Monday, September 30, 2013

Tweet of the day

October 1, 2013 - remember this day....

October 1, 2013 - Republicans shut down the government.  Democrats expand health insurance for millions of Americans.

President Obama's message to the troops on the first government shutdown in 17 years

House Republicans double down on their own constituents

As the federal government shutdown becomes imminent, it's an ironic moment to pause and see that when looking at the states with the highest levels of federal employees about to be furloughed by the GOP House due to poor politics regarding the Affordable Care Act, four of the top five states are deeply red states.

Seven of the top ten states are red states.

Yes, they are hurting their own constituents.

So, as the Tea Party Repubs fight to shut the government down to "teach some lesson" or exact some kind of revenge on a President they so dearly hate, they might want to look at exactly WHO they are hurting. 

President Obama won't ever run in another election.  He can handle his office with a clear conscience of not "owing" anybody. 

The House Republicans, on the other hand, are in another position.

The latest "offer" from the House GOP was to send a Continuing Resolution with the attached requirement of assigning a negotiating team to meet with the Senate counterparts to figure out a budget.

This past spring, the House and the Senate each passed their own budgets.  Normally, there would have been meetings to resolve those issues in a timely manner.  July 11th of this year marked the 16th time Senate Democrats asked to meet with House GOP counterparts to "mark up" the budget bill.   GOP members refused.  Sen. Marco Rubio blocked the unanimous consent request to negotiate.

Now, minutes from midnight, House GOP member are asking to do what Senate Dems requested months ago.

Why?  Because they hoped to "force" Democrats hand and somehow stop ObamaCare from taking effect.  As I write this, ObamaCare has TAKEN effect.  Too late.

In fact, the legislation became law exactly as the founders intended: both houses of the legislative branch debated and passed the bill; the President signed it into law.  Not only that, but it was brought to the Supreme Court and was found to constitutional.  Done.  It's law. 


Because their gamble has failed, now the House GOP sits with egg on their face, trying to find a way to exit with some kind of grace.

 The kind of grace only found in a Three Stooges routine.  Only this time, there are a whole lot more stooges.

Olympic skier Bode Miller speaks out against Russia's anti-gay laws

In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, four-time Olympian Bode Miller spoke out against Russia's anti-gay laws on Monday at the U.S. Olympic media summit:

"I think it is absolutely embarrassing there are countries and people who are that intolerant or that ignorant.

"It’s not the first time. We have been dealing with human rights issues since there were humans.

"My main emotion when I hear and deal with situations like that is embarrassment. As a human being, I think it is embarrassing...

"There are politics in sport and athletics. They always are intertwined, even though people try to keep them separate. Asking an athlete to go somewhere and compete and be a representative of that philosophy and all the different crap that kind of goes along with it and then telling them they can’t tell them they express their views or they can’t say what they believe is pretty hypocritical and unfair."

And he's not only right on the LGBT issues. There is the fact that he's pretty easy on the eyes:

Shirtless Bode Miller stands up for LGBT rights by denouncing Russia's anti-gay laws

President Obama to House GOP - Government shutdown will hurt real people right away

President Obama placed the blame squarely on the decisions and actions of the House Republicans for what looks to be an imminent federal government shutdown.

From USA Today:

President Obama blamed an imminent government shutdown on House Republicans Monday, and said his health care plan is "moving forward" despite GOP efforts to de-fund it.

"You can't shut it down," Obama said of the law at the White House. Obama also said a partial government shutdown -- which would start at midnight unless there is an 11th hour deal -- will damage economic recovery and hurt "real people right away."

Obama said the shutdown will close federal offices, delay checks, close parks, and damage loan programs.

Meanwhile, Social Security, Medicare, mail, and public safety functions will continue despite the shutdown, Obama said. "The federal government is America's largest employer," Obama said. "These Americans are our neighbors."

Accusing the Republicans of trying to re-fight last year's election and the health care battles of 2009-10, Obama called delay and de-funding efforts "the height of irresponsibility."

David Bromstad responds to criticism for working with anti-gay Salvation Army

Openly gay HGTV star David Bromstad recently accepted an offer to participate in a fundraiser for the famously anti-gay Salvation Army. And he's received a lot of flack for it.

