Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Video: "67"

Via Hillary For America:

Tonight, the Democratic National Convention Committee is releasing a new video touting the steadfast leadership and smart diplomacy that Hillary Clinton displayed as America’s 67th Secretary of State.

Clinton brokered an improbable ceasefire in Gaza to stop rockets from raining down on Israel. In Copenhagen, Clinton and President Obama crashed a secret meeting the Chinese had called, demanding a seat at the table to forge progress toward global action on climate change for the first time.

She traveled around the world, twisting arms and rallying all of the world’s major economies to build a crippling sanctions coalition that brought Iran to the negotiating table and paved the way for an historic deal to stop them from building a nuclear weapon.

And she was a tireless advocate for human rights, shining a light on human trafficking and fighting for the rights of women, girls and members of the LGBT community around the world.

The video, “67,” highlights these remarkable accomplishments from Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State – and the tenacity, judgment, and leadership that made them possible – as told by the many people who worked alongside her.

Hillary Clinton Officially Becomes First Major Party Candidate For President

The crowd roars at the 2016 Democratic National Convention as Hillary Clinton is officially named the first woman to lead a major political party's presidential ticket.

It's important to note Sen. Bernie Sanders' class act move at the end of the roll call.

As I understand it, the tally of votes wasn't shown in the convention hall. When it came time for Sanders' state of Vermont, they passed. Going last, Sanders took the microphone that it would be him, like Hillary Clinton eight years ago, that called for a suspension of the rules and to proclaim Hillary the nominee by acclamation.

Thrilling moment. Watch below.

And the crowd goes wild!

Viral Video: UNLV Football Weight Room

From my town of Las Vegas, this video of the UNLV football team weight room has gone way-viral.

Me next! Me next! Me next!

Mid-Day Brain Break: Body By Jake Dalton

Team USA gymnast Jake Dalton - I know, I know, just look at him - shares his morning workout circuit.

I gotta get back to the gym...

(h/t NewNowNext)

USA Freedom Kids To Sue Donald Trump For Stiffing Them

Another day, another broken deal with Donald Trump.

Jeff Popick is not only the father of one of the USA Freedom Kids but he created the pre-teen musical group.

Back in January, the star-spangled kids' performance of "Over There" at a Donald Trump campaign rally became a viral sensation.

But now, Popick is ready to sue the Trumpster for reneging on payment to the kids for their appearance.

"I'm doing this because I think they have to do the right thing,” Popick said to the Post about his plans to file a suit. "And if this means having to go through the court system to enforce them doing the right thing, then that's what I have to do. I'm not looking to do battle with the Trump campaign, but I have to show my girls that this is the right thing.”

Popick explained to the Post that his agreement with the campaign was mostly verbal, and he never had a written contract. He spoke with various campaign officials, including former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, and agreed that the Freedom Kids would be paid $2,500 for the Pensacola performance. The campaign then offered to set up a table at the rally where they could sell albums. But no such table was ever set up.

The girls were also invited to perform at Trump’s impromptu event for veterans in January that was planned in lieu of a Fox News debate. But after traveling to Iowa, the Freedom Kids did not get a chance to perform.

In truth, this is the essence of Trump.

Throughout the past year, several stories have surfaced chronicling Trump's many instances of stiffing past employees and contracted employees. So, in truth, this is just more of the same for Trump.

Doesn't matter to his followers, though. They probably appreciate his ability to "negotiate" this.

DNC Email Hacker Connected To Russian Government

The Daily Beast has the details:

The hacker who claims to have stolen emails from the Democratic National Committee and provided them to WikiLeaks is actually an agent of the Russian government and part of an orchestrated attempt to influence U.S. media coverage surrounding the presidential election, a security research group concluded on Tuesday.

The researchers, at Arlington, Va.-based ThreatConnect, traced the self-described Romanian hacker Guccifer 2.0 back to an Internet server in Russia and to a digital address that has been linked in the past to Russian online scams. Far from being a singly, sophisticated hacker, Guccifer 2.0 is more likely a collection of people from the propaganda arm of the Russian government meant to deflect attention away from Moscow as the force behind the DNC hacks and leaks of emails, the researchers found.

ThreatConnect is the first known group of experts to link the self-proclaimed hacker to a Russian operation, amidst an ongoing FBI investigation and a presidential campaign rocked by the release of DNC emails that have embarrassed senior party leaders and inflamed intraparty tensions turning the Democratic National Convention. The emails revealed that party insiders plotted ways to undermine Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential bid.

WikiLeaks hasn't responded to Guccifer 2.0’s claims of responsibility for the email leak.

Seen At DNC2016: Cecile Richards

I hadn't made the connection until my friend Aaron Baldwin pointed out - seated next to President Bill Clinton last night was Cecile Richards, the CEO of Planned Parenthood.

