had it coming."

As the press conference goes on, he's drawing an appropriate hard line about the deputy but is stressing the female student 'started' the incident.

I'm just not convinced dragging and throwing a 5'6" female teenager across a room is justified because she wouldn't leave her desk.

Sheriff Lott also mentioned that the procedure Deputy Fields violated was in throwing the student across the room, he lost contact with the student. Not so much the violent nature of his behavior but that he let go of the student.


Hillary Clinton Would Not Save Big Banks Should Another 2007 Financial Crisis Occur

Appearing on The Late Show last night, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton was asked if she would allow big banks to fail should the country face a similar crisis as happened in 2007.

Her answer? "Yes."
"First of all, under Dodd-Frank, that is what will happen because we now have stress tests and I'm going to impose a risk fee on the big bank if they engage in risky behavior," she elaborated. "But they have to know, their shareholders have to know that yes, they will fail. And if they're too big to fail then under my plan and others that have been proposed, they may have to be broken up."

"Because if you can't manage it, it's more likely to fail," she said.
I should also make note of the fact that Hillary consistently includes LGBT rights in her stump speeches and interviews. What a world of difference in politics in only a few years.

Watch a clip from the appearance below.

News Round-Up: October 28, 2015

Baby panda kindergarten

Some news stories you may have missed:

• You know you want to see what baby panda kindergarten looks like at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in China. #SuperCuteness

• Outgoing Speaker of the House John Boehner and White House may have found enough common ground to pass a two year federal budget bill. See what can happen when Congress does it's job? Will wonders never cease?

• After 20 years, a man issues an apology to a gay couple he taunted in public.

• Indiana Republican Brent Randall may oppose equal protections for LGBTs, but he believes in his right to have an active profile on a gay dating website. Btw, Randall erroneously believes Indiana state law protects LGBTs - a fact Gov. Pence and all of America is well aware is untrue.

• A month ago, the anti-LGBT group One Million Moms launched a boycott against Frito Lay/Pepsico due to the company's "rainbow Doritos," which was a limited run of colorful chips with the intent to raise money against bullying. Not only did the chips sell out in 24 hours, the company's stock has gone up 10% in one month. Good job, OMM!

Pepsico stock rises 10% in the last month

South Carolina: High School Student Arrested For Recording Officer's Assault On Classmate Sitting At Desk

A high school student in Columbia, South Carolina, was arrested and held on $1,000 bond for filming a school officer physically abusing her classmate.

The high schooler was charged with - get this - "disturbing school."

Via Raw Story:

Niya Kenny, 18, told WLTX she was shocked and disturbed when she saw Officer Ben Fields flipping her female classmate out of her desk and pinning her to the ground for refusing to leave class.

“I was screaming ‘What the f, what the f is this really happening?’ I was praying out loud for the girl,” Kenny told WLTX. “I just couldn’t believe this was happening I was just crying and he said, since you have so much to say you are coming too. I just put my hands behind my back.”

The video, posted Monday by New York Daily News writer Shaun King, shows Fields wrapping his arms around the neck of the pony-tailed girl. He then flips her desk over backwards and throws her onto the ground, saying “put your hands behind your back.”

Kenny said her classmate is only about 5’6″ and said she never saw anything like it before.

“A man used that much force on a little girl, a big man, like 300 pounds of full muscle,” Kenny told the station. “I was like no way, no way, you can’t do that to no little girl.”

According to The Grio, the officer (named Ben Fields) has a history of bias against African-American students.

One student in the room tweeted about the incident:

Some sources say the student who was thrown to the ground wouldn't "put her phone away" when asked to by the teacher. Even if that's the case, does that warrant this level of physical violence against a 5'6" female high school student?

How about this - if the student wouldn't leave, get another cop and the two could simply lift her desk and carry her out without assaulting the teenager.

And what justifies arresting the student who took the video? Other than the cop didn't want his actions captured for the world to see?

Sheriff Leon Lott gave a press conference today denouncing Officer Fields' actions.

Watch the officer flip the student's desk over, wrestle her to the ground and then drag her. And the girl BEHIND the phone cam was the one causing a disturbance?

UPDATE: Sheriff Leon Lott gave a press conference today saying Deputy Fields was terminated based on his violating training and operational procedures.

