Monday, October 26, 2015

You Can Play & New York Giants Team Up For Pro-LGBT Inclusive Message

The New York Giants team up with You Can Play for this pro-LGBT inclusion message from the N

"The New York Giants believe that all athletes should be afforded equal opportunity, and judged only by their talent, character and work ethic."

From the You Can Play Foundation:
In addition to the video, You Can Play announced that the Giants will host a special You Can Play tailgate and game day event on December 20 when the Carolina Panthers visit New York. You Can Play has presented several times to Giants players, coaches and management on LGBT inclusion and creating a safe and inclusive locker room environment. The Giants Foundation also has provided a grant to support You Can Play’s work in fighting homophobia.
I'll be curious to see two things: how quickly other NFL teams follow; and how this affects the possibility of an NFL player coming out in the near future.

Good start though. Congrats to the NY Giants - currently in first place in their division I might add...

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