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Marco Rubio Blames The Media For His Fifth Place Showing In New Hampshire Primary

After finishing a disappointing fifth place in the New Hampshire Republican primary last night, Sen. Marco Rubio blamed the media for his crushing loss.

Appearing on Fox News today, Rubio said that because the media did it's job and reported on, among other things, his "crash and burn" performance at the GOP debate Saturday night, folks didn't want to vote for him.

Via Politico:

“What happened is obviously Saturday night the debate went the way it went, and then just the media coverage over the last 72 hours was very negative about it and so forth,” Rubio said Wednesday on “Fox & Friends.” “So the last thing voters heard going into the booth yesterday was, you know, something bad happened Saturday night. And so it made it very difficult for us to get any other message across.”

Rubio was excoriated following Saturday’s debate after Chris Christie called the Florida senator out for his “memorized 25-second speech” — a line Rubio used several times in the debate about how President Barack Obama "knows exactly what he’s doing" and vowed to keep using on the trail despite the harsh criticism.

Many have predicted that last night may be the beginning of the end of Rubio's career in elective politics. He has stated he does not plan on running for reelection for the U.S. Senate this fall.

Sen. Bernie Sanders Raises $5.2 Million In One Day After Winning New Hampshire Primary

Bernie Sanders's presidential campaign notched a big win in New Hampshire on Tuesday, and by Wednesday night it had a different kind of victory.

From the time the New Hampshire polls closed on Tuesday to mid-afternoon Wednesday, Sander's campaign brought in $5.2 million.

According to sources within the campaign, the average donation was $34.

In claiming victory in New Hampshire, Sanders asked his supporters to take part in a country-wide campaign event and DONATE!

Looks like they did.

Carly Fiorina Reminds Us She Was Still In The GOP Presidential Race - Until Today

Twitter got all happy about the news. 'Bye Felecia!

SiriusXM To Cancel LGBT Channel OutQ

Michael Musto is reporting over at OUT that SiriusXM's lone LGBT station - OutQ - will end this Friday.

Last June, Sirius OutQ — SiriusXM Satellite Radio’s LGBT channel — bid farewell to the Derek and Romaine show after 12 years of news and banter.

Well, that was just the tip of the gay iceberg. I hear that as of this Friday, the channel is deader than the animals worn by Sir Elton John.

Tragically, they’re canceling the whole thing! Funnyman Frank DeCaro’s show is being forced to end after, yep, 12 years. (Fortunately for DeCaro, he has a burgeoning career as a writer and comic and has been opening for Lisa Lampanelli all over the place).

Meanwhile, though Morning Jolt host Larry Flick is staying aboard, they axed his sidekick Keith Price and are moving Larry to their EW Radio channel. And even some non OutQ gays are being shown the door. Lance Bass’s show on Radio Andy (Andy Cohen’s channel there) is bye-bye-bye, baby, ain’t no lie.

I originally subscribed to SiriusXM for the programming on OutQ.

I couldn't stomach Derek and Romaine (I once called in and Derek hung up on me mid-sentence), but enjoyed Frank DeCaro, Larry Flick and Michelangelo Signorile (before his show was moved to the Progress channel).

I listen to SiriusXM's CNN and MSNBC streams during my drives to and from LA from Vegas, so I'll continue to subscribe.

But I'm sad to see the end of something what that should have thrived. Clearly there wasn't enough traffic to justify the expense on SiriusXM's part.

LOGO TV leaves the LGBT programming behind, and now SiriusXM does the same.

I wonder if it's another case of LGBTs not supporting their own? Should they? Should they not? Leave your comments below. I'd love to know what you think.

Hump Day: Zac Efron's Biceps

Back and bi's #baywatch

A photo posted by Zac Efron (@zacefron) on

Parody: Funny Or Die's Take On "Donald Trump's THE ART OF THE DEAL: The Movie"

Funny Or Die has produced a full-on parody movie of Donald Trump's book, The Art of the Deal starring Johnny Depp as the Trumpster.

Via press release:

In 1988 Donald Trump wrote, directed, and starred in a made-for-TV movie based on his bestselling book 'The Art of the Deal.' When the film was bumped because Monday Night Football ran long, the furious Trump pulled the movie, obscuring it from the general public for decades. Now Funny Or Die has unearthed this delightfully dated masterpiece for the world to see.

The movie stars Johnny Depp as Donald Trump, Patton Oswalt as Merv Griffin, Henry Winkler as Mayor Ed Koch, Michaela Watkins as Ivana Trump, and also features Alfred Molina, Andy Richter, Jack McBrayer, Robert Morse, Jacob Tremblay, Ron Funches, Stephen Merchant, Paul Scheer, Rob Huebel, Jason Mantzoukas, Kristen Schaal, and ALF. Kenny Loggins, '80s soundtrack virtuoso, performs the film's original theme song. The movie was directed by Jeremy Konner (Drunk History) and written by Joe Randazzo (The Onion, @midnight), with an intro from Ron Howard.