He posted this response on his Facebook page:

"Dear fans, I've read your feedback on my participation with The Salvation Army USA, as an openly gay person whom just happens to also be a celebrity, I took the Salvation Army's request to participate in their fundraiser as one step in the right direction towards equality. If we simply separate ourselves from those that we assume appose us or our beliefs then we will never make strides in the right direction. I applaud the Salvation Army's symbolic handshake towards acceptance and would be foolish to not extend my hand in acceptance."

Towleroad notes that a Salvation Army official last year declared that homosexuals should be put to death.

The Salvation Army later apologized for the "miscommunication."

Because we all can use a little Monday Ben Cohen

From Ben Cohen's debut dance on this weekend's Strictly Come Dancing.

You can see the whole dance here.

New Jersey: Lambertville Mayor promises to perform state's first same-sex marriage

Last year's "New Jersey Mayor of the Year" - David DelVecchio of Lambertville - promised today to perform the state's first same-sex marriage if the current ruling on marriage equality stands:

DelVecchio, a Democrat, said he will perform the state’s first legal gay marriage ceremony for Beth Asaro and Joanne Schailey at midnight three weeks from today, as long as a judge doesn’t grant a stay of the Sept. 27 ruling.

Lambertville, across the Delaware River from New Hope, Pennsylvania, has a large gay population. “This is just a continuation of the first civil union,” DelVecchio, 56, said today in an interview. “If a stay is not granted on the 21st, we’re going to move forward with this.”

Superior Court Judge Mary Jacobson ruled last week in Trenton that she “will order the state to permit any and all same-sex marriages.” Unless the ruling is blocked, it would take effect Oct. 21, making New Jersey the 14th state to allow gay marriages along with the District of Columbia.

Spanish actor Paco León makes good on posing naked for one million Twitter followers

Spanish actor stud Paco Leon poses naked on a beach after reaching one million Twitter followers
Spanish actor Paco León was looking to increase his fan base and Twitter followers. So he made this offer to the Twitterverse - he would post a full frontal nude photo of himself if he reached one million followers.

Well, Paco got to his goal. So, it was time to pay up.

León, a veteran of of numerous TV shows and films, including the gay-themed 2005 comedy Queens, made good on his word.

He tweeted a photo on September 26 of himself walking completely nude on a beach, with the message: “What you asked me, I promised and here it is.”

Based on the uncensored photo, the water must not have been very cold.


Pasta maker Bertolli has been gay-friendly for years

Doing research regarding the recent Barilla pasta debacle, I posted a graphic competitor Bertolli had made to jump into the discussion and show their support for the LGBT community.

But I also found this ad from 2009, that shows Bertolli has included the gays for years. They aren't just being momentary opportunists. Bertolli has been on our side for years.

Cute ad too...

New music: Pet Shop Boys "Thursday" feat. Example

Church sign of the day

A church sign at the All Saints Anglican Church in Chermside, north of Brisbane, Australia has "overwhelming support from local parishioners" according to the Herald Sun.

Said Pastor Julie Woolner: "I do believe spirituality is far bigger than sexuality,’’ she said. “And I did find most of the parishioners here took a positive view of that sign."


New music: Katy Perry "Walking On Air"

Perry says the inspiration for the new single "Walking On Air" came when she and a friend were strolling in Central Park and she saw a group of people roller-skating to deep house music.

"I looked at her and I said, 'I have to do a song like that,' " she said of the song, which she said she is using to channel dance diva CeCe Peniston's 1991 hit single, "Finally." "I was like I really want to bring that authentic 90's deep house song styling back."

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Saturday Night Live premiere last night

As we all know, SNL is very hit or miss. And has been for a long time.

Bringing Tina Fey back to start the new season was a good choice, and this parody of the HBO series "Girls" was one of the few "hits" of the night.

Tina Fey plays a "new character" named "Blerta" from Albania in this "teaser" for the new season. It was at least pretty funny.

So what happens if the government does shut down?

With the Republicans in the House doubling down on demanding defunding or at least postponing ObamaCare for a year in exchange for keeping the government running, it is almost certain the government is heading for a shutdown as of midnight Monday night.  How long is unsure - could be hours, days or weeks.

