Saturday, April 19, 2014

Zip line adventure in Puerto Vallarta

Yesterday, the Puerto Vallarta 2014 group headed out of town to zip-line through the jungle.

In a five hour expedition, we took a bus out to Los Veranos Canopy Tour where we zipped down 14 different lines through the jungle.

If you haven't done the zip-line thing, you must. And if in PV, make sure you go to the Los Veranos guys. They make the experience fun, easy and a blast.  Check out some pics of our day in the wild...

Zip line class. Please note my posture (L in the blue t-shirt) while paying attention.

The first zip-line we were told to twist right for the camera. Michael goes for the money shot.

First run, Alex shows he paid attention in class too...

Craig poses for the camera mid-zip

Gordon had perfect form all day

More perfect form from Gordon

Rob coming in for a landing

The guides asked if I wanted to try something different, so they let me go upside-down

Please note the perfect Fosse "jazz hand" even in the jungle and upside down...

Michael in mid-zip...

My camera shot...

Ok, so I really have no idea what I was doing at this point....

Bo Roberts is the new face of N2N Bodywear

With the arrival of Spring comes the new face of N2N Bodywear, Bo Roberts!

I've followed N2N from it's beginning in the mid-90s as the owner/designer Andrew Makay is an old friend. I've watched the brand grow and develop it's funny, sexy, comfortable reputation.

Photographed by Gabriel Goldberg, N2N's newest designs include bold and colorful stripes from the California Dreamin’ collection, branded with the words “Made in Los Angeles” on the waistband.

Check the pics here then head over to N2N Bodywear for more of Bo Roberts and N2N.

Music: "Summertime" Sarah Vaughan

Great Saturday morning slow song from the divine Miss Vaughan.

Happy Weekend!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Twenty-five year old mother sentenced to life in prison for murder of her 4 year old son

A 25-year old mother convicted earlier this month of murdering her four-year old son because she thought he was gay was sentenced to life in prison today.

Dutro will be eligible for parole in 25 years. Dutro's boyfriend Brian Canady pled guilty to first-degree manslaughter and was sentenced to twelve and a half years in prison.

Zachary Dutro-Boggess, four years old in 2012, was repeatedly kicked in the stomach by Canady and left for two days without medical attention. When finally brought to the hospital, it was too late. He died two days later. Doctors testified that he would have lived had he been given medical attention sooner.

In a Facebook message read in court during the trial, Dutro had written to her boyfriend Brian that her son, Zachary, at the time was “facing the wall” because he had made her mad.

Her son was going to be gay, she wrote, using a slur. “He walks and talks like it. Ugh.”

Canady would have to “work on” Zachary, she wrote.

The cause of death was blunt force trauma “to his abdomen that caused tears in his bowel,” OregonLive had reported.

Zachary “was covered in bumps and bruises,” OregonLove noted in a separate report, “but he died from two holes in his intestines caused by blunt-force trauma. Urine and feces seeped from the holes and harmed his vital organs.”

(from The New Civil Rights Movement)

Right-wing radio host launches the birth of the "Pregnancy Truthers"

Right-wing radio host Steve Malzberg, speaking about on the news of Chelsea Clinton's impending birth:

"Chelsea Clinton is having a baby, she announced it and lo and behold, Hillary was by her side.

"Hillary is going to be a grandmother. And an expected grandmother while she runs for president.

"I don’t mean that they’re making up she’s pregnant, OK? But what great timing! I mean, purely accidental, purely an act of nature, purely just left up to God, and God answered Hillary Clinton’s prayers and she’s going to have the prop of being a new grandma while she runs for president." 

So, Chelsea Clinton has famous parents who are happy to be first time grand-parents, and Steve Malzberg tosses out some red meat that the birth is part of an all-encompassing scheme to win votes for a presidential run that hasn't even been announced yet.


Bryan Brown laments - Which bigot will be next?

Bryan Brown, who has led two year boycotts of General Mills and Starbucks as it serves his own discriminatory practices, tweets about the "intolerance" of what he refers to as the gay mafia's influence towards bigots who choose to discriminate against the LGBT community.

#dramaqueen #butchitup

(via JoeMyGod)

"The Normal Heart" - Full Trailer

The HBO original film, The Normal Heart, premieres Sunday, May 25th at 9PM/8C, only on HBO.

Starring Mark Ruffalo, Julia Roberts, Jim Parsons, Matt Bomer and Taylor Kitsch.

Bryan Singer says he wasn't even in the country when alleged sexual assault occurred

X-Men director Bryan Singer says he can prove he wasn't even in the same country as the plaintiff in regards to sexual assault charges filed against him, according to TMZ.

