Monday, September 24, 2018

Convicted Felon/NRA Prez Oliver North Defends Brett "Skippy" Kavanaugh

That bastion of honor, Oliver North, convicted felon and NRA president, defends Supreme Court nominee Brett "Skippy" Kavanaugh in a new spot from the NRA:

“A man who refers to himself as Spartacus smears a man who serves the homeless, as a racist. A political party coordinates violent protests to smear a father and run his children out of the room. A man who lied about military service, who stole valor, smears a humble public servant and calls for his nomination to the Supreme Court to be withdrawn. A woman who wants to confiscate your firearms leaks an unsubstantiated accusation to smear a man because he believes in our Second Amendment.

“Politicians call a privileged senator who killed a woman, a lion, and now they smear Brett Kavanaugh as a threat to women. Since the election of Donald Trump, the character assassination of good Americans like Brett Kavanaugh by those with half his intellect and a fraction of his virtue, has been unconscionable.

“I didn’t hold dying Marines in my arms defending freedom, so corrupt politicians could disgrace their heroic sacrifice. We the people denounce their character assassination, their hypocrisy, their lies. And we proudly stand with Brett Kavanaugh. And we the people, will bring dignity back to our democratic process.”

In 1989, North was convicted of lying to Congress, shredding documents and accepting an illegal gratuity as a result of the Iran/Contra scandal.

Tweets Of The Day: Brett "Skippy" Kavanaugh

Now that four women have claimed sexual misconduct by Supreme Court nominee Brett "Skippy" Kavanaugh, "Skippy" has offered up his personal calendars dating back to the early 1980s, when he was in high school, to show he didn't attend the party where his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, says he sexually assaulted her.

First of all, who do you know has their "high school calendars" 30+ years later?

Second, what high school student in the 1980s notated the parties they got drunk at on those calendars they kept for 30+ years?

Finally, if his "calendars" don't include the parties where he noted he and his friends drank 100 kegs in 1982-1983, then he's just proved the calendars are bullshit, right?

Out Music: Richard Cortez "The Welder & The Lark"

(screen capture from "The Overture/Don't Go, Not Yet")
Out singer/songwriter Richard Cortez recently dropped his 7th studio release titled, The Welder & The Lark.

The collection of six tracks, which OUT calls “especially profound,” explores innately personal themes of unrequited love, intimacy and monogamy across three music videos.

Cortez, who walked away from a production deal in 2004 when asked to present himself as a ‘straight’ artist, has spent years releasing his music through his own record label, Wollenberg Records.

The entrancing final music video for the collection, “The Overture/Don’t Go, Not Yet,” features an overture composed by collaborator Cole Witter utilizing musical themes from all six tracks as well as the EP’s opening track.

Along with the music, Cortez invited cinematographer Philip Campbell and dancer/choreographer Christian Denice to collaborate on the visuals.

In an interview with OUT, Cortez explains that much of the project was inspired by a unrequited love that could never be.

“What do you do with all the love you have for someone who doesn't love you the same way in return?,” Cortez wondered aloud to OUT. “Some people drown their sorrows in whiskey gingers, or "eat. pray. love." their way around the world -- I decided to spend every dollar I had on creating an infinite space where that love could live and be free.”

Deciding that a suite of songs dedicated to this love wasn’t enough, Cortez gathered together a coalition of creatives from different mediums to breathe a larger, more expansive multimedia life into the project.

“I never got to tell him I loved him, so I'm telling the world,” added Cortez.

“Every single artist who contributed to this project makes their own work that inspires me regularly,” Cortez told OUT.

“Cole Witter, Boy Radio, Philip Campbell, Kevin William Reed, Christian Denice, Erik Carter, Logan Sawtelle, and Nick Kask inspire me far beyond this work. Individually, they are all incredible and important.”

With a goal of exploring heartbreak through several artistic mediums, Cortez admits his biggest challenge was learning to “trust and let go, allowing the true heart of collaboration to be the driving force of the project.”

That lesson allowed more wisdom to manifest throughout the development of The Welder & The Lark.

Cortez summed up the creative journey for OUT:

“Overall, it was healing process, both artistically and spiritually. I learned to take my time. I learned to let my heart break without punishing myself for it. I learned that I don't have to be suffering to make relevant and impactful work. I learned a lot about trust and acceptance in collaboration. I learned to take bigger risks, both creatively and financially, as an independent artist. But more than any of that, I learned that loving the process of creation will always generate a beautiful outcome.

Massachusetts: Anti-Trans Campaign Drops New Fear-Mongering Ad

A law passed in 2016 protects transgender citizens in the state from discrimination in regard to public accommodations, including the use of bathrooms that align with transgender folks’ gender identity.   But conservative, anti-trans groups have managed to put the law up for a vote by the general public after only two years.

While most of the country’s political attention currently revolves around who will control Congress after the November mid-term elections, LGBTs should be aware that an item on the Massachusetts ballot could have widespread effects on the community.

A law passed in 2016 protects transgender citizens in the state from discrimination in regard to public accommodations, including the use of bathrooms that align with transgender folks’ gender identity.

But conservative, anti-trans groups have managed to put the law up for a vote by the general public after only two years.

Question 3 will ask voters in the Bay state if the law should remain (a ‘yes’ vote) or be repealed (a ‘no’ vote).

The “No on 3” campaign has released a new ad spot that stokes fears about “men in women’s bathrooms” predicting male predators will hide out and lie in wait to attack women and children.

