Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Third Poll Shows Ben Carson Leading Trump In Iowa

Retired Ben Carson now tops a third poll in Iowa as Donald Trump's once dominant lead has evaporated.

A new poll via Monmouth University shows Carson during to a 14 point lead at 32% while The Donald falls 5 points from last month's poll to only 18% support.

The new survey shows Carson with the highest favorability ratings in the current field of GOP contenders with 84% approval. Trump clocks in with only 53% favorability. While that's virtually unchanged over the month, his unfavorability rating has gone up by 5 points.

This is now the third recent poll to show Carson with a healthy lead over the field in the Hawkeye State.

A Des Moines Register-Bloomberg poll released last week showed Carson with a 9 point lead, which led Trump to call the Register “crummy, third-rate newspaper.”

Plus, the most recent Quinnipiac University survey show Carson ahead by 8.


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