Saturday, October 31, 2015

Houston: Sally Field Calls Out Anti-HERO Campaign "It's A Lie. It's A Lie. It's A Lie. It's A Lie"

Sally Field (center) with women political leaders in Houston

Speaking with political leaders in Houston this week, Academy Award-winner Sally Field offered her full-throated opinion of the anti-LGBT campaign fighting the city's equal rights ordinance known as HERO.

“It’s a lie. It’s a lie. It’s a lie. It’s a lie.”

The last few weeks have seen a deluge of TV spots claiming HERO would allow male sex predators to prowl women’s restrooms in order to sexually assault young girls.

“Not a single case of this,” Field said. “Not one single case has ever been reported. And believe me, if it had happened, it would have been reported. Evil lies are evil lies.”

Via Buzzfeed:

BuzzFeed News interviewed more than a dozen voters on the streets of Houston this week. While only a handful had heard of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, all had heard about the “bathroom ordinance.” Several of those voters, having no idea the law on the ballot Tuesday had a wider scope than just restroom use, said they were voting “no” after hearing claims that it would endanger women and children from rapists who lurk in restrooms.

Titled as Proposition 1 on Tuesday’s ballot, HERO bans discrimination against 15 classes of people — including racial minorities, women, people of faith, and LGBT people — in places of housing, employment, and public accommodation. More than 200 jurisdictions in Texas already have LGBT nondiscrimination laws on the books, including many of states largest cities.

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