Check out the trailer below, and watch the full flick here.

Donald Trump As "The GOPfather - The Candidate Nobody Can Refuse"

The Democratic Rapid Response team was ready for Donald Trump's big night last night in New Hampshire with this clip which depicts Donald Trump as THE GODFATHER's "Vito Corleone" – “the candidate nobody can refuse” who will “do anything to win” and to whom “all must pay their respects.”

New Hampshire Primary Results

Good night for Sen. Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire's Democratic primary, while Donald Trump crushed over on the Republican side.

Biggest loser of the night has to go to Sen. Marco Rubio who came out of Iowa caucuses with a strong 3rd place showing. But his admittedly weak debate performance on Saturday (just days before the primary in NH) affected his supporters. Rubio eked out a 5th place finish last night.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will announce this afternoon that he's leaving the race.

New York Daily News Calls Trump Win In New Hampshire "Dawn Of The Brain Dead"

From the New York Daily News:

Clueless New Hampshire voters handed billionaire bore Donald Trump a “yuge” victory in the first-in-the nation primary Tuesday, providing the mad mogul with a new round of ammo a week after a disappointing second-place finish in Iowa.

More than three in 10 Granite State voters flocked to the foul-mouthed contender, throwing their support to him at levels beyond what the polls had predicted — a day after he referred to a Republican challenger Ted Cruz as a “pussy.”

Coming in second place in the primary was Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who was declared the official silver-medalist with about 16% of the vote.

Trailing Kasich was a pack of establishment candidates including Texas Sen. Cruz, with 11.6%, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, with 11% and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, with 10.5%.

Chris Christie, who had campaigned heavily in New Hampshire, got only 7.5% support, returns showed, prompting the outspoken governor to say that he would “go home to New Jersey” on Wednesday to “take a deep breath,” leading many to believe he was on the verge of dropping out of the race.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

MSNBC/Telemundo Will Host Nevada Townhall With Clinton, Sanders February 18th

From Nevada political reporter Jon Ralston:
MSNBC and Telemundo will co-host a town hall with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in Las Vegas on Feb. 18, two days before Nevada Democrats hold presidential caucuses, I've confirmed.

The state party will partner with the networks on the event that is sure to draw distinctions on key Nevada issues and those important to Latinos.

Hispanic turnout was 14 percent in the 2008 Nevada caucuses, according to exit polls.

Cover Of Today's New York Daily News

Marco Rubio T2000 Short Circuits Again - Repeats Same Campaign Line

The Marco Rubio T2000's robot programming hit another glitch last night as he repeated the same line about "ramming down our throats" twice.

You can see he pauses at the:26 mark, not sure if he's said the line already or not.

“We are taking our message to families that are struggling to raise their children in the 21st century because, as you saw, Jeanette and I are raising our four children in the 21st century, and we know how hard it’s become to instill our values in our kids instead of the values they try to ram down our throats.”

“In the 21st century, it’s become harder than ever to instill in your children the values they teach in our homes and in our church instead of the values that they try to ram down our throats in movies, in music, in popular culture.”

The Rubio T2000 has come under fire since the last GOP debate this past Saturday when he kept repeating the same memorized talking point "President Obama knows exactly what he's doing..." over and over to much ridicule.

New Hampshire Voter Asks Rubio: "Why Do You Want To Put Me Back In The Closet?"

During a New Hampshire campaign stop at the Puritan Backroom Diner last night, Senator Marco Rubio didn't get the reception he was hoping for when a middle-aged gay man asked, “Why do you want to put me back in the closet?”

Rubio's answer was not convincing: “I don’t, you can live any way you want.”

From the New York Times:

The voter, who identified himself as Timothy Kierstead, was seated at a table with his mother and his husband when Mr. Rubio walked up behind him, according to pool reports of the encounter. During a brief conversation, Mr. Kierstead, 50, told Mr. Rubio that he was married but complained that the senator’s position amounted to him declaring that “we don’t matter.”

Mr. Rubio, who was standing with his youngest son, Dominick, 8, by his side, gently disagreed. “No, I just believe marriage is between one man and one woman.”

“Well,” replied Mr. Kierstead, “that’s your belief.”

Mr. Rubio continued: “I think that’s what the law should be. And if you don’t agree you should have the law changed by a legislature.”

Mr. Kierstead said the law had already been changed, referring either to a Supreme Court ruling that has legalized same-sex marriage across the country or to state legislation in New Hampshire that did the same.

