Friday, January 8, 2016

Gallup Poll Shows Jeb Bush Net Favorable Rating Dropped 28 Points In Six Month

According to the latest Gallup U.S. Daily poll, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has seen his net favorable rating among Republicans drop a precipitous 28 points to a sad -1. He currently has a 44% Favorable rating versus his 45% Unfavorable rating.

That means Bush has the worst Net Favorable rating in terms of major political players in the GOP race.

Donald Trump comes in with 35% Unfavorable rating, second only to Bush. Think on that one for the current front runner - 35% of what should be his base have a negative view of him.

Interestingly, Sen. Ted Cruz has the lowest Unfavorable rating with only 16% of