What happens in that case?  Just a few examples of what to expect - via Yahoo News:

• If you're one of the 800,000 federal workers who are deemed as non-essential, you will be directly affected immediately and not report to work.

• If you're applying for a passport or visa, you will likely be out of luck.

• First-time home buyers looking for a mortgage will be delayed because the Federal Housing Administration will be closed.

• The 401 national parks will be off-limits starting Tuesday morning.

• The biggest fear for hundreds of thousands of federal workers - and members of the military - will be if they receive back pay. In the last shutdown nearly two decades ago, workers received lost wages. That's not guaranteed this time.

• And finally -  a shutdown will cost, not save, taxpayers' money. A study from the non-partisan Office of Management and Budget puts the overall economic price tag for a shutdown around $2 billion.

It should be noted that never before in the history of the country has a budget bill been tied to repealing an existing law, i.e. ObamaCare.

Also, the last time the government shut down was 17 years ago and it cost the Republicans dearly at the following election.

Just saying...

Fox News gets it wrong on ObamaCare again

You can watch the distorted discussion here.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

42 straight months of positive job growth

Since President Obama took office, the economy has added private sector jobs for 42 straight months.

During this span, 7.5 million private sector jobs have been created.

Ben Cohen and Kristina Rihanoff Cha-Cha in Week One of "Strictly Come Dancing"

Rugby superstar and LGBT ally Ben Cohen in his first week debut on "Strictly Come Dancing." First week - we can barely understand the pressure of all this in front of a world-wide audience. Great job.

By the way - I may be gay, but Kristina Rihanoff is HOT. Great dancer, and tremendous performer.  And Ben looks amazing in that sleeveless red shirt.  Great partnering skills on display, too.

Can't wait for the upcoming weeks of Ben and Kristina. Good job, guys.

So You Think You Can Dance contestant Tucker Knox comes out (?) on Instagram

Though he was not out while he was on the show, Tucker Knox, a contestant on Season 10 of So You Think You Can Dance posted the above photo to his Instagram account yesterday:

"I'm gonna start a "fall back Friday" mainly cuz I miss the hubs and that beach!"

Knox was eliminated on August 20.

A week before his elimination he danced in the first same-sex pairing of the season with Robert Roldan.  Beautiful choreography by Travis Wall.  Watch below:

(via Towleroad)

Zac Efron thanks his fans for their support

Speaking out for the first time since news broke that he had completed a stint in rehab five months ago in an attempt to end his partying lifestyle, Zac Efron posted a photo on his Instagram page showing him high atop the Peruvian mountains, flanked by the famous ruins of Machu Picchu.

A healthy looking Zac Efron added this note:  

"Hey guys! Just returned from an incredible trip to Peru with my dad and wanted to thank you all for your support these past few weeks...means the world to me. Love you guys! - Z"

The difference between coffee and wine

Bertolli posts pro-gay inclusive ad after Barilla anti-gay debacle

Barilla may be trying to "apologize" - but competitor Bertolli is jumping right in with a message of inclusiveness for all pasta lovers.

Via AdWeek:
Barilla is struggling enough this week without its competitors piling on. But Bertolli doesn't care.

Seizing on comments made by Barilla's chairman about how the company would never put gay couples in its advertising, Bertolli Germany quickly posted pro-gay imagery in its social feeds, happily taking advantage of its rival's misstep.

"Love and pasta for all!" reads the caption on the Facebook photo above.

"We just wanted to spread the news that Bertolli welcomes everyone, especially those with an empty stomach," a rep for Orca im Hafen, Bertolli's social-media agency in Germany, tells AdFreak.

Everything you ever needed to know about jazz hands

A Saturday morning video if ever I saw one...

"Travel hands, rain hands, jazz hands...

Point left, point right, clap burst NOW!"


Happy Saturday.

Guido Barilla "apologizes" for anti-gay statements

Barilla Chairman, after starting a shitstorm with anti-gay statements, has posted an "apology" on the company's Facebook page.

Sorry - I don't buy it.  He was very clear in his original statements.  This is obviously motivated by a board of directors who are fearful of a boycott.  This has nothing to do with sincere apology.

Says Barilla in the video:

"Yesterday, I apologized for offending many people around the world. Today I am repeating that apology.

