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Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis Refuses To Allow Deputies To Issue Marriage Licenses

And so we have proof that this is not about Davis' personal religious beliefs.

Given the chance to opt out of the equation, allow her deputies to issue marriage licenses and move on, Davis chooses to continue on her March to martyrdom.

Kentucky: Five Rowan Deputy Clerks Will Issue Marriage Licenses

WOWK13 is reporting that at least three Duluth clerks in Rowan County did not want to follow their boss County Clerk Kim Davis into jail and will issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

UPDATE: According to the Courier-Journal, five of Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis' deputy clerks have now said they are willing to issue marriage licenses. 

Davis' son was the lone holdout.

Judge David Bunning said that would purge the contempt charge against Davis.

Apparently, Judge Bunning has called Davis back to court today at 3:30 to determine if Davis will allow the deputy clerks to issue licenses. 

If not? Back to jail.

Fox News' Todd Starnes: "The Federal Government Has Started Incarcerating Christians"

Immediately after County Clerk Kim Davis was ruled in contempt of court and taken into custody today for repeatedly breaking the law and defying not only a Federal Judge but the U.S. Supreme Court,  Fox News' resident right-wing ass tweeted out the above.

Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis Found In Contempt Of Court, Remanded To Custody

In light of Rowan County Clerk's continued defiance to heed even the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling on same-sex marriage, U.S. District Judge David Bunning ruled Davis in contempt of court and remanded to custody.

Attorneys from the American Civil Liberties Union had requested in their motion for contempt of court that the clerk should be fined, not jailed. The attorneys asked the court to "impose financial penalties sufficiently serious and increasingly onerous" to make her comply with the high court's order.

U.S. District Judge David Bunning felt differently, and saying Davis' supporters would pay her fines. And so, U.S. Marshals took her into custody.

According to reports, she can be released if she will allow her deputy clerks to issue marriage licenses.

From CNN:

The clerk, an Apostolic Christian who says she has a sincere religious objection to same-sex marriage, has refused to issue any marriage licenses since the Supreme Court decision in June legalizing same-sex marriage.

Bunning ordered Davis to resume the issuing of marriage licenses on August 12. Monday night, the Supreme Court denied an emergency application from Davis, who asked that Bunning's order be put on hold pending appeal.

In court papers, attorneys for Davis argued that she is unable to comply with the court orders because issuing same-sex marriage licenses "irreparably and irreversibly violates her conscience."

The ACLU attorneys, who represent two same-sex couples and two opposite-sex couples who want to get married in Rowan County, argued that Davis has no legal basis to avoid performing her duties as a government clerk.

And a federal prosecutor said it's time for Davis and her county to comply.

"Government officials are free to disagree with the law, but not disobey it," U.S. Attorney Kerry B. Harvey said in a statement. "The County Clerk has presented her position through the federal court system, all of the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. It is time for the Clerk and the County to follow the law."

Study: No Men On PrEP Contracted HIV Over 32 Months

A new study by Kaiser Permanente published in Clinical Infectious Diseases shows that over a 32 month period exactly zero men, out of 600 participants  who took Truvada on a daily basis, contracted HIV.



“Our study is the first to extend the understanding of the use of PrEP in a real-world setting and suggests that the treatment may prevent new HIV infections even in a high-risk setting,” he said in a press release. “Until now, evidence supporting the efficacy of PrEP to prevent HIV infection had come from clinical trials and a demonstration project.”

However, 30 percent of participants did contract at least one sexually transmitted infection within six months of the study’s commencement. This number jumped to 50 percent after one year.

In addition, 41 percent of participants reported a decrease in condom use, in contrast to the 56 percent who said their use of condoms remained unchanged throughout the study.

Pat Robertson: Gays Want All Christians In Jail So Get Used To It

Televangelist host of "The 700 Club" Pat Robertson says that “the gays’” ultimate goal is to put rogue Kentucky County Clerk Davis and other gay rights opponents in prison for their stance.

So this whole thing is — putting her in jail and so forth — is nonsense. But it will happen and it’s just the beginning, it’s the warmup of this battle. And I want you to know right now, you’ve heard it here, the gays do not just want to be recognized, they do not want to be accepted, they do not want to have just freedom, they want everybody to agree with them and everybody who doesn’t agree with them and does not comport with their way of thinking, they want to be punished, put in jail, or fined. That’s the way they want it and you might as well get used to it.

(via Right Wing Watch)

Music: Well-Strung "Royals (feat. Palladio)"

Well-Strung, the handsome & hunky pop/classical fusion group, drop their third music video today titled “Royals (Feat. Palladio).”

The track juxtaposes Lorde's huge hit "Royals" with Karl Jenkins' "Palladio."

This number is a composition of the group singing Lorde’s smash hit “Royals” while playing Karl Jenkins’ “Palladio."

Well-Strung's new album, POPssical, is set for release on October 2nd. Pre-order on iTunes here.

County Clerk Kim Davis: "If I Left I Would Have No Voice For God's Word"

Before heading into court this morning, anti-gay Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis gave an "exclusive" interview with extreme right-wing Fox News reporter Todd Starnes.