Mr. Rubio decided to conclude their conversation. “I respect your view,” he said, patting Mr. Kierstead on the shoulder and starting to walk away.

Mr. Kierstead was unsatisfied. “Typical politician,” he said loudly. “Walk away.”

New Hampshire was actually the first state to freely legislate marriage equality.

Fox News Accidentally Calls New Hampshire For Donald Trump

Fox News accidentally jumped the gun with a ready-made graphic showing Donald Trump winning the New Hampshire primary - at noon with the polls still open. Click the image above to enlarge.

It seems Fox was looking to predict a Trump win with 28%, followed by Sen. Marco Rubio at 12% and Sen. Ted Cruz at 11%.

Fox News issued this "oopsie" after the graphic was taken down:

“During routine testing in preparation for the New Hampshire primary a malfunction occurred which briefly showed errant data on our website,” Fox News Chief Digital Officer Jeff Misenti said in a statement. “This error has been rectified. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.”

Sir Ian McKellen Becomes Emotional Reading Touching Coming Out Letter

Sir Ian McKellen's reading of a coming out letter is captivating in it's authenticity and joy.

Part of the Letters Live event, which celebrates correspondence via letter writing, the reading is taken from Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City. The letter is written from the perspective of the character of Michael Tolliver after learning his parents have joined Anita Bryant's hate campaign against LGBTs in the 1970s.

From The Independent:

The letter is obviously very personal for Sir Ian, himself gay, and he gets a little choked up when it comes to the wonderful line: “If you and Papa are responsible for the way I am, then I thank you with all my heart, for it's the light and the joy of my life.”

Powerful and moving. Watch Sir Ian at this link (I couldn't overcome the "autoplay" setting of the video for embedding here). It's really worth the watching.

Here is the letter as written by Maupin:

Dear Mama,

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to write. Every time I try to write you and Papa I realize I'm not saying the things that are in my heart. That would be OK, if I loved you any less than I do, but you are still my parents and I am still your child.

I have friends who think I'm foolish to write this letter. I hope they're wrong. I hope their doubts are based on parents who love and trust them less than mine do. I hope especially that you'll see this as an act of love on my part, a sign of my continuing need to share my life with you. I wouldn't have written, I guess, if you hadn't told me about your involvement in the Save Our Children campaign. That, more than anything, made it clear that my responsibility was to tell you the truth, that your own child is homosexual, and that I never needed saving from anything except the cruel and ignorant piety of people like Anita Bryant.

I'm sorry, Mama. Not for what I am, but for how you must feel at this moment. I know what that feeling is, for I felt it for most of my life. Revulsion, shame, disbelief -- rejection through fear of something I knew, even as a child, was as basic to my nature as the color of my eyes.

No, Mama, I wasn't "recruited." No seasoned homosexual ever served as my mentor. But you know what? I wish someone had. I wish someone older than me and wiser than the people in Orlando had taken me aside and said, "You're all right, kid. You can grow up to be a doctor or a teacher just like anyone else. You're not crazy or sick or evil. You can succeed and be happy and find peace with friends -- all kinds of friends -- who don't give a damn who you go to bed with. Most of all, though, you can love and be loved, without hating yourself for it."

But no one ever said that to me, Mama. I had to find it out on my own, with the help of the city that has become my home. I know this may be hard for you to believe, but San Francisco is full of men and women, both straight and gay, who don't consider sexuality in measuring the worth of another human being.

These aren't radicals or weirdos, Mama. They are shop clerks and bankers and little old ladies and people who nod and smile to you when you meet them on the bus. Their attitude is neither patronizing nor pitying. And their message is so simple: Yes, you are a person. Yes, I like you. Yes, it's all right for you to like me, too.

I know what you must be thinking now. You're asking yourself: What did we do wrong? How did we let this happen? Which one of us made him that way?

I can't answer that, Mama. In the long run, I guess I really don't care. All I know is this: If you and Papa are responsible for the way I am, then I thank you with all my heart, for it's the light and the joy of my life.

I know I can't tell you what it is to be gay. But I can tell you what it's not.

It's not hiding behind words, Mama. Like family and decency and Christianity. It's not fearing your body, or the pleasures that God made for it. It's not judging your neighbor, except when he's crass or unkind.

Being gay has taught me tolerance, compassion and humility. It has shown me the limitless possibilities of living. It has given me people whose passion and kindness and sensitivity have provided a constant source of strength.

It has brought me into the family of man, Mama, and I like it here. I like it.

There's not much else I can say, except that I'm the same Michael you've always known. You just know me better now. I have never consciously done anything to hurt you. I never will.

Please don't feel you have to answer this right away. It's enough for me to know that I no longer have to lie to the people who taught me to value truth.

Mary Ann sends her love.

Everything is fine at 28 Barbary Lane.

Your loving son,
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