Through my entire life I have always respected every person I've met, including gays and their families, without any distinction. I've never discriminated against anyone. I have heard the countless reactions around the world to my words, which have depressed and saddened me.

It is clear that I have a lot to learn about the lively debate concerning the evolution of the family.

In the coming weeks, I pledge to meet representatives of the group that best represent the evolution of the family, including those who have been offended by my words."

On Wednesday night, company Chair Guido Barilla told the Italian radio show La Zanzara that the company would never make an ad with gay people and if they didn't like it they can find another brand of pasta:

“I would never do an advert with a homosexual family…if the gays don’t like it they can go and eat another brand...For us the concept of the sacred family remains one of the fundamental values of the company....Everyone has the right to do what they want without disturbing those around them..."

He then added: "I have no respect for adoption by gay families because this concerns a person who is not able to choose."

Friday, September 27, 2013

Ellen introduces the world to her "son" Rico

With so much attention going to Clint Eastwood's son Scott this week, Ellen decided to introduce the world to her "son" Rico.

Suave... :)

Watch the video where Ellen introduces Rico to the world and shares that the father's name is a "secret."

Texas: State Senator Wendy Davis to announce run for Governor

Next week Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis, who catapulted to national fame for her marathon filibuster of an anti-abortion bill, plans to formally announce to her bid to run for governor.

Ms. Davis’s decision has the potential to turn the race to determine Gov. Rick Perry’s successor into a rare competitive showdown between long-suffering Texas Democrats and the Republican conservatives who have ruled state politics for decades.

She would enter the race as a substantial underdog, but her candidacy would represent the most serious challenge to the Republican lock on the office.

Two Republicans, Mr. Perry and George W. Bush, have held the office since the party began its winning streak in governor’s races in 1994, with Mr. Bush’s victory over the incumbent, Ann W. Richards.

Yesterday Davis tweeted: "A week from today, I’m announcing something big. Can you chip in now to show the strength of our grassroots network?"

(h/t JMG)

ObamaCare explained

It just sounds terrible, doesn't it?

Ben Cohen - rehearsal pic with Strictly Come Dancing partner Kristina Rihanoff

Ben Cohen posted this pic to his Instagram account with his Strictly Come Dancing partner Kristina Rihanoff.  Nice line with the left leg there, Ben.  Good luck this week!

Happy Friday!

New Jersey: State judge rules same-sex couples must be allowed to marry beginning October 21, 2013

Mercer County Superior Court Judge Mary Jacobson has ruled that same-sex couples must be allowed to marry in order to obtain equal protection under the state constitution and ordered them to begin on October 21st.

AP: "In a summary judgment issued Friday, Judge Mary Jacobson says now that the federal government recognizes gay marriages, not doing so in New Jersey would violate the state constitution."

From NBC New York:  Judge Mary Jacobson granted a summary judgment requested by Garden State Equality, which had claimed that the U.S. Supreme Court's rejection of the federal Defense of Marriage Act meant that same-sex couples in civil unions in New Jersey were being denied equal protection.

From :  The gay rights groups Garden State Equality and Lambda Legal had argued that after the U.S. Supreme Court extended more than 1,000 tax and inheritance benefits to same-sex couples in June, New Jersey was left behind with second-class civil unions.

Jacobson, the head judge in Mercer County, agreed:

"The ineligibility of same-sex couples for federal benefits is currently harming same-sex couples in New Jersey in a wide range of contexts," she wrote.  (Emphasis is mine).

For example, the judge said, "civil union partners who are federal employees living in New Jersey are ineligible for marital rights with regard to the federal pension system, all civil union partners who are employees working for businesses to which the Family and Medical Leave Act applies may not rely on its statutory protections for spouses, and civil union couples may not access the federal tax benefits that married couples enjoy."

Jacobson was asked to square the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in June striking down the Defense of Marriage Act with New Jersey's own legal precedents.

New Jersey would become the 14th state to recognize same-sex marriage.

The decision is expected to be appealed, first to an intermediate court, and then to the state Supreme Court.

Today's ruling below:

GOP Senators Ted Cruz and Bob Corker in the most "I'm just curious" debate between two Republicans in a long time

From Dave Weigel over at Slate, we take a peek into the time-wasting, mind-numbing kind of "action" that goes on at the US Senate when time is ticking to keep our government up and running.