Here's just a bit of what Ms. Davis had to say:

“I’ve weighed the cost and I’m prepared to go to jail, I sure am.”

“This has never been a gay or lesbian issue for me. This is about upholding the word of God.”

“This is a heaven or hell issue for me and for every other Christian that believes. This is a fight worth fighting.”

“I would have to either make a decision to stand or I would have to buckle down and leave. And if I left, resigned or chose to retire, I would have no voice for God’s word."

“I’m very steadfast in what I believe. I don’t leave my conscience and my Christian soul out in my vehicle and come in here and pretend to be something I’m not. It’s easy to talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?”

Kentucky: Deputy Clerks Would Issue Marriage Licenses But Are Afraid Of Kim Davis

According to Shannon Ragland at Kentucky Trial Court Review, Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis is acting on her own in regard to her noncompliance to the ruling on same-sex marriage by SCOTUS.

In an interview with Cecil Watkins, the Rowan County Attorney, Watkins said that deputy clerks would issue lawful marriage licenses, if allowed. But Davis has made them afraid to do so.

Watkins added that if Judge Bunning instructs them to do so, they will.

Watkins also said Davis has put her employees and everyone in the courthouse in a "terrible position."

(h/t JMG)

Kentucky: Lawmakers Request Judge Withhold Action Against County Clerk Until Legislative Session

Kentucky state Senate President Robert Stivers and House Speaker Greg Stumbo have repeated their request to Governor Besmear to call a special session of the state legislature so they can pass legislation that would resolve the current issue regarding Kim Davis and issuing marriage licenses.

In addition, Stivers filed a motion asking U.S. District Judge David Bunning to wait until the legislature can convene before taking action against Ms. Davis.

Governor Besmear again declined to call the legislature into session, saying Davis is defying the U.S. Supreme Court.

"The General Assembly will convene in four months and can make statutory changes it deems necessary at that time. I see no need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayers' money calling a special session of the General Assembly," Beshear said.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Happy Hump Day: Earth Wind & Fire "September"

Yo, yo, yo - it's September and it's Wednesday!

Featured on the band's album The Best of Earth, Wind & Fire, Vol. 1, "September" reached number one on the US R&B chart, number eight on the Billboard Hot 100, and number three on the UK singles chart.

The official video is the definition of "groovelicious."

Happy Hump Day, kids!

Dean Jones, Disney & Broadway Star, Passes Away At 84

Dean Jones, the affable actor who starred in such classic Disney family comedies as That Darn Cat!, The Love Bug and The Shaggy D.A., has died. He was 84.

Jones died Tuesday of complications from Parkinson’s disease in Los Angeles, publicist Richard Hoffman announced.

Jones also created the role of "Bobby" in the legendary Sondheim musical COMPANY on Broadway.

(Via Hollywood Reporter)

HRC President Chad Griffin: Kim Davis Must Do Her Job Or Step Aside

Human Rights Campaign's Chad Griffin on County Clerk Kim Davis:

"With the results of the United States Supreme Court decision, the Obergefell case, marriage licenses must be issued equally. 

"That's her job. She has to do that, or she has to step aside."

Justice Scalia: Public Officials Have To Do Their Job Or Resign

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

Many feel the only path forward for Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis is to resign her post so she, not the state, can accommodate her religious beliefs.

Jonathan Adler, of the Washington Post, has found a surprisingly high profile judge who agrees that public officials cannot decline to perform their duties based on the official's personal view of morality.

That judge? No less than Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

In 2002, Scalia explained that if he were to conclude that the death penalty is fundamentally immoral, he should no longer serve on the bench:

[I]n my view the choice for the judge who believes the death penalty to be immoral is resignation, rather than simply ignoring duly enacted, constitutional laws and sabotaging death penalty cases. He has, after all, taken an oath to apply the laws and has been given no power to supplant them with rules of his own. Of course if he feels strongly enough he can go beyond mere resignation and lead a political campaign to abolish the death penalty” and if that fails, lead a revolution. But rewrite the laws he cannot do.

The upshot being that public officials don't get to rewrite the rules of their duties.

While Scalia has not addressed the specific issue of Kim Davis' refusals to do her job, he noticeably did not dissent from the recent denial for an emergency stay when requested by Davis' lawyers.

U.S. Marine Tanner White Asks Singer Steve Grand To Marine Corps Ball

Ok, this is adorable.

U.S. Marine Tanner White joins in the recent tradition of inviting a celebrity to be his date to this year's Marine Corps Ball being held in Wilmington, North Carolina, this November.

“This video is for the all-American boy, Steve Grand. Steve, you are an amazing singer. I’ve seen some of your blog videos and they were awesome. I would like for you to go with me to the 2015 Marine Corps ball In November Hosted in Wilmington, North Carolina as my date. Hopefully you say yes. If not, it was worth a shot.”

So, come on Steve Grand! It's not like he's asking you to take off your shirt or anything! And he's cute! And a Marine!

Who would say say 'no?'

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