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Twenty-five year old mother sentenced to life in prison for murder of her 4 year old son

A 25-year old mother convicted earlier this month of murdering her four-year old son because she thought he was gay was sentenced to life in prison today.

Dutro will be eligible for parole in 25 years. Dutro's boyfriend Brian Canady pled guilty to first-degree manslaughter and was sentenced to twelve and a half years in prison.

Zachary Dutro-Boggess, four years old in 2012, was repeatedly kicked in the stomach by Canady and left for two days without medical attention. When finally brought to the hospital, it was too late. He died two days later. Doctors testified that he would have lived had he been given medical attention sooner.

In a Facebook message read in court during the trial, Dutro had written to her boyfriend Brian that her son, Zachary, at the time was “facing the wall” because he had made her mad.

Her son was going to be gay, she wrote, using a slur. “He walks and talks like it. Ugh.”

Canady would have to “work on” Zachary, she wrote.

The cause of death was blunt force trauma “to his abdomen that caused tears in his bowel,” OregonLive had reported.

Zachary “was covered in bumps and bruises,” OregonLove noted in a separate report, “but he died from two holes in his intestines caused by blunt-force trauma. Urine and feces seeped from the holes and harmed his vital organs.”

(from The New Civil Rights Movement)

Right-wing radio host launches the birth of the "Pregnancy Truthers"

Right-wing radio host Steve Malzberg, speaking about on the news of Chelsea Clinton's impending birth:

"Chelsea Clinton is having a baby, she announced it and lo and behold, Hillary was by her side.

"Hillary is going to be a grandmother. And an expected grandmother while she runs for president.

"I don’t mean that they’re making up she’s pregnant, OK? But what great timing! I mean, purely accidental, purely an act of nature, purely just left up to God, and God answered Hillary Clinton’s prayers and she’s going to have the prop of being a new grandma while she runs for president." 

So, Chelsea Clinton has famous parents who are happy to be first time grand-parents, and Steve Malzberg tosses out some red meat that the birth is part of an all-encompassing scheme to win votes for a presidential run that hasn't even been announced yet.


Bryan Brown laments - Which bigot will be next?

Bryan Brown, who has led two year boycotts of General Mills and Starbucks as it serves his own discriminatory practices, tweets about the "intolerance" of what he refers to as the gay mafia's influence towards bigots who choose to discriminate against the LGBT community.

#dramaqueen #butchitup

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"The Normal Heart" - Full Trailer

The HBO original film, The Normal Heart, premieres Sunday, May 25th at 9PM/8C, only on HBO.

Starring Mark Ruffalo, Julia Roberts, Jim Parsons, Matt Bomer and Taylor Kitsch.

Bryan Singer says he wasn't even in the country when alleged sexual assault occurred

X-Men director Bryan Singer says he can prove he wasn't even in the same country as the plaintiff in regards to sexual assault charges filed against him, according to TMZ.

From Queerty:

Speaking with “sources connected with Singer,” TMZ says the director has proof he was not even in Hawaii at the time his accuser, Michael Egan, claims he was repeatedly “anally raped” by him.

Egan’s suit alleges the sexual assault took place during two visits to Hawaii in August and October of 1999, times Bryan Singer can reportedly prove he was in Toronto shooting the first X-Men movie. TMZ claims Singer will file credit card bills and other documents proving his alibi.

Hmm. The plot thickens...

Laugh of the day: Keith Richards

Via WPLR 99.1 New Haven

Florida man kicked out of city basketball league for being HIV+

Dakota Basinger of Kissimmee, Florida, is just a guy who wants to play basketball.

In the middle of a city rec center basketball game, a city employee told Basinger he wasn't welcome in the league due to his recent HIV diagnosis:

Mr. Basinger told WKMG that once inside the other room, the city employee asked, “Are you HIV-positive?” Basinger says, “I was like, 'Yeah, why?' And he was like, 'Well, you're no longer allowed to play in the game, in the league.' They said they don’t want other people getting it."

Basinger told the Orlando Sentinel, “I feel humiliated and discriminated against. I felt horrible walking out of that gym.”

His mother, Lisa Basinger, is furious. She told the Sentinel, “I couldn’t believe it. I explained to them that they needed to educate themselves on HIV and that you cannot transmit HIV through spit or casual contact.”

One of Basinger’s teammates, 20-year-old Gustavo Delemaza, said that Basinger’s diagnosis, “didn’t really bother me at all. You can’t catch HIV by playing ball. It’s not contagious that way.”

The city has since issued a statement apologizing for the action and inviting Basinger back to the basketball league.

Read more at ClickOrlando.