The "debate" on the continuing resolution to fund the government, like most Senate debates, has consisted of very little in the way of arguments on the floor. It's more of a time-marking exercise, one that both sides have agreed to truncate in order to force a cloture vote today at 12:30 p.m.

Sen. Ted Cruz has attempted to use this time to prove that there's grassroots support for the only-slightly-complicated plot of filibustering the CR so that Democrats can't add back Obamacare funding via an amendment.

Yesterday afternoon Sen. Bob Corker — a Tennessee Republican who's been outwardly dismissive of this strategy — started quizzing Cruz about how this was supposed to work, and why he voted for the cloture vote to start debate, and ... look, just watch.

Apparently, there was a struggle for Democrats to not laugh out loud at how goofy this entire exchange was between two Republicans as time continued to tick by...

Out soccer player Anton Hysen talks about coming out as gay athlete in Sweden

Sweden's Anton Hysen, openly gay soccer player

Excellent, wide-ranging interview with openly gay Swedish soccer player and Dancing with the Stars champion Anton Hysén on being an out footballer in Sweden:

"I’ve had quite a few anonymous phone calls from players who want to come out but I don’t know who they are or where they play. I hope that someone else will come out just like Robbie Rogers did. That was great for U.S. soccer. At last we’re having a discussion about it and that’s huge. It has been pretty quiet and I understand that. People might not want to come out publicly and I understand. For me, the whole experience has been really positive. I’ve not had any trouble at all. If somebody says something, then I don’t care. I don’t have time for any of that. I don’t waste my energy on that…”

When I first came out I thought I would be in the newspapers in Sweden for a couple of days and that’s it — I didn’t think people would really care to be honest. And then suddenly it went crazy, and within two days the whole world knew, but it feels pretty good. I know that I’ve done something good with my life. I was just a kid who happened to be gay — I never thought it would be such a big deal.”

Anton winning Sweden's "Dancing With The Stars"

(via Queerty)

Tease for Britney Spears video - "Work B*tch"

Britney's "Work B**ch" video is on its way but a preview hit Instagram and this one's a bit longer than the one Ms. Spears posted herself.

(via Towleroad)

First look: Meryl Streep as The Witch - "Into The Woods"

Disney has released the first photo of Meryl Streep as the witch in Into the Woods, its upcoming adaptation of the Broadway musical.

The movie, a modern twist on several Brothers Grimm fairy tales, explores the consequences of the quests of Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Rapunzel -- all tied together by an original story involving a baker, his wife, and the witch who cast a spell on them.

In the film, Streep's character is looking to reverse a curse so that her beauty may be restored.

Into the Woods, which is in production in England, is directed by Rob Marshall, and features a star-studded cast that also includes Emily Blunt, Anna Kendrick, Chris Pine, and Johnny Depp.

(via Hollywood Reporter)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Jack Johnson hits number 1 again with "From Here To Now To You"

Jack Johnson has earned his fourth No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 album chart with his latest release, From Here To Now To You.

Billboard reports that From Here sold 117,000 copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan data. His previous two albums - Sleep Through The Static (2008) and To The Sea (2010) - topped the chart, as did his 2006 Curious George soundtrack.

(via Celebrity Cafe)

Sporting event: Hunt elephant, shoot elephant in the face, celebrate with champagne

For some reason, NBC Sports Network has been airing an NRA-sponsored hunting show called Under Wild Skies, on which gun-humping .

Above is a highlight reel from this week's episode of NBC Sports Network's Under Wild Skies. In it, NRA lobbyist Tony Makris shoots elephants in the face.

He is led into the Botswana wilderness by a hunting guide. They hide behind a bush, about 20 feet away from an unsuspecting elephant. Makris shoots at the elephant twice, but does not kill it. The elephant, terrified, runs away. Makris catches up to the elephant and shoots it again, killing it. Everyone goes home to drink champagne.

Hunting elephants is currently legal in Botswana, but sharp declines in wildlife populations due to trophy hunting have led to an all-out ban that won't go into effect until 2014.