Hillary Clinton Surges In Iowa

Eyebrows were raised yesterday when the results of the first Monmouth University poll in Iowa showed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had bounced up to an amazing 41% lead over Sen. Bernie Sanders for the Democratic presidential nomination.

From the Washington Post:

If this month has been a giant, delicious cake layered with all of Hillary Rodham Clinton's favorites, then Monmouth University just slathered on a whole lot of icing. Its new poll puts Clinton up 41 points in Iowa — the widest lead she's seen there in any poll since June. Or: since before the Bernie Sanders surge.

It's a good time to go back to the polling average compiled by Real Clear Politics. In an average of recent polls, Clinton is up in Iowa by a more modest 15.5 points — still more than enough to inspire a few high fives around the office in the manner of a stereotypical successful political campaign.

It's worth noting two massive events that occurred in the past week: Vice President Biden announced he would not run for the nomination, and Clinton's confident and commanding appearance at the congressional Benghazi hearing.

Julian Castro Urges Houstonians To Vote 'Yes' for HERO

HUD Secretary, and former mayor of San Antonio, Julian Castro released this message urging Houston voters to support the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO), the LGBT protections ordinance currently in early voting.

"Everyone should have a fair opportunity to earn a living, and provide for their families free from the fear of discrimination."

Castro is often mentioned as a possible running mate for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tweet Of The Day: Gus Kenworthy

Olympic silver medalist freeskier Gus Kenworthy received what looks to be almost universal support when he recently came out.

But, you know, there's always going to the occasional troll. Check the dumb-ass question posed to Kenworthy on Twitter, and then his oh-so-perfect" answer.

Just to recap - Olympic medalist, handsome, smart, amazing abs and not afraid to go toe-to-toe with an internet troll.

Man, Kenworthy rocks.

A Third Poll Shows Ben Carson Leading Trump In Iowa

Retired Ben Carson now tops a third poll in Iowa as Donald Trump's once dominant lead has evaporated.

A new poll via Monmouth University shows Carson during to a 14 point lead at 32% while The Donald falls 5 points from last month's poll to only 18% support.

The new survey shows Carson with the highest favorability ratings in the current field of GOP contenders with 84% approval. Trump clocks in with only 53% favorability. While that's virtually unchanged over the month, his unfavorability rating has gone up by 5 points.

This is now the third recent poll to show Carson with a healthy lead over the field in the Hawkeye State.

A Des Moines Register-Bloomberg poll released last week showed Carson with a 9 point lead, which led Trump to call the Register “crummy, third-rate newspaper.”

Plus, the most recent Quinnipiac University survey show Carson ahead by 8.


Ben Carson Takes The Lead From Donald Trump In National Poll

Dr. Ben Carson

For the first time, Ben Carson has taken a narrow lead nationally in the Republican presidential campaign, bumping Donald Trump to the number two spot for the first time in months, according to a New York Times/CBS News survey released on Tuesday.

According to the new poll results, Mr. Carson garnered 26 percent of Republican primary voters, while Mr. Trump now holds support from 22 percent.

The survey is the first time that Mr. Trump has not led all candidates since the end of July.

Senator Marco Rubio of Florida clocked in at 8%, while former Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida and Carly Fiorina, the former Hewlett-Packard chief executive, received % of GOP primary voters.


Pat Robertson Doesn't Understand How The Supreme Court Works

Wackjob Pat Robertson told viewers of The 700 Club that this summer's ruling from SCOTUS on same-sex marriage only affects a few couples who were involved in the actual case itself, and that unless Congress passes a law making marriage equality legal, it's not really the law of the land.

Via Right Wing Watch:

“In the legal system, party A sues party B over marriage, ‘I want to get married to them,’ and the court says, ‘Okay, you can get married,’” he explained. “That doesn’t mean that I’ve got to get married to homosexuals, it doesn’t mean that you have to nor does it mean that it’s the law of the land. Congress didn’t pass any law. Your state legislature didn’t pass a law. So you’re not under anything, it’s a decision of the court having to do with a couple of people. Now they would like to make it bigger than that but, in terms of the Constitution, it isn’t.”