Small town mayor fires South Carolina police chief for being lesbian

Police chief Crystal Moore

The mayor of small town Latta in South Carolina has fired the police chief on the basis that she's a lesbian.  Rawstory has the details:

Latta Mayor Earl Bullard fired Police Chief Crystal Moore on Tuesday, saying the 20-year veteran had drawn seven reprimands — but a city councilwoman said the mayor issued all of those reprimands in one day, the first in her career.

One of the city councilmen, Jared Taylor, said he recorded the mayor making anti-LGBT remarks during a phone conversation.

“I would much rather have, and I will say this to anybody’s face, somebody who drank and drank too much taking care of my child than I had somebody whose lifestyle is questionable around children,” Bullard says in the recording.

“Because that ain’t the damn way it’s supposed to be,” the mayor continues. “You know, you got people out there — I’m telling you, buddy — I don’t agree with some of the lifestyles that I see portrayed, and I don’t say anything because that is the way they want to live, but I am not going to let my child be around.”

Bullard tells the city councilman that he doesn’t approve of same-sex marriage and would not want his child to be aware that such relationships exist.

“That ain’t the way the world works,” the mayor says. “Now all these people showering down and saying, ‘Oh, it’s a different lifestyle, they can have it.’ OK, fine and dandy, but I don’t have to look at it, and I don’t want my child around it.”

The mayor says he has the right to hire and fire who he wants, but the City Council disagrees. The council voted 6-1 to hold a referendum to change the balance of power in Latta.

The small town has thrown support behind the ousted police chief, with over 100 residents of the small town showing up at the town hall.

Watch the report below from WBTW:

WBTW-TV: News, Weather, and Sports for Florence, SC

Sunscreen 101

After forgetting to apply sunscreen (near the equator) for my first day in Puerto Vallarta, I'm talking extra precautions today to make sure I burn no further.

Does this look right?

Puerto Vallarta: Beach Day 2

Steven Morin and Michael at Mantamar Beach Club

Normally, our group heads over to the Blue Chairs Resort to hang at the beach.  But this trip we've discovered the beach club next door, Mantamar Beach Club, that has a fab infinity pool overlooking the beach. 

The food is tasty and the service has been great.  The cost is about $35 for lounge chairs and towels but $30 of that is applied to food or drink.  Happy dance...

Today's adventure?  Zip-lining through the jungle of Mexico :)

Birthday boy Gordon Miles with Michael at Mantamar Beach Club

News round-up for the week of April 18, 2014

In sickness and in health - a couple's final journey together

• The Clinton's are soon-to-be grandparents

• Aretha Franklin is suing over a story saying she fought with Patti Labelle

• Rand Paul doesn't get Kentucky law changed to enable simultaneous run for Senate and President

• Openly gay federal judge will hear Oregon's marriage equality case

Do not try this at home...

This mountain biker is serious. His audio feed makes the ride even more scary.

Judge to rule on Arkansas same-sex marriage ban within two weeks

Judge Chris Piazza

After hearing oral arguments on a challenge to Arkansas' ban on marriage equality yesterday, Circuit Judge Chris Piazza said he would rule within two weeks.

From the Arkansas News Bureau:

Twenty-one same-sex Arkansas couples — and one woman seeking a divorce from a woman she married in New York — allege in a lawsuit that Amendment 83 to the Arkansas Constitution, which was approved by voters in 2004 and defines marriage as between one man and one woman, violates rights guaranteed under both the state and federal constitutions.

The state attorney general’s office maintains that banning same-sex marriage preserves state interests and does not violate any fundamental rights.

Jack Wagoner, one of the plaintiffs’ attorneys, said during Thursday’s hearing that since the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a federal definition of marriage as between one man and one woman in the U.S. v. Windsor case last year, 18 federal and state court decisions have been issued addressing the issue of equality based on sexual orientation, and all have been decided in favor of equality.

“When the government is in the marriage business, same-sex couples have to be treated the same,” Wagoner said during arguments. “The fact that they’ve been historically discriminated against is less reason to have laws targeting them.”

(via Towleroad)

Alabama: Mother fatally shoots son's boyfriend at truck stop

Rawstory reports on an Alabama woman who has been charged with the murder of her gay son's boyfriend.

Tuscaloosa County Deputies said that 51-year-old Anita T. Hill’s son was “involved in a long-term relationship” with 36-year-old Jamie R. Johnson. According to deputies, the three agreed to meet at Love’s Truck Stop in McCalla on Monday to talk.

Investigators determined that the group talked for a while and then Hill’s son returned to his vehicle. Hill and Johnson continued speaking for a few more minutes. When Johnson turned to walk away, Hill shot him in the back, WBRC reported.

Watch the report below:

ABC 33/40 - Birmingham News, Weather, Sports

Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black pens open letter after being disinvited to speak at alma mater

Oscar-winning screen writer Dustin Lance Black has written an open letter to his alma mater, Pasadena City College, after being invited then disinvited to speak at this year's commencement ceremonies.