(via Raw Story)

Jon Stewart on Ted Cruz' misguided 21 hour waste of tax payers time

Jon Stewart is on a classic roll with Sen. Ted Cruz' rambling, useless 21 hour diatribe on the floor of the US Senate:

In response to Cruz' now famous reading of Green Eggs and Ham - “So to express your opposition to Obamacare, you go to the book about a stubborn jerk who decides he hates something before he’s tried it, and when he finally gets a taste, he has to admit after he’s tasted it, ‘This is pretty fucking good.’”

Joe Manganiello opens in "A Streetcar Named Desire" at Yale Rep tonight

Joe Manganiello as "Stanley Kowalski"

Yale Repertory Theatre opens its 2013-14 season with A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams, directed by Mark Rucker and starring Joe Manganiello as "Stanley Kowalski."

The show runs September 20-October 12 at the University Theatre (222 York Street). Opening Night is tonight, September 26. BroadwayWorld has a first look.

Here's just a few pics from the production.  Photo Credit: Carol Rosegg

Joe Manganiello and René Augesen

Joe Manganiello as "Stanley Kowalski"

Check out a one minute monologue Joe taped for the New York Times:

And here's a video tease for the production from Yale Rep:

President Obama quotes the absurd lies used by crazed GOP opponents of Obamacare

Quoting the opponents, kids. Quoting them.

Democrats say "Let's sit down and negotiate" and the Tea Baggers rabidly yell "Shut down the government!!!"

Watch the clip, folks. The President quotes the opponents and in doing so underlines why the anti-Obamacare folks have no credibility. They just MAKE STUFF UP.
"One congressman said that Obamacare is the most dangerous piece of legislation ever passed," Obama said in Largo, Md. "Ever, in the history of America, this is the most dangerous piece of legislation. Providing -- creating a marketplace so people can buy group insurance plan, the most dangerous ever."

"You had a state representative somewhere say that it's as destructive to personal and individual liberty as the Fugitive Slave Act," he added. "Think about that. Affordable health care is worse than a law that lets slave owners get their runaway slaves back. I mean, these are quotes. I'm not making this stuff up."

"And here's one more that I've heard. I like this one. We have to, and I'm quoting here, we have to repeal this failure before it literally kills women, kills children, kills senior citizens," an incredulous Obama said. "Now, I have to say, that one was from six months ago. I just want to point out we still have women, we still have children, we still have senior citizens. All this would be funny if it wasn't so crazy."

(via Talking Points Memo)

Barilla Pasta - The gays can go eat another brand

The Italy-based Barilla pasta company has made it clear that they don't want gay customers. And it looks like they'll get their way

The Independent reports:

Guido Barilla, whose firm has almost half the Italian pasta market and a quarter of that in the US, told Italy’s La Zanzara radio show last night: “I would never do an advert with a homosexual family…if the gays don’t like it they can go an eat another brand.

“For us the concept of the sacred family remains one of the fundamental values of the company.”

He added: “Everyone has the right to do what they want without disturbing those around them”. But then the pasta magnate upped the ante by attacking gay adoption. “I have no respect for adoption by gay families because this concerns a person who is not able to choose," he said.

(via Towleroad)

Same-sex married couples on the impact of receiving full military benefits

This just kills me. All the fights, all the arguments for equality, and it's these moments that might seem so mundane to others that make an impact in LGBT family lives.


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Steve Grand on "Watch What Happens Live"

Steve "All-American Boy" Grand was the guest bartender on tonight's "Watch What Happens Live" with Andy Cohen on Bravo.  Other guests were Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys and the fab Suzanne Somers.

Andy chatted with Steve a bit during the online "after-show." Hit the video at the 2:30 mark.

Congrats Steve!

Maine: Former President George HW Bush serves as witness at same-sex marriage

(Courtesy of Helen Thorgalsen and Bonnie Clement)

The Washington Post is reporting that former President George HW Bush was an official witness at a same-sex marriage this past weekend:
Another prominent Republican has come out in support of same-sex marriage — or at least, in support of one particular same-sex marriage. Former President George H.W. Bush served as an official witness this past weekend at the Maine wedding of Bonnie Clement and Helen Thorgalsen, co-owners of a Kennebunk general store. Thorgalsen posted a photo of the 41st commander-in-chief signing a set of documents for them at an outdoor celebration: “Getting our marriage license witnessed!”