Trust and believe, the Obergefell ruling struck down all the anti-gay marriage laws in the U.S. That IS how the law works here.

Ellen DeGeneres Says She Never Thought She'd Come Out

In a new clip for Oprah’s Master Class series, Ellen DeGeneres shares that she never thought she would come out, and certainly never so publicly as on a TV show.

Degeneres shares the story of attending a course at the Esalen Institute near Big Sur, California called “Changing the Inner Dialogue.” After discovering that her fear was that no one would love her or allow her to be famous once they knew she was gay, DeGeneres realized that the shame she was feeling was making her pretend to be someone she wasn’t.

The acclaimed, Emmy-nominated series “Oprah's Master Class” tells the stories you've never heard from the people you thought you knew best.

Find OWN on TV at

(h/t Queerty)

Ford Motor Company Announces Donald Trump Had Nothing To Do With Factory Plans

Ford Motor Company has issued a press statement debunking the myth Donald Trump has begun spreading in his stump speeches where he "takes credit" for Ford changing plans about building a plant in Mexico.

“Ford has not spoken with Mr. Trump, nor have we made any changes to our plans.

"We decided to move the F-650 and F-750 medium-duty trucks to Ohio Assembly in 2011, long before any candidates announced their intention to run for U.S. President.

"We are proud that Ford has invested $10.2 billion in our U.S. plants since 2011 and hired nearly 25,000 U.S. employees.

"Overall, more than 80 percent of our North American investment annually is in the U.S., and 97 percent of our North American engineering is conducted in the U.S.”

Monday, October 26, 2015

Tweet(s) Of The Day: Cher

New Music: Gwen Stefani "Used To Love You" On ELLEN

The fab Gwen Stefani performs her new single, "Used To Love You," on ELLEN.

Stefani first premiered the track Saturday night in New York during her MasterCard Priceless Surprises concert at Hammerstein Ballroom. The first song of her encore, Stefani returned to the stage to thank the audience for listening as she sings about the “pain and love and my real life.” She continued by saying “this song is really special.”

You Can Play & New York Giants Team Up For Pro-LGBT Inclusive Message

The New York Giants team up with You Can Play for this pro-LGBT inclusion message from the N

"The New York Giants believe that all athletes should be afforded equal opportunity, and judged only by their talent, character and work ethic."

From the You Can Play Foundation:
In addition to the video, You Can Play announced that the Giants will host a special You Can Play tailgate and game day event on December 20 when the Carolina Panthers visit New York. You Can Play has presented several times to Giants players, coaches and management on LGBT inclusion and creating a safe and inclusive locker room environment. The Giants Foundation also has provided a grant to support You Can Play’s work in fighting homophobia.
I'll be curious to see two things: how quickly other NFL teams follow; and how this affects the possibility of an NFL player coming out in the near future.

Good start though. Congrats to the NY Giants - currently in first place in their division I might add...

Gallop Poll: Tea Party Support Drops To Lowest Level Ever

According to a new Gallop poll, America is growing even more weary of the Tea Party.

The latest poll shows support for the far-right conservative movement has dropped to the lowest levels ever.

From a November 2010 high of 32% approval, today only 17% consider themselves Tea Party supporters. The biggest drop in support came among Independents who lean Republican.

Here's hoping the whole crazy population of Teabagistan goes the way of the dinosaur so that Washington DC can finally get back to doing the people's work soon. They may have started with honorable intentions, but the whole crazy movement has hurt the country.

Viral Video: Bryan Wilson - The Texas Law Hawk

I will admit up front that I'm originally from Fort Worth, Texas, where it would seem Bryan Wilson - the Texas Law Hawk - has his law firm and runs his outrageous TV ads.

His commercials are somewhere between "Reno 911" and every Steven Segal movie ever made. They're so awesomely bad, we thought they were too good to be true - but Wilson is, in fact, a real lawyer.

"Loud and proud" of his Texas roots, Wilson's extensive use of American flags and screeching hawks could make Stephen Colbert cry tears of joy.

Wilson does wheelies on a minibike, snatches a fish out of a stream, kicks down a door and even jumps out of a moving SUV in an amazing new series of ads.

Wilson was recently featured on Fox News, of course.

