Sunday, June 17, 2018

News Round-Up: June 17, 2018

Some news items you might have missed:

• InstaHunk Austin Finamore (above) is taking the 'chill Sunday' route. #ImWithHim

• There's a gay royal wedding coming up! Queen Elizabeth II's openly gay cousin is getting married!

• Check out this profile of Chris Johnson, the intrepid LGBTQ journalist in the White House press corp.

• Amandla Stenberg of The Hunger Games comes out as gay.

• President Trump is calculating that he will gain political leverage in congressional negotiations by continuing to separate immigrant parents from their young children at the southern border.

• Tyler Posey & Avan Jogia set to play gay couple in new Starz series ‘Now Apocalypse’

• Longtime Trump adviser, Roger Stone, suddenly remembered that meeting he took with Russian agents wanting to sell dirt on Hillary Clinton. #NowHeRemembers

• Out artists Zach Adam and Adam Joseph fell the pull of 'Gravity' - a synth-pop anthem focused around the power to overcome depression and suicide. Check out the new track below. I like :)

'Roseanne' Without Roseanne Barr Moving Forward In Talks

The cast of Roseanne (via Facebook)

A possible second life for ABC's hit sitcom Roseanne is looking more and more likely according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that Roseanne Barr has agreed in principle to walk away from the characters she helped create in order to allow Roseanne’s cast and crew to pursue a spinoff in the wake of the show’s May cancellation due to her racist tweets.

ABC and producer Carsey-Werner are insisting that Barr not participate financially or creatively in the proposed spinoff, which is said to revolve around the character played by Sara Gilbert. Other Roseanne writer-producers and castmembers, including John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf, are said to be tentatively on board (they would receive the same fees as previously negotiated for the second season of the Roseanne revival, which was ABC’s top-rated program this season).

But since Barr would be entitled to substantial fees and backend on any spinoff of Roseanne (the original series was created by Matt Williams, but it is also credited as being "based upon a character created by Barr”), she must waive those rights before any such show could proceed.

According to THR Roseanne is tentatively negotiating a one-time "go-away-money" payout.

Behind the scenes Barr is said to be contrite over how her racist tweet about former White House adviser Valerie Jarrett torpedoed the newly-rebooted show which became the #1 sitcom on ABC this past season.

Gilbert, Goodman and Metcalf would receive their contractual $300,000 per episode salaries.

Although cut out of future royalties for new episodes, Roseanne would still receive royalties for the first ten episodes of the show.

'Will & Grace' Blooper Reel Is 7 Minutes Of Hilarious Outtakes

Check out the newly-released DVD collection Will & Grace - The Revival (Season One) complete with all 16 episodes, a behind the scenes video and 7 minute blooper reel

That's right, honey! A decade after their unforgettable eight-season run from 1998 to 2006, comedy's most fabulous foursome returned to their infamous Will & Grace roles as Will, Grace, Jack and Karen in this TV season's biggest reboot.

With the legendary James Burrows at the helm (directed every original Will & Grace episode), the show's stars (Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally) were once again delivering razor-sharp jabs and dirty martinis.

The newly-released DVD collection of Will & Grace - The Revival (Season One) includes all 16-episodes plus deleted scenes, exclusive behind-the-scenes featurettes with the cast's reflections on the “profoundly emotional” return and 7 minute hilarious blooper reel.

Hidden scripts, not-even-close misses on lines, and f-bombs are all there.

Plus, we've got two more seasons ordered!

Check out the hilarious outtakes below.

Meme Of The Day

The next time someone tries to tell you that Hillary Clinton was a weak candidate, remind them the tit took the RNC, WikiLeaks, the FBI and Russia to narrowly bring her down in an election she won by nearly 3 million votes. - Stewart Safran

Steve Bannon: Trump Doesn't Lie, He Speaks In A 'Special Vernacular'

Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon tells ABC News that Donald Trump has never lied that he knows of. Bannon says Trump speaks in a "special vernacular" that connect with the American people
Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon

During an interview with Jon Karl on ABC News' This Week, former Trump campaign and White House adviser Steve Bannon declared President Trump has never lied to his knowledge.

Umm, ok. And I'm Justin Timberlake.

Karl had played clips of Trump promising to never lie to the American public during the 2016 campaign. As Karl points out that was a promise the Trumpster “obviously broke. He has not always told the truth.”