From Queerty:

Speaking with “sources connected with Singer,” TMZ says the director has proof he was not even in Hawaii at the time his accuser, Michael Egan, claims he was repeatedly “anally raped” by him.

Egan’s suit alleges the sexual assault took place during two visits to Hawaii in August and October of 1999, times Bryan Singer can reportedly prove he was in Toronto shooting the first X-Men movie. TMZ claims Singer will file credit card bills and other documents proving his alibi.

Hmm. The plot thickens...

Laugh of the day: Keith Richards

Via WPLR 99.1 New Haven

Florida man kicked out of city basketball league for being HIV+

Dakota Basinger of Kissimmee, Florida, is just a guy who wants to play basketball.

In the middle of a city rec center basketball game, a city employee told Basinger he wasn't welcome in the league due to his recent HIV diagnosis:

Mr. Basinger told WKMG that once inside the other room, the city employee asked, “Are you HIV-positive?” Basinger says, “I was like, 'Yeah, why?' And he was like, 'Well, you're no longer allowed to play in the game, in the league.' They said they don’t want other people getting it."

Basinger told the Orlando Sentinel, “I feel humiliated and discriminated against. I felt horrible walking out of that gym.”

His mother, Lisa Basinger, is furious. She told the Sentinel, “I couldn’t believe it. I explained to them that they needed to educate themselves on HIV and that you cannot transmit HIV through spit or casual contact.”

One of Basinger’s teammates, 20-year-old Gustavo Delemaza, said that Basinger’s diagnosis, “didn’t really bother me at all. You can’t catch HIV by playing ball. It’s not contagious that way.”

The city has since issued a statement apologizing for the action and inviting Basinger back to the basketball league.

Read more at ClickOrlando.

Small town mayor fires South Carolina police chief for being lesbian

Police chief Crystal Moore

The mayor of small town Latta in South Carolina has fired the police chief on the basis that she's a lesbian.  Rawstory has the details:

Latta Mayor Earl Bullard fired Police Chief Crystal Moore on Tuesday, saying the 20-year veteran had drawn seven reprimands — but a city councilwoman said the mayor issued all of those reprimands in one day, the first in her career.

One of the city councilmen, Jared Taylor, said he recorded the mayor making anti-LGBT remarks during a phone conversation.

“I would much rather have, and I will say this to anybody’s face, somebody who drank and drank too much taking care of my child than I had somebody whose lifestyle is questionable around children,” Bullard says in the recording.

“Because that ain’t the damn way it’s supposed to be,” the mayor continues. “You know, you got people out there — I’m telling you, buddy — I don’t agree with some of the lifestyles that I see portrayed, and I don’t say anything because that is the way they want to live, but I am not going to let my child be around.”

Bullard tells the city councilman that he doesn’t approve of same-sex marriage and would not want his child to be aware that such relationships exist.

“That ain’t the way the world works,” the mayor says. “Now all these people showering down and saying, ‘Oh, it’s a different lifestyle, they can have it.’ OK, fine and dandy, but I don’t have to look at it, and I don’t want my child around it.”

The mayor says he has the right to hire and fire who he wants, but the City Council disagrees. The council voted 6-1 to hold a referendum to change the balance of power in Latta.

The small town has thrown support behind the ousted police chief, with over 100 residents of the small town showing up at the town hall.

Watch the report below from WBTW:

WBTW-TV: News, Weather, and Sports for Florence, SC

Sunscreen 101

After forgetting to apply sunscreen (near the equator) for my first day in Puerto Vallarta, I'm talking extra precautions today to make sure I burn no further.

Does this look right?

Puerto Vallarta: Beach Day 2

Steven Morin and Michael at Mantamar Beach Club

Normally, our group heads over to the Blue Chairs Resort to hang at the beach.  But this trip we've discovered the beach club next door, Mantamar Beach Club, that has a fab infinity pool overlooking the beach. 

The food is tasty and the service has been great.  The cost is about $35 for lounge chairs and towels but $30 of that is applied to food or drink.  Happy dance...

Today's adventure?  Zip-lining through the jungle of Mexico :)

Birthday boy Gordon Miles with Michael at Mantamar Beach Club

News round-up for the week of April 18, 2014

In sickness and in health - a couple's final journey together

• The Clinton's are soon-to-be grandparents

• Aretha Franklin is suing over a story saying she fought with Patti Labelle

• Rand Paul doesn't get Kentucky law changed to enable simultaneous run for Senate and President

• Openly gay federal judge will hear Oregon's marriage equality case

Do not try this at home...

This mountain biker is serious. His audio feed makes the ride even more scary.

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