What you about to see is real. Uploaded to YouTube only five days ago, the clip has over a million views already.

"Steve Jobs" Bombs At The Box Office

While I'm still planning to see the film, I can admit I haven't had time lately as I'm swamped in rehearsals for HELLO, DOLLY! here in Florida.

But I was surprised to read how badly Aaron Sorkin's new flick Steve Jobs, the biopic about the Apple CEO & iPhone father, did at the box office.

Variety reports:

After racking up the year’s best per-screen average in its opening weekend and doing strong business in limited expansion, “Steve Jobs” hit a stumbling block in its national release. It debuted to a measly $7.3 million, only a little more than the $6.7 million that “Jobs,” a critically derided film about the iPhone father with Ashton Kutcher, made in its initial weekend. Going into the weekend, some tracking suggested that the picture would do as much as $19 million.

“We are going to continue to support the film in the markets where it is showing strength and we’re going to continue to do it aggressively and proactively,” said Nick Carpou, Universal’s domestic distribution chief. “The critics are there for it and the buzz in these markets is strong.”

It’s still hard to see how the film turns a profit. The picture cost $30 million to make and at least as much to market. That means that “Steve Jobs” needs to do at least $120 million in order to break even. Given that the film is dialogue-driven and lacks a major star, its foreign prospects seem bleak. It’s almost entirely a domestic play, and so far it’s only made about $10 million.

Variety goes on to consider the comparisons with Sorkin's film about the creation of Facebook - The Social Network. Interesting to note that timing is everything as that film was released just as Facebook was becoming a part of everyone's daily life, where the Steve Jobs story has been picked over for years now since his return to Apple and then subsequent death.

I'm a fan of Sorkin's writing so I'll still head out to see it.

Has anyone here seen the film? Thoughts?

Stuart Reardon Is So Inspiring He Could Bring Back Acid-Wash Jeans

(h/t Queerty)

Science: Are We Predisposed To Being Optimistic Or Pessimistic?

Are we genetically predisposed to being optimistic or pessimistic?

Is it possible pessimists live longer than optimists?

You might be surprised. Hit the play button below and be smarter in three minutes :)

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Let's Celebrate More Of Newly Out Olympian Gus Kenworthy

Earlier this week, hunky/handsome Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy came out!

Let's celebrate more of the handsome out athlete.

A photo posted by gus kenworthy (@guskenworthy) on

A photo posted by gus kenworthy (@guskenworthy) on

A photo posted by gus kenworthy (@guskenworthy) on

A photo posted by gus kenworthy (@guskenworthy) on

LAW & ORDER: SVU Shares Trailer For Upcoming Duggar-based Episode

NBC has released a short teaser for the upcoming Law & Order: SVU episode based on the Duggar family's recent scandal.

The episode will feature Broadway favorites Chris Sieber and Andy Karl. Here's the clip description:

Law and Order “Patrimonial Burden” – The SVU investigates an unraveling web of secrets when the virtuous 13 year-old daughter of a famous reality TV family discovers she’s pregnant. Starring Mariska Hargitay (Lt. Benson), Ice T (Det. Tutuola), Kelli Giddish (Det. Rollins) and Peter Scanavino (Det. Carisi). Guest starring Andy Karl (Sgt. Mike Dodds), Ryan Devlin (Pastor Eldon), Geneva Carr (Pam Baker), Christopher Sieber (Frank Baker), Victoria Leigh (Lane Baker) and Chris Elliott (Pete Matthews).

(h/t JMG)

Guess How Many US Embassy & Consulate Deaths Occurred Under Bush Administration?

Click pic to enlarge

And guess how many eleven hour Congressional hearings there were after those deaths?

Demi Lovato Upstaged By Go-Go Dancer

So, here's how I got the story:

Demi Lovato made an appearance at The Monster, a gay bar in the West Village, to promote her new single. But just as she starts to sing she says she needs someone to dance with while she sings.

And that's when Ms. Lovato got upstaged by a go-go dancer who proved that "monster" wasn't just the name of the club.

It's actually quite funny to watch since it's difficult to pay attention to Demi. NSFW.

(h/t Gaily Grind)

Sunday Showtune: "Hello, Dolly!"