No big statement from the ex-prez’s office. His rep Jim McGrath confirmed his and wife Barbara’s presence at the wedding: “They were private citizens attending a private ceremony for two friends.”

This is sure to drive the conservative blogosphere insane...

(via JMG)

Arizona: Sedona approves civil unions for same-sex couples

Sedona has become the fourth Arizona city to approve civil unions for same-sex couples, joining Tucson, Bisbee, and Jerome.

The Sedona City Council voted 5-2 Tuesday night to allow civil unions regardless of gender in the red-rock country community in north-central Arizona.

Sedona’s city attorney says the ordinance borrows from local civil union laws already approved by Tucson, Bisbee and Jerome.

Sedona Mayor Rob Adams says approval of the civil union ordinance sends a message that love is love, “regardless if its two people of the same sex or not.”


Trenton Times editorial board "Only a matter of time" before marriage equality legal in New Jersey

From the editorial board of the Trenton Times:

It’s only a matter of time before same-sex marriage is legal in New Jersey.

If history is any guide, individual states are achingly slow in catching up with the individuals who have embraced their civil rights as the personal liberties guaranteed by the by the 13th and 14th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. It took nearly a century after the Civil War for Congress to pass a law prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin.

Still, in this evolved age, when science holds that sexual identity is no more a choice than eye color or race, it’s hard to believe that laws forbidding the marriage of same-sex couples remain.

Gay and lesbian couples in New Jersey are not being treated equally under the law. As Times columnist George Amick wrote in his recent analysis, the court “ended any pretense that New Jersey’s law authorizing civil unions affords the equal rights and privileges to same-sex couples to which the New Jersey Supreme Court has said they’re entitled.” 

State legislators will have the opportunity to recognize those rights in a vote — promised by Democrats after the November election — attempting to override Gov. Chris Christie’s veto of a measure legalizing same-sex marriage. To succeed, lawmakers will have to muster a super-majority of support. Advocates are busy lobbying about a dozen Republicans and reluctant Democrats to stand up for the majority of New Jerseyans who approve of same-sex marriages.

We hope their consciences recognize that liberty and justice for all must include allowing same-sex couples to marry.

A recent July Quinnipiac poll finds that 60 percent of New Jersey voters support marriage equality, while only 31 percent are opposed.

I should note that my husband, Michael, is from New Jersey. While we look forward to the day when marriage equality is legal everywhere, New Jersey is definitely on our "short list" of states we'd like to see pass this important legislation sooner than later.

Jane Lynch admits to major 70s crush on pop legend Olivia Newton-John

Jane Lynch chatted with Conan O’Brien about a number of things last night on the Coco show. They spent a good amount of time talking about each other’s easy-to-manage haircuts:
Conan: I think your hair is fantastic.
Jane: Thank you, I feel the same way. I think you have, like, the best hair in Hollywood, so coming from you…
Conan: Yes, I do, yes. Yes I do.
Don't you love how deep and important the chat can get on talk shows these days?

Then moved onto more pressing matters—namely, how Olivia Newton John turned young Jane gay.

“Growing up in the ’70s, she was it for me,” Lynch explained. “’I Honestly Love You.’ I would weep to that song on the radio. And, I just loved her… I named my dog after her. My dog’s name is Olivia. I had a big lesbo crush on her, and I named my dog after her.”

I've heard this before as Olivia has guested on GLEE performing WITH Lynch, and it was at that time she shared her dog's tribute name.
Talk then turned to Newton John’s Grease co-star, heterosexual actor John Travolta. “I loved John Travolta so much that I drew pictures of him,” Lynch said. “I knew every plane of his face. I knew the dimple of his chin… the light eyes with the dark lashes. I loved him, I loved him, but I think what it is is that I wanted to be him. I didn’t want to make out with him.”

(via Queerty)

Illinois: Free "Rock the March" concert to kick off March on Springfield for Marriage Equality

Nationally prominent performers with Illinois roots will kick off the "March on Springfield for Marriage Equality" on Tuesday, Oct. 22 with a free one-hour concert live near the steps of the Illinois State Capitol. The diverse entertainment bill includes reality TV stars from "The Voice," "American Idol," and "America's Got Talent;" a national poetry slam winner; a world champion & MVP quarterback who is also a pre-Grammy nominee; and a 2013 Trans 100 honoree fighting violence against transgender people.