“I don’t know that,” replied Bannon. “From what I’ve seen, he has.” Karl asked him again, “you think the President has never lied?” “Not to my knowledge, no,” Bannon said again. Then he joked “except when he called me ‘Sloppy Steve.’”

Bannon went on to say that Trump simply speaks in a "special vernacular" that resonates with the American people.

I don't think Bannon knows what "vernacular" means.

Watch the exchange below.

Kiev Pride: Hundreds Of Riot Police Swarm & Tear Gas Anti-LGBT Protesters

Kiev Pride Parade (image via Instagram/Yura Dvizhhon)

Prior to the start of Kiev's Pride Parade today, Ukrainian police swarmed, tear-gassed and arrested 56 anti-LGBT protesters who had attempted to block a portion of the parade route.

From Reuters:

Ukrainian police said they had detained 56 members of far-right radical groups in Kiev on Sunday after scuffles before the capital’s gay pride march. Early in the morning, more than 150 far-right protesters had sought to block off the route of the march through central Kiev.

Small clashes broke out when police in riot gear moved to clear the street. “Several men who resisted and used gas canisters against law enforcement officers were detained,” the police said in a statement.

Far-right group C14 said police had surrounded its protesters, attacking them with batons and tear gas. “Look at how they protect ‘sexual minorities’ and violate the rights of regular Kiev citizens,” it said in a post on Facebook. More people were detained in a subsequent altercation near the Opera House, police said.

Fortunately, the parade then went off without any further incident. According to organizers, there were over 6,000 participants in the Pride vent.

Check out the first video below shot from a drone. No sound, but its amazing to get a clear view of how many riot police were there and how they surround and then move the protesters.

The second video shows the celebrants at the parade.

(h/t JoeMyGod)

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Harry Styles Loves The LGBTQ Community And We Love Him Right Back

Harry Styles is showing the LGBTQ community much love on his current summer tour
Harry Styles (photo: Hélène Pambrun - Photographe)

British singer/songwriter Harry Styles is currently on tour in the U.S. and giving us many Pride Month moments to savor throughout the tour.

In Philadelphia on last night, handsome Harry saw a Pride flag being carried by fan Karla Balcazar in the audience and asked her to hand it to him. Harry took the flag, which read “Make America Gay Again,” and held it up for the audience to see.

 And the crowd went wild:

The longtime LGBTQ ally has been dedicating songs to male fans, performing wrapped in a Pride flag and rocking out during guitar solos with rainbow flags:

And then there’s the moment when the 24-year-old pop star pointed to a male fan mid-concert and asked him what he was drinking.

When the fan said, “vodka,” Harry responded, “Straight?”
The fan said, “No, I’m gay!”
Harry then laughed and said, “No, I meant straight vodka, not ‘Are you straight?’”
“It’s vodka! Straight? No, gay!”
“Is it straight vodka? Ok, glad we cleared that up!”

How can you not love this guy?

Styles’ LGBTQ support has been evident throughout the tour, even been selling tour t-shirts with the phrase “Treat People With Kindness” in rainbow print.

All proceeds from the shirts go to GLSEN, an education organization that works to ensure that LGBTQ students are able to learn and grow in a school environment free from bullying and harassment.

Rock on, Sir Harry, rock on.

Tom Goss & The Shirtless Violinist Cover "Perfect"

Singer-songwriter Tom Goss met up with The Shirtless Violinist to record a cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect."

Matthew Olshefski, 'The Shirtless Violinist,' shares:

“Tom is an LA-based singer-songwriter who has been making viral music videos for years. He is an extraordinary guy with a mission to create content that uplifts the LGBTQ community, and he uses his voice (and incredibly songwriting abilities) to tell stories that are unique to the Queer community – with a special emphasis on BEARS!

"I had the pleasure of performing a song live onstage with Tom a few weeks ago while he was touring through Seattle (also when we managed to film this video on a rare sunny day in the Emerald City) – and the theater was packed with bears!! It was amazing! I’ve never had so many great hugs in one night.

"As you know, I recently covered this very song on my violin, but I really wanted to work with a singer so we could alter the lyrics ever-so-slightly. I think the twist on the words give this song a brand new feel, and I loved performing it with Tom.”

Really quite lovely. Beautiful musicality and Tom's voice suits the arrangement perfectly.

The track is available on iTunes. Watch below.