Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pajamas or naked?

A recent survey conducted by Cotton USA found that couples who sleep naked have happier relationships and have more sex.

57% of those who reported sleeping naked said they felt happy, compared with 48% of pajama wearers and 43% of nightie wearers.

Also addressed in the survey were general sleeping habits and relationships.

No surprise that dirty clothes on the floor, eating in bed, wearing sock to bed, clutter and beds left unmade are big turn-offs.

That being said - I would have a problem NOT having Bruno the wonder dog sleeping with me.

Fortunately, hot hubby Michael isn't worried about the Brun.

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Anti-gay Family Research Council cheers the denial of equal rights in Virginia

The virulently anti-gay Family Research Council cheered the stay issued by SCOTUS regarding same-sex marriage in Virginia:

Today, the Supreme Court put a hold on the Fourth Circuit ruling, allowing Virginia's law to continue to be enforced while the Fourth Circuit's opinion is appealed.

We are glad that the Court saw the wisdom of slowing down the judicial process in this instance so that marriages will not be entered into that would later have to be nullified.

Such irresponsible mayhem has been witnessed in Utah, and it resulted in legal chaos for state residents and state officials.

It's worth noting that the FRC says "marriages that will not be entered into that would later have to be nullified."

Wrong. We all know which way the tide has turned on the issue of marriage equality.

And it's not backwards.

President Obama denounces beheading of American journalist James Foley by ISIS

SCOTUS issues stay on 4th Circuit Court ruling on Virginia's same-sex marriage ban

(image via Buzzfeed)

As expected, the US Supreme Court has issued a stay on the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling which struck down Virginia's same-sex marriage ban.

The application for stay was filed with Chief Justice John Roberts who referred the request to the entire Court.

More from Chris Geidner at Buzzfeed:

Notably, the court stated that the stay will “terminate automatically” if it does not take and denies certiorari in the case — which is the process by which the court formally takes cases. If it grants certiorari, then its stay ends when it “send[s] down … the judgment of this Court.”

Sadly, this again postpones the equal rights of gay and lesbian couples in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Justice delayed is justice denied.

The question now is: Which state's case will SCOTUS take this fall? We shall see...

Viral video: "Barely Legal Pawn"

2.4 million views in a day.

Three Emmy Award winners - Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and Julia Louis-Dreyfus - star in this clip to promote the upcoming Emmy Awards.

From the clip description:

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul go into business together and this time it's legal…barely.

Find out what happens when Julia Louis-Dreyfus becomes a client, trying to offload television’s most coveted item, in this video starring three Emmy Award winners.

Watch the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards live Monday, August 25, 8pm EST/5pm PDT.

Fayetteville, Arkansas, passes LGBT non-discrimination ordinance by vote of 6-2

After more than 10 hours of public debate and testimony by over 100 community members, the Fayetteville, Arkansas City Council voted to not pass an LGBT non-discrimination ordinance by a vote of 6-2.

The legislation, Ordinance 119, makes discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender expression and gender identity illegal in matters of employment, housing and public accommodations.

Such protections are not available on a federal level. Eighteen states plus Washington, D.C., ban discrimination in employment and housing on the basis of both sexual orientation and gender identity and 17 of those states also prohibit discrimination in in public accommodations on the basis of both sexual orientation and gender identity, according to the Human Rights Campaign.

The legislation will take effect September 20, 2014.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Indiana: US District judge strikes down same-sex marriage ban - again

Bilerico has the details:

This afternoon, Judge Young sided with the plaintiffs in Bowling v. Pence, the last remaining same-sex marriage case in Indiana. The plaintiffs sued to force the state to recognize their legal same-sex marriages performed elsewhere.

Young ordered the state to stop enforcing all Indiana laws preventing same-sex couples from equal treatment in marriage, allow married same-sex couples to file joint tax returns, and provide the same benefits and services to married same-sex couples as it does to married opposite-sex couples.

Judge Young stayed today's order until the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals rules in the case, or in any of the other Indiana marriage equality cases.

Read more here.

News Round-up - August 19, 2014

• Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga share 2nd track from upcoming duets album

• Gavin McInnes, of the NYC ad agency Rooster, gets a time-out by his firm for posting hideous transphobic essay

• Six LGBT persons stoned to death in Uganda

• Speaking of Uganda, the President there just signed a bill criminalizing the transmission of HIV

• The Smithsonian is adding LGBT history to the museum's collection, including items from TV show "Will & Grace"

• God loves gays, and to prove it He's going to put up a billboard saying so in Topeka, Kansas - hometown of the hateful Westboro Baptist Church

Gov. Rick Perry gets a mug shot following felony indictments

Having been indicted on two felony charges for abuse of power, Texas Gov. Rick Perry reported to the Travis County Court in Austin today to have his mug shot taken.

Following the photo shoot, Perry held a short press conference where he addressed the indictment by a grand jury:

“The actions that I took were lawful, they were legal and they were proper. This indictment is fundamentally a political act that seeks to achieve at the courthouse what could not be achieved at the ballot box.”

And then he got an ice cream cone.

(via CBS News)

Idaho: No "en banc" hearing at 9th Circuit Court for same-sex marriage ban challenge

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has turned down Idaho’s request to hear Latta v. Otter, the challenge to the state’s same-sex marriage ban, with a panel of eleven judges.

The state asked the court for an initial en banc hearing; in most circuit courts, that would mean all of the judges in the circuit, but since the Ninth Circuit is so large, en banc review consists of a panel of eleven judges.

Latta will be heard on September 8 along with cases from Hawaii and Nevada. Each side in the Idaho case will have 30 minutes, while each side in the Nevada case, Sevcik v. Sandoval, will have 15 minutes, and each side in Jackson v. Abercrombie, the Hawaii case, will have 10 minutes.

(from Equality On Trial)

Boyband does naked ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I'm not sure why naked, but not gonna argue...

Apparently, the young hotties finished fourth on the second season of The X Factor USA, and were subsequently signed on Simon Cowell's Syco label.

In 2013, they won a Teen Choice Award for Breakout Group. Their debut album, Nothing To Lose, reached #7 on the Billboard 200.

But back to the issue "at hand" (if you will) these guys should cherish their instincts for getting attention.  It seems to be working...

Naked Boy-band Ice Bucket Challenge. Done.

Postmodern Jukebox covers "Girls Just Want To Have Fun"

Best sports mascot bit ever

Make sure you get to the 1:00 mark...

Stop all the viral Ice Bucket challenges - Foo Fighters have just won the internet

I love all the attention being brought to ALS by the Ice Bucket Challenges, but you've got to give it to rock band Foo Fighters.

I won't spoil the fun, but your hint here are the three celebs they pass the challenge on to: Jack Black, John Travolta and Stephen King.


And by the way - for all you folks pouring ice water and doing videos, remember the point is to bring awareness and raise funds for ALS.  Here's the link to donate.

Former senior NOM official predicts 50 states of marriage equality by 2015

Jennifer Roback Morse spent 5+ years battling against same-sex marriage - first as a Proposition 8 spokesperson, followed by a senior position with the anti-gay National Organization For Marriage.

Morse now predicts that by this time next year, same-sex marriage will be the law of the land across all 50 states in the US.

I'd love to see that happen.  And in truth, this is very possible.

With Utah, Virginia and Oklahoma all requesting SCOTUS to rule on the repeal of their various marriage equality bans, one is bound to get to the high court this year.

We shall see.  Apparently, Morse already does.

(via Good As You)
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