In addition to LGBT Choral groups, headlining performers will be:

*       Sandra Antongiorgi - World, Latin, neo-soul singer, songwriter & painter
*       C.C. Carter - author, activist, teacher and performance poet
*       De'Borah - singer, song-writer and star of "The Voice"
*       Steve Grand - "All American Boy" singer, song-writer and YouTube sensation
*       Sami Grisafe - all-star MVP quarterback and award-winning singer-songwriter
*       Kokumo - African-American transgender woman, singer, writer & performer
*       Stephen Leonard - Out rock powerhouse singer & song-writer
*       Marcus Terell & the Serenades - singer, performer and star of "American                             Idol", "America's Got Talent" & "Making The Band"

The concert will begin at noon on October 22, 2013, at the March on Springfield stage in front of the Illinois State Capitol on 2nd Street.

The marriage equality rally will immediately follow the concert, with a march around the State Capitol starting at 2:30 pm. There is no cost to attend and members of the public are welcome.

For more information, visit

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Chilling :30 video of Navy Yard shooter entering and moving through Navy Yard

Chilling video footage from closed-circuit video cameras shows Aaron Alexis, now deceased, at the Washington Navy Yard on September 16, 2013.

The footage includes:

- Alexis drives his rental car, a blue Toyota Prius, through the Washington Navy Yard main gate.

- Alexis enters Building #197 carrying a backpack. Alexis had legitimate access to the Washington Navy Yard as a result of his work as a contractor and he utilized a valid pass to gain entry to the building.

- Alexis moves through the hallways and a stairwell of Building #197 carrying a Remington 870 shotgun.

California to raise minimum wage to $10 an hour by 2016

California has become the first state in the nation to commit to raising the minimum wage to $10 per hour, although the increase will take place gradually over three years under a bill signed into law by Democratic Governor Jerry Brown on Wednesday.

The law raises minimum pay in the most populous state from its current rate of $8 per hour to $9 by July 2014 and $10 by January 2016.

The state with the highest minimum wage currently is Washington, where employers must pay at least $9.19 per hour.

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Bono does spot-on Bill Clinton impersonation

Jimmy Fallon, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Stephen Marchant in epic lip-sync competition

Stephen Merchant, Jimmy Fallon, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt hit the stage in a fab lip-sync competition featuring "Single Ladies", "Tiny Dancer", "Take On Me", and "Don't You Want Me" on last night's 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'.

Complete silliness.

So who do you think won?

GOP candidate for Lt. Governor of Virginia - Those anti-gay things I said were taken out of context

I always wonder what constitutes "context" for these folks...

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#Hashtag with Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake

I don't know WHY this makes me think @JaymesV

Timberlake and Fallon hilariously recreate a normal human conversation... but with the ridiculousness of hashtags appended to every statement. This is how we all sound like on Twitter. Or on Facebook. Or on Instagram. Or in life.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Madonna - SecretProjectRevolution

secretprojectrevolution is a 17-minute film directed by Madonna and Steven Klein. The film launches Art For Freedom, a global initiative to further freedom of expression, created by Madonna, curated by VICE, and distributed by BitTorrent.

Madonna stars as a revolutionary thrown in jail for… causing a commotion. “I keep telling everyone that I want to start a revolution but no one is taking me seriously. If I had black skin and an afro, would you take me seriously? If I was an Arab waving a hand grenade, would you take me seriously? Instead, I’m a woman. I’m a blonde. I have tits and ass and an insatiable desire to be noticed.”

Art For Freedom encourages the world to express their personal meaning of freedom and revolution in the form of video, music, poetry, and photography. Join the revolution by uploading original artwork to or tagging original posts #artforfreedom.

secretprojectrevolution, plus bonus content including VICE's interview with Madonna ( and a handwritten message from Madonna and Steven Klein, is available to the public for free download exclusively at BitTorrent Bundle.

Join The Revolution here:

What does the fox say? - Abercrombie Fitch answers that question

Ted Cruz wishes he had half the balls Wendy Davis has...

Vows to speak until he can speak anymore.

And by "until I can't speak anymore," I mean "until I need a break because I don't have a tenth of the grit Wendy Davis has."