Friday, October 30, 2015

Does Your Dog Insist On Sleeping With You?

Well, this just killed me.

One way to figure out whether your dog loves you is observing where he likes to sleep.

It’s part of a big controversy, but if your dog wants to sleep in your bed — even if you don’t allow it — he definitely loves you.

According to Gregory Berns, if a dog wants to sleep on your bed, it’s a good test of his loyalty because he doesn’t want to be separated from the pack.

Regular readers of The Randy Report know that Bruno the wonder dog (the daddy dog to our three 12 year old puppies) is my constant companion. Though out the day, where I go - he goes.

And yes, when we say "bedtime" the puppies run to their 'bedroom' - the laundry room.

But Bruno doesn't even think about it. He just heads to where I sleep and calls it a night.

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