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LGBT History Month: Prop 8 Heroes Talk Coming Out & Wedding Day Memories

This LGBT History Month, marriage equality champions Paul Katami and Jeff Zarrillo, the plaintiffs in the Supreme Court Case that struck down Prop. 8 in California, sat down with newlyweds Niki and Carole Nakayama, owners of n/naka and known for Chef’s Table, to discuss their relationship and how Paul and Jeff’s story paved the way for marriage equality nationwide.

The wide-ranging conversation includes the quartet's thoughts on coming out, what it feels like to get married, and sharing wedding news with friends, family, and co-workers.

"Getting married, it's personal but as a gay couple it's also universal because it gives us the language to go out into the world and affirm who we are in such a real way," says Katami. "Cause you have to come out every day if you're gay."

"For me, I feel that it defined a certain level of authenticity that we were trying to do through food but now here it was in a whole other realm," shared Ilda-Nakayama.

You can watch the full video below.

Barefoot Wine & Bubbly partnered with OUT on this new series of video shorts, entitled “One Stride, Many Journeys,” in celebration of National Coming Out Day (October 11).

Barefoot has been an ally to the LGBTQ community for the past 27 years and works with more 200 LGBTQ organizations worldwide.

#MeToo: LGBT Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

In the aftermath of the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment/assault stories, social media created the #MeToo campaign to encourage those folks who have been assaulted or harassed in the workplace to come forward; to show how widespread the issue truly is.

I joined that campaign posting "Me too" on my Facebook wall a couple of days ago. I had been the target of sexual harassment years ago when I was working in NYC in my first Broadway show.

A journalist from NBC Out sent out a request looking for LGBTs willing to share their stories. I paused thinking long and hard about this.

I've never shared this with anyone other than two people at the time: my husband, Michael, and one other cast member of the show.

I'm hoping by my sharing others - especially men - will know they aren't the only ones. And that there are degrees of harassment that vary that can make you question whether something was or was not "harassment."

After living with the story for so many years, it's surprisingly uncomfortable seeing it in print. I can only imagine what the women who dealt with Harvey Weinstein felt.

From John Paul Brammer at NBC Out:

Randy Slovacek, a former Broadway performer and a working choreographer, said his experience with sexual harassment negatively impacted his career.

"My first Broadway show was the last revival of 'Hello Dolly' with Carol Channing. I was 31, and a little naive about my stage manager making passes at me," Slovacek said. "At first, I thought it was just silly, the way gay guys can be. Then it got more overt and heavy-handed."

Slovacek said he met his husband, Michael, while recording the Broadway cast album for 'Hello Dolly.' He said his stage manager noticed him looking at Michael and pulled Slovacek onto his lap.

"It was almost territorial," Slovacek said. "It was forceful and in front of a lot of people. I was like, 'What are you doing?' And he did it three times."

But the worst, Slovacek said, happened after he was late to a curtain call in Boston. He had been a model employee, he said, and he ran to the office to apologize to the stage manager who, to Slovacek's surprise, immediately waived it off. But then, Slovacek said, the stage manager turned the discussion to the jacuzzi in Slovacek's Boston apartment.

"He knew the place, and he said, 'That's the place with the jacuzzi. When am I going to come over?'" Slovacek said. "I kind of laughed it off, but he kept pushing. I finally found a way to gracefully exit, but then I got a letter saying I had been written up for being late, and it was a serious violation."

Slovacek said the stage manager, who is now deceased, declared Slovacek late again to another performance in D.C. by a minute, even though Slovacek said he was on time, and sent him home. "Who gets sent home for one minute?" Slovacek said. "I thought, 'This guy is really after me.'"

Munoz, Slovacek and Brown all said they struggled to report and come to terms with their experiences. Munoz and Slovacek said they frequently second-guessed if what had happened to them would be considered harassment at all, but the Weinstein story made them reflect.

"This week, having people speaking out, it might seem like a small thing, but it makes other people more willing to speak out," Munoz said. "It's powerful, those moments of people being willing to examine their experience and decide they have something to say."

Slovacek echoed that sentiment and said what needs to happen, in both the gay community and beyond, is people need to be willing to challenge their peers.

"If your buddy comes back after cracking a joke or doing something inappropriate, especially if they're in a place of authority, you need to say that's not cool," Slovacek said. "Or if someone tells you a story about something they've done, you need to tell them to not do that."

"Somebody has to say something," Slovacek said.

I encourage you to read the full article at NBC Out.