In the spot, a woman enters a locker room as a sinister-looking male predator hides inside a bathroom stall.

“What does the Question 3 mean to you?” asks female voice in the ad. “It means any man who says he is a woman can enter a woman’s locker room, dressing room or bathroom at any time, even convicted sex offenders, and if you see something suspicious and say something to authorities, you could be arrested and fined up $15,000.”

During the voiceover, the woman begins to undress but looks up to see the man emerge from the stall.
The voiceover ends: “Vote No on 3. This bathroom bill puts our privacy and safety at risk. It goes too far.”

Here’s the spot.

It's worth repeating that there have been zero reports of straight men posing as 'trans women' in order to get their rocks off preying on women in bathrooms.

While this may seem like an issue in just one state, Massachusetts has a long history in leading the fight for LGBTQ rights.

Massachusetts was the first state to legalize marriage equality, and the second (after Wisconsin) to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation in employment, housing, and public accommodations.

And while many may think Massachusetts is a ‘safe liberal haven’ for civil rights, don’t forget that in ‘liberal’ California, the dreadful Prop. 8 took away same-sex marriage after LGBT folks already had won the right to marry those they love.

That’s a setback we, as a community, can’t allow to happen again.

If Question 3 in Massachusetts were to pass, it would embolden opponents of the community to attack LGBTQ protections anywhere.

Fortunately, there are people fighting for our side and getting the truth out to the public.

Here’s the recent ad from the ‘Yes on 3’ team below. And for more information about how you can help, head over to

(h/t Washington Blade)

Brooklyn: Two Victims Injured/Knocked Unconscious In Alleged Hate Crime

Alleged suspect in Brooklyn hate crime

 Two men were viciously attacked early Sunday morning as they left a gay bar in Brooklyn, New York.

According to ABC7, the two men - one 29-years-old, the other 34-years-old - had just left the Metropolitan Bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, when a man approaching them called out with a homophobic slur.

The incident quickly escalated with the attacker punching the 34-year-old in the face, and throwing the 29-year-old against a tree. Both were knocked unconscious.

The good news is a bystander managed to snap a fairly clear photo of the attacker as he ran away.

One of the victims suffered a broken finger, while the other had to be treated for a broken shoulder.

Speaking to ABC7, Aidan Pongrice, a neighbor in the area, urged people to take action.

“Not just to find and arrest this one person, we need people to take action to go out and vote and make sure that we don't have people and leaders in this country that actively dog whistle against my very existence," said Pongrice.

The New York Police Department are now asking anyone with any information about the incident or identifying the attacker in question to contact the NYPD Crime Stoppers Hotline at 800-577-8477.

Watch the report below from ABC7.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Might Have Just Resigned

Deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein
There are mixed signals coming out of Washington this morning as Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has reportedly offered to resign in the wake of a New York Times story last week that alleged he offered to 'secretly record' Donald Trump in the White House in an effort to reveal the chaotic nature of the Trump administration.

Axios' Jonathan Swan tweets that Rosenstein has already 'verbally' resigned.

But The New York Times isn't so sure what the current status is:
It was not immediately clear whether he expected to be fired by Mr. Trump or whether he planned to resign.

Justice Department officials said on Monday morning that he was on his way to the White House expecting to be fired.

But over the weekend, Mr. Rosenstein called a White House official and said he was considering quitting, and a person close to the White House said he was resigning.

It was also unclear whether Mr. Trump would accept a resignation that would likely thrust the administration into further turmoil just weeks before November’s midterm elections.

NBC's Pete Williams says Rosenstein WON'T resign but will force Trump to fire him to get rid of him.

Apparently, it makes a big difference in how the position would be filled depending on if Rosenstein is fired or quits.

If a resignation occurs, Trump can choose whoever he likes to fill Rosenstein's job.

But if he is fired, Trump will need to appoint an already-Senate-approved candidate.

The big question many are asking is who would oversee the current investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller with Rosenstein gone. The answer seems to be solicitor general, Noel Francisco.

This is all, clearly, a developing story.

New Randy Rainbow Parody of "Camelot" - "Kavanaugh!"

As a fourth accuser has come forward regarding alleged sexual assault/misconduct by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanuagh just days before Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is set to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday, Randy Rainbow comes to the rescue with another brilliant political parody.

Rainbow brings us his take on the venerable Lerner/Loewe classic, "Camelot." But in this case, he's thinking "Kavanaugh."

Now Grassley’s having late night Twitter meltdowns
And Spartacus is practically in tears
He’d rather he withdraw
Is this the final straw
Or is this just the start of 40 years…
with Kavanaugh?

Watch below.

Sunday, September 23, 2018


Donald Trump recently tweeted in a sarcastic tone that Christine Blasey Ford "surely must have come forward" after her alleged attack in high school by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Trump asked to see the filed reports:

As we all know, most victims of sexual assault do not come forward for fear of not being believed, or becoming a victim AGAIN via the authorities/media.

From the most-wise Ed Dixon (via Facebook):

“She was raped at the age of 8. Her rapist was found guilty, but spent only one day in jail. After he was released, he was murdered. Because of this, she became mute for almost 5 years, believing her "voice killed him."

"I killed him that man. because I told his name. And, then I thought I would never speak again, because my voice would kill anyone ..."

Her name was Marguerite Ann Johnson. Later in life, she would change her name . . . to Maya Angelou (photo above).