Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Labor Day!

I hope everyone has a fab Labor Day!

And please remember, this holiday (and the minimum wage and fair treatment by employers and weekends and sick days and 30 hour work week and employer health care and more) brought to you by the labor movement and unions.


proud union member

NFL General Manager: Teams want Michael Sam but fear media attention

According to Mike Freeman of the Bleacher Report, he has spoken to at least one GM in the NFL who will admit - anonymously, of course - that teams want Michael Sam, but are afraid of the media attention:

Meanwhile, Adam Schefter of ESPN breaks down Michael Sams stats against similar players and their status:

UPDATE: Ian Rapoport of  thinks Michael Sam could be headed to the Canadian Football League:

Final day at the 2014 Bingham Cup

Hunky rugby butts at the 2014 Bingham Cup
Rugby players warm up for the 2014 Bingham Cup

The three day Bingham Cup ended with a lop-sided victory by the Sydney Convicts over the Brisbane Hustlers 31-0.

With 24 teams from 15 countries, this was the first time since 2002 the biennial event was held in the southern hemisphere.

The competition came a week after the Australian Rugby Union announced news of an inclusion policy to combat homophobia in the sport.

Preview: Downton Abbey Season 5

Downton Abbey’s season 5 premieres in the U.S. January 5, 2015 on PBS.

Marriage News Watch - September 1, 2014

From the American Foundation for Equal Rights:

Anti-gay attorneys took a beating before the Seventh Circuit last week, trying and failing to defend marriage bans before a panel of hostile judges. Now all eyes are on the Supreme Court to see which cases they'll take up in their fall session.

There's another major marriage argument coming up in a few days.

And the National Organization for Marriage still isn't giving up in Oregon, despite having lost months ago.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

I'll just need a moment, please...

I'll just need a moment and another beer, please.


Joe Manganiello tweets pic from Magic Mike sequel

Magic Mike sequel begins filming

Joe Manganiello tweeted this pic from the set of the upcoming Magic Mike sequel "Magic Mike XXL" with the caption "It's On!"

Michael Sam goes "unclaimed" after being released by St. Louis Rams

Out NFL-er Michael Sam
UPDATE: CBS News is reporting that Sam met with Rams coach Jeff Fisher today after clearing waivers.  CBS says that Sam looks unlikely to sign on for the Rams 10-man practice squad due to the team's depth of talent on the current defensive roster.


After being released from the St. Louis Rams, Buzzfeed's Logan Rhoades reports that no team claimed Michael Sam.

Once the Rams dropped Sam from their final roster, he was on “waivers,” meaning that other NFL teams had until noon today to take him. Based on last year’s win-loss record, the worst team in the league had the first chance to pick him up, and the best team had the last chance.

Still, Sam can sign to the practice squad for any NFL team — and the Rams are expected to sign him to their 10-man practice unit, according to league sources cited by ESPN.

After being released yesterday, several sources were of the opinion that he was cut due to the already strong defensive line of the St. Louis Rams.

BUT - his preseason stats (11 tackles, 3 sacks) definitely make him worthy of a roster position somewhere in the league. Many, including folks over at OutSports, said that should Sam NOT get picked up by another team it would indicate that homophobia was indeed in the mix here.

I'd be curious to know if there were any rookies who made their rosters with lesser stats?

Catching up with Leeza Gibbons in Las Vegas

A highlight of this weekend was getting to catch up with FAB Leeza Gibbons and her handsome hubby Steven Fenton.

Leeza and Steven came to Vegas to catch her "Great Walk of China" pal Olivia Newton-John in concert at the Flamingo Las Vegas at her sold-out "Summer Nights" show.

After the show, we all headed over to Chayo (dee-lish) for a birthday celebration for Steve Real, Olivia's vocal coach and backup singer.

I adore Leeza.  She is one of the easiest peeps to sit and talk with.  It's not common in celeb circles but Leeza is one of the few famous folks who listens to you talk.  And she connects and hears what you're saying.

What could be better than Mexican food and catching up with friends on a Friday night in Vegas?

Btw - no official announcement has been made yet, but I internet rumors say Leeza is on the next season of Celebrity Apprentice.  If so, watch her.  She's smart and so good with people, I'd expect her to go far in the game.

The difference between dogs and cats


A wet and naked Steve Grand reinvents the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Naked and wet, out singer/songwriter Steve Grand does his own version of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Wet and naked Steve Grand

Out singer/songwriter Steve Grand shared a pic of himself after diving into Lake Superior naked putting his own nude spin on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Along with the pic, Steve wrote this:

"I don't always get naked, but when I do, it's for a good cause. I didn't want to waste fresh water (since there are so many without) so naturally, I jumped into Lake Superior, naked, after my performance here in Duluth, MN. Video to come soon.

"I'm donating to ALS (visit as well as 2 other charities I am passionate about. ( and a local LGBTQ homeless youth charity).

"I nominate ALL of you, to find a charity you are passionate about (in addition to ALS), do your research, and donate according to your means. Love you all! -Steve"

Saturday, August 30, 2014

$55 Fried Chicken

You know, on the right day - this could work for me.

Joan Rivers reportedly on life support

According to TMZ Joan Rivers is now on life support requiring the use of machines to stay alive:

According to our sources, the family will have to decide in the next couple of days whether to keep the 81-year-old on life support. We're told the family remains hopeful that if they do decide to turn off the machines, she will make a turn for the better and fight through it.

Rivers was rushed to the hospital after she stopped breathing during throat surgery on Thursday.

Celebs from all walks sent best thoughts out onto the Twitterverse:

Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie blames marriage equality support for primary loss

Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie is pointing to his support of marriage equality for his lop-sided loss in the recent Democratic primary for reelection.

The winner, state Sen. David Ige, also supports marriage equality and voted for it during the special session called by Abercrombie last year to pass the new law. But Abercrombie told reporters, according to the Associated Press and Honolulu Star-Advertiser, that his theory is "Republicans crossed over en masse" to vote in the Democratic primary as revenge for legalizing same-sex marriage.

As a result, Abercrombie says the loss was worth it. "There's no way I could live with myself if I thought I was diminishing another human being's ability to reach their full capacity," said Abercrombie, according the AP.

Abercrombie was handily defeated, earning only 31 percent of the vote compared to Ige taking 67 percent.

Abercrombie is the first sitting Democratic governor in Hawaii to lose in a primary.

Sen. Ige is heavily favored to win the general election due to the political makeup of Hawaii.

Michael Sam responds to release by the St. Louis Rams

Out NFL-er Michael Sam responds to being released by St. Louis Rams
Michael Sam

Out NFL-er Michael Sam sent a series of tweets once it was announced that he was being released by the St. Louis Rams, once again demonstrating the class act that he is a class act.

It's clear to everyone watching that this isn't the "finish line" for Sam.

In the next 24 hours it's very possible one of the other 31 NFL teams will pick up Sam. If not, it's pretty certain he will be signed to the Rams' practice squad - giving him more time to hone his skills waiting to either be activated by the Rams or picked up by another team.

But today is not a destination.

Just a detour.

Trust and believe.
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