Monday, September 30, 2013

Spanish actor Paco León makes good on posing naked for one million Twitter followers

Spanish actor stud Paco Leon poses naked on a beach after reaching one million Twitter followers
Spanish actor Paco León was looking to increase his fan base and Twitter followers. So he made this offer to the Twitterverse - he would post a full frontal nude photo of himself if he reached one million followers.

Well, Paco got to his goal. So, it was time to pay up.

León, a veteran of of numerous TV shows and films, including the gay-themed 2005 comedy Queens, made good on his word.

He tweeted a photo on September 26 of himself walking completely nude on a beach, with the message: “What you asked me, I promised and here it is.”

Based on the uncensored photo, the water must not have been very cold.



  1. Click on the word "uncensored" in my post. It takes you to the tweet. Or look up Paco Leon on Twitter...