I've been working hard in Boca Raton, Florida, this week where I'm choreographing Hello, Dolly! again with my partner in crime, Lee Roy Reams.

This time will be a little different, though, because Lee Roy is not only directing again but starring - as "Dolly Levi."

This was the first week of rehearsals and this morning we do a crawl through of Act One. The dancers have been great picking up all the choreography, and working with Lewis Stadlen, James Clow and Susan Powell again on this show has made me laugh all week.

Next week we move on to Act Two, including the "big number" itself - "Hello Dolly."

So I was in the mood to throw back to 1995 when I did this fab musical wonder with the original legend herself, Carol Channing.

Take a look below. I'm in there :)

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Legendary Newsman Dan Rather On Hillary Clinton & The Benghazi Hearing

Legendary journalist Dan Rather posted this on Facebook regarding Hillary Clinton's testimony this week at a Congressional hearing investigating the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi:

Hillary Clinton has done a lot in her life. But I think she likely cleared her path to the Democratic nomination for president, and maybe very well the Oval Office itself, by what she didn't do. She didn't lose her cool.

Her performance in a grueling marathon of a Congressional hearing on Benghazi (or more accurately on Clinton herself and maybe Sidney Blumenthal?) was one of poise, stoicism, self-confidence and maturity. Just the sort of attributes her questioners lacked. In the language of poker, she was drawing aces and the committee was drawing deuces. They might not admit it publicly, but even many Republican leaders know it's true. Hillary Clinton is a stronger general election candidate today than she was before the hearing.

It has often been said that you vote for president with your heart more than your head. And I think for all the questions about Clinton's record among the Democratic base, whether she is progressive enough on economic issues or too hawkish on foreign policy, the real sense of unease boiled down to intangible questions about her personality, values and character.

Yesterday assuaged many of those concerns. When combined with her recent debate performance and Biden deciding not to run, this is arguably one of the best stretches of her political career. Where are all those whither Hillary articles now? It is still early and a lot can still go wrong, but I believe this is the Hillary Clinton that so many Democrats wanted to love - tough, smart, unflappable, a woman who is ready to be president.

After Two Losses In Court, Anti-Gay Colorado Baker Goes For Triple Crown

Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Cakeshop

Not content to be a 2-time loser in court, Jack Phillips, a Colorado baker located in Lakewood, has decided to take his bigotry to the state Supreme Court after refusing to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple which is in direct violation of the state's public accommodation laws.

On Aug. 13, the Colorado Court of Appeals upheld two previous rulings and found that Masterpiece Cakeshop owner Jack Phillips cannot cite his religious beliefs or free-speech rights in refusing to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple.

In 2012, Charlie Craig and David Mullins were turned away by Phillips while trying to buy a custom wedding cake. Mullins and Craig planned to marry in Massachusetts and wanted a cake to celebrate in Colorado.

Phillips told the couple that he would not make them a wedding cake because of his religious beliefs.

The petition, filed by Phillips' attorneys on Friday, asks the state's high court to decide whether Phillips' religious beliefs about marriage are being violated. They're also asking the justices to consider whether forcing Phillips to create an "artistic expression" that is against his religious beliefs violates his free speech rights.

"From Masterpiece's inception, he has integrated his faith and work," Phillips' attorneys wrote in the filing. "Phillips also honors God through his creative work by declining to use his artistic talents to design and create cakes that violate his religious beliefs."

Colorado law bans discrimination in a public place on grounds of sexual orientation.

To reiterate - same-sex marriage is not the problem here. A man refusing to serve people based on their sexual orientation, which is against the law in Colorado, is the issue.

High School Days

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The Internet Still Chuckling Over Hillary's Benghazi Hearing Appearance

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New York: Gov. Cuomo Will Ban Transgender Discrimination Via Executive Order

Gov. Andrew Cuomo marching in Gay Pride Parade

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has announced he will use his executive authority to ban discrimination against transgender people in housing, employment, credit education, and public accommodations statewide.

Currently, the state prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. But after the legislature failed several times to pass a bill protecting transgender New Yorkers, the governor decided to take the apparently unprecedented step of invoking his executive powers on the matter, an administration official said.