Trump Twitter Rant Bounces Likes A Pinball From One Subject To Another

Donald Trump has had quite the schizophrenic 12 hours on Twitter bouncing back and forth between "fake news" rants (Forbes reported his wealth dropped $600 million), attacking the latest bipartisan fix to Obamacare (he says he can't support it), renewed attacks on Hillary Clinton and former FBI Director James Comey and another slap at kneeling NFL players.

The Trumpster must have been flipping channels a lot!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Happy 23rd Anniversary To The Best Husband In The World

Michael's 40th birthday party.  John Ganun, fabulous photog, came and shot the party.
This is us.

Today, hot hubby Michael and I celebrate our 23rd anniversary together. It's also our 14th official wedding anniversary - we kept the same day of the year because I used to be blond and can't remember too many dates :)

This has become a regularly scheduled, annual post. And man, am I glad.


October 17, 1994, I met Michael Caprio for the first time.

I was on the road with the pre-Broadway tour of the Broadway revival of "Hello, Dolly!" and we were in Minneapolis recording our cast recording. Michael was VP of Publicity and Marketing for the record label.

"It only takes a moment, for your eyes to meet and then..."

It was one long day of me watching Michael from across the studio, and as I found out later, Michael kept his eye on me, too.  And boy, am I glad.

Twenty-three years, two marriage certificates (one in Toronto, Canada, one in Palm Springs, CA), one cancer journey and six dogs later - here we are.

We actually are very different people. Michael is very social and loves being out in the world; he loves meeting, mixing and mingling with tons of people, and people love him back.

I love our friends but in small doses where I can focus on them and their lives one at a time. I love being home with the dogs in our own little world.

Michael gets special points as he endures my constant roller coaster ride with politics. But over the past several years, he's become as passionate if not more so than I about the state of our country :)

Somehow, this all works really, really well.

I love being married to Michael. I love our life together.

Happy anniversary, happy anniversary, happy anniversary - HAAAAPPY anniversary!

A few pics from the short journey together - so far:

First pic Michael ever sent me after we met, from the set of a photo shoot for the record label he was
VP of publicity for at the time.  Can you say "cute"???

From a Mammoth Ski weekend after a long day of skiing

My favorite pic with Michael

First wedding!  Toronto, October 17th, 2003
Senior Justice Lauren Marshall was very gracious to officiate the marriage for us.

Getting married in Palm Springs, CA, right before 2008 election
Mayor Pro Tem Ginny Foat officiated the marriage for us right before Prop 8 passed.
We are one of the 18K couples who still have our legal married status in CA.

Just Because...

I ain't mad at Avengers/Thor star Chris Hemsworth being all god-like on the beach... :)

Please note the size of those shoes.

Trump Nation: Jerk Uses U.S. Flag As Picnic Blanket, T-Shirt Says "I Stand For The National Anthem"

This pic from Sunday's Jets/Patriots game is currently going viral as this douchebag wearing a t-shirt that says "I stand for the National Anthem" as he sits on the flag like a beach towel.

On top of the fact that we were taught to never let the flag touch the ground, the asshole is SITTING his ass on the flag!

Adding to the assholery is he seems to drink beer with a straw. #Embarrassing #ManUp #WhoDrinksBeerThroughAStraw

From Deadspin:

This man at Sunday’s Patriots-Jets game respects the United States and its national anthem so much that he turned the country’s flag into a picnic blanket. Reader Marshall spotted the patriot, who is better than all of us, at the Jets’ stadium.

“Basically, me and my friend were walking around the stadium sometime during the 3rd quarter. There is a huge tv screen by the food carts right inside the stadium where people gather to watch. We went over there to check it out and we saw him spread the flag out and sit down.”

So, in case I haven't been clear (and I know my readers may not be accustomed to this language from me)  - Get your f*cking ass off my flag!

Josh Weathers Kills With Stripped-Down "I Will Always Love You"

Josh Weathers

Fort Worth musician Josh Weathers' vocals on this acoustic version of  “I Will Always Love You" are not to be believed.

According to Weathers, his mother saw Houston's hit movie The Bodyguard in the early 90s and immediately bought the soundtrack which lived in her car's cassette player "until the car didn't run no more."

Consequently, Weathers says he knows every note of the soundtrack.

I grew up in Fort Worth, Texas, and Weathers is apparently killing it as local musician done good.

Watch the performance below. The comments on the YouTube page are pretty funny, too.

Daily Dog: Even When They Fail, Dogs Win

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