I know who Cecile is, but didn't realize that her mother was Texas Governor Ann Richards, who gave her now famous keynote address at the Dukakis DNC nomination, bringing down the house.

Listen to the speech below - you could make the same speech today and be just as relevant.

Daily Dance: J.T. and Robert "So You Think You Can Dance"

Gorgeous, thoughtful, evocative.

Choreography by the brilliant Travis Wall.

NBA-er Jason Collins Met With Hillary Clinton Before Coming Out

Out NBA player Jason Collins
Former NBA player Jason Collins addressed last night's Democratic National Convention telling the crowd that Hillary Clinton was a source of support when he made the decision to come out.

Collins has known the Clinton family for years ever since he attended Stanford University with Chelsea Clinton.

Collins, the first openly gay player in a major American league sport, shared with the audience that he met with the Clintons privately before coming out.

From The Advocate:

“I've known their family for almost 20 years,” Collins said. “I knew that they would accept me for who I was and that they would help pave a path for others to do the same. I am forever grateful for their words of wisdom back then and their unconditional support. They knew that my sexual orientation made no difference in my ability to play basketball.”

“My dream was to play in the NBA and live my authentic life as a proud gay man at the same time,” Collins said. “I was able to accomplish both of those goals because of the people who have supported me throughout my life.”

Since leaving the league, the now retired player has become an advocate for LGBT rights, most recently praising the NBA for moving the 2017 All-Star Game from Charlotte.

Talks Underway For Bernie Sanders To Formally Nominate Hillary Clinton At #DNCinPHL

I heard from two sources now that say talks are underway for Bernie Sanders to call for the Democratic National Convention to accept Hillary Clinton as presidential candidate "by acclamation."

A somewhat ceremonial move, but a step towards party unity.

Michelle Obama Covers NY Daily News

It says much that after First Lady Michelle Obama's rafter-raising speech at the Democratic National Convention last night, the New York Daily News quickly swapped out an already planned snarky cover (regarding frictions at the DNC) to highlight and praise the First Lady.

Tweet Of The Day: Bernie Sanders


Sen. Cory Booker Isn't Going To Take Donald Trump's Hate Bait

After Sen. Cory Booker's electrifying speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention last night, Republican presidential candidate did what he does and attacked Booker via Twitter.

With a mysterious, veiled threat, the Trumpster wrote, "If Cory Booker is the future of the Democratic Party, they have no future! I know more about Cory than he knows about himself.”

But Booker isn't taking Trump's hate bait.

Speaking with CNN this morning, Booker said, "I love you, Donald. I pray for you."

Watching below. This is how you take on a bully.

And, in case you missed it, here's just the last few minutes of Booker's roof-raising speech. This really is a must-watch:

Watch: First Lady Michelle Obama's Full Democratic National Convention Speech

Ok, so I was pretty much knocked out by New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker's Democratic National Convention speech last night.

My thinking was "No way anyone will top that." And with First Lady Michelle Obama coming up next, even though I really like her, she's not previously been known for her soaring oratory.

And then I was proven wrong.

This was the speech of the night. Raising her voice with passion and clarity without being shrill, she evoked the responsibilities inherent in leading the country.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Politifact: Donald Trump Wrong On Tim Kaine Accepting More Gifts Than Bob McDonnell

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump

Upon the announcement of Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia joining Hillary Clinton on the Democratic ticket for the White House, Donald Trump tried to paint Kaine as somehow "corrupt" for taking more gifts during his time as an elected official in Virginia than former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell.

McDonnell was convicted for taking gifts that he did not disclose.

From the Pulitzer Prize winning website, Politifact:

"Bob McDonnell took a fraction of what Kaine took," said Trump, the GOP presidential nominee. "And I think, to me, it’s a big problem. Now, how do you take all these gifts? Hundreds of thousands of dollars."

We wondered whether McDonnell’s gift-taking was, in fact, "a fraction" of Kaine’s. Trump’s campaign did not respond to our request for proof. So we set out on our own, comparing gifts Kaine received as lieutenant governor and governor from 2002 to 2010 to those McDonnell accepted as attorney general from 2006 to 2009 and as governor from 2010 to 2014.

During those years, Virginia didn’t limit gifts to its politicians; the only requirement was that officeholders disclose what they accepted.

We researched the online files of the Virginia Public Access Project, a nonprofit organization that keeps records of campaign contributions and financial disclosure statements filed by state politicians.


Kaine accepted $162,083 in gifts as lieutenant governor and governor, all of which was disclosed as required by state law.

McDonnell disclosed accepting $275,707 in gifts as attorney general and governor. And there was another $177,000 that he didn’t disclose. That comes to a total of $452,707 in gifts - almost three times Kaine’s total.

Trump has got this one dead wrong. We rate his statement Pants on Fire.
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