Looking for ways to work around the log jam in Albany, lawyers in the governor's office found that under Executive Law 2995, the New York State Division of Human Rights has the authority to promulgate regulations of the state’s Human Rights Law, the administration official said.

The proposed regulations, which the governor's office will soon enter into the state registry for a 45-day comment period, would expand definitions of “sex” and “disability” discrimination to include gender identity, gender expression, and gender dysphoria.

Although the Human Rights Law as passed by the state legislature would not itself be amended, the new additions that apply to the law would grant the New York State Division of Human Rights power to enforce the regulations with the force of law.

In 1990, New York passed the Sexual Non-Discrimination Act which bars discrimination against gays, lesbians and bisexuals but not transgenders. Since that time the state Assembly has passed the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA), which would expand the SNDA to include transgender protections, eight times. But the state Senate has refused to pass the legislation.

Cuomo has long been a champion for LGBT rights including marriage equality.

(via Buzzfeed)

President Obama Compares Congressional Republicans To Grumpy Cat

Speaking at the Women’s Leadership Forum yesterday, President Obama playfully wondered aloud at the GOP’s "gloomy" outlook on just about everything, comparing them to Grumpy Cat, complete with making the Grumpy Cat face.

The crowd was thrilled.

On a serious note, I have to say, when the GOP constantly says how "everything" is worse since Obama became president I come to the same list of issues where the country has improved: stock market more than doubled, unemployed down from over 9% to 5.1%, US car industry back from the brink of extinction, real estate market has improved dramatically, Osama bin Laden killed, health insurance premiums have stopped sky-rocketing, gay and lesbian couples can marry the person they love...

Who looks at that list and says "things are worse???"

Houston Texans Owner Rescinds Donation To Opponents Of Houston's LGBT Protections Ordinance

Last week, Houston Texans owner (and billionaire) Robert McNair made a publicly touted $10,000 donation to the anti-gay group opposing Proposition 1 currently in early voting.

Proposition 1, known as HERO (Houston Equal Rights Ordinance) would provide important LGBT protections in terms of businesses that serve the public, private employers, housing, city employment and city contracting. Religious institutions are exempt.

The ordinance also bans discrimination based on sex, race, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, religion, disability, pregnancy and genetic information, as well as family, marital or military status.

After huge national backlash against the haters, McNair has now made a statement rescinding his donation.

“I recently made a personal contribution to Campaign for Houston because my thorough review of the HERO ordinance led me to believe that a thoughtful rewrite would provide a better ordinance that would provide strong non-discrimination protections for all Houstonians, which I would support, and would be less divisive of our city.

“It was on these principles that I made my personal contribution to Campaign for Houston. To my great dismay, Campaign for Houston made numerous unauthorized statements about my opposition to HERO in print, broadcast and social media – including attributing certain statements of belief to me. Their actions and statements were never discussed with nor approved by me. Therefore I instructed the Campaign to return my contribution.

“I do not believe in or tolerate personal or professional discrimination of any kind. I also believe that we Houstonians should have an ordinance that unites our community and provides a bold statement of non-discrimination. I encourage all Houstonians to vote on November 3. Robert F. Kennedy once said, ‘Few will have the greatness to bend history itself; but each of us can work together to change a small portion of events, and in the total of those acts will be written the history of our generation.'”

Richard Carlbom, campaign manager for Houston Unites, the pro-HERO group, said McNair's decision makes sense.

"Like Bob McNair, many Houstonians are taking a step back and realizing the opposition's ads on the Equal Rights Ordinance are intended to raise anxiety with outright distortions and quite frankly lies," said Carlbom. "When you take a second look, the Equal Rights Ordinance protects all Houstonians from discrimination and makes Houston a place everyone can be proud to call home."

Houston is the fourth largest city in the country.

Voting continues through October 30.

Video: Behind The Scenes - Warwick Rowers 2016 Calendar

The world's most famous naked athletes, the Warwick Rowers, are back with their seventh calendar for 2016.

Take a peek behind the scenes at our naked photo shoots on glamorous locations in England and Spain, while we explain why the calendar means so much to us and why we are working to challenge homophobia in sport.

And visit us at, where you will be able to find our calendar, bonus downloads, films, book, posters, prints and a whole lot more! It's for everyone.