His invitation was apparently rescinded in light of some very private pictures of him and an ex-boyfriend were leaked to internet gossip sites.

Black says the college is sending a message of shame to the LGBT students at PCC.

Read his full letter below.

Dear PCC Students:

In 1992 my parents lost their jobs in the months leading up to my leaving for college. We could no longer afford the University I was accepted at, so I turned to the Community College system and Pasadena City College. I enrolled in honors courses, worked two jobs to pay rent, and still found time to tutor both math and ESL at PCC. My mother taught me there is nothing more meaningful than serving your fellow man. It was a proud day when she watched me walk at PCC’s graduation with an AA Degree, an honors tassel, and a Dean’s scholarship.

November of last year, I received the Distinguished Alumni Award from the Community College League of CA. In the presentation, my film work, Academy Award, WGA, and Spirit Awards were all mentioned, but the accomplishment I was most proud of was my half-decade of work with AFER to strike down Prop 8 at the Supreme Court last summer and bring equality back to California.

After my acceptance speech, I was approached by PCC Administrators and asked to speak at my old campus. A few months later, I received an invitation asking that I be PCC’s 2014 Commencement speaker. I confirmed the invitation, booked the international flights to get back to Southern California, canceled work, and turned down paid invitations. This invitation was that meaningful to me.

This morning, I woke up to the headline that I have been disinvited to speak at my Alma Mater. The reasoning: That I was involved in a “scandal” in 2009 regarding extremely personal photographs that were put up on Internet gossip sites of me and my ex-boyfriend.

For too long now I’ve sat silent on this issue. That ends here and now and with this sentence: I did nothing wrong and I refuse to be shamed for this any longer.

In 2009 a group of people surreptitiously lifted images from my ex’s computer and shopped them around to gossip sites in a money making scheme. These were old images from a far simpler time in my life, a time before digital camera phones and Internet scandals. They were photos of me with a man I cared for, a man who shared my Mormon background, and who was also struggling with who he was versus where he came from. And yes, we were doing what gay men do when they love and trust each other, we were having sex. I have never lied about my sexuality. If you invade my privacy, this is what you will find. I have sex. It brings me joy, fosters intimacy and helps love grow. I hope anyone reading this can say the same for themselves and for their parents.

In 2010 I took the perpetrators of this theft to Federal court and Judge R. Gary Klausner ruled unequivocally that the defendants had indeed broken the law. The details of this case are readily available for anyone to read — including PCC’s leadership and Board of Trustees.

In the eyes of anyone who has seen the devastating effects this trespass has had on me personally, creatively and professionally over these many years, in the eyes of my mother and friends who have held me as I’ve cried, and under the blind scrutiny of the law of this land, I am the victim of this “scandal,” not the perpetrator.

With this cruel act, PCC’s Administration is punishing the victim. And I ask you this: If I was a heterosexual man or woman with this same painful injury in my past, would PCC’s Administration still be rescinding such an honor?

Over these past five years, I have spoken at over 40 major universities including Harvard’s Kennedy School, Penn, UCLA, USC, and recently spoke at UCLA’s School of Theatre, Film and Television graduation. I’ve been the featured speaker at NASPA (Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education Conference), NACA (National Association for Student Activities), HRC’s National Gala, spoken to over 200,000 on the steps of the U.S. Capitol at the March on Washington, walked up the steps of the Supreme Court to help win a fight for my people and been honored for my work for equality on the floor of the California House of Representatives. Never once, at any of these events has this issue ever come up. Not once. Not in the press. Not with the students. Not ever.

In fact, PCC is now only the second institution to ever blame me for what happened in 2009. The first was Hope College in Michigan whose Dean pro-actively made a statement openly admitting he did not want a pro-LGBT message on his campus. It seems to me that same animus is at play here now.

I congratulate all of the 2014 graduates. I had hoped to share the story of how I turned my Community College education at PCC into a fruitful career. I had hoped to share the message that each and every one of you is capable of the same. But now I must ask you to do something for me: speak out.

As PCC Administrators attempt to shame me, they are casting a shadow over all LGBT students at PCC. They are sending the message that LGBT students are to be held to a different standard, that there is something inherently shameful about who we are and how we love, and that no matter what we accomplish in our lives, we will never be worthy of PCC’s praise.

While I deal with the legal and financial ramifications of this injury, I urge you not to let PCC’s Administrators get away with sending such a harmful message. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the struggle for equality it is that when you are stung by injustice, you must find your pride and raise your voice. If you are outraged like I am, you must show it. You must speak truth to fear and prejudice and shed light where there is ignorance. Now is that time at PCC.


PCC ’94 UCLA ‘96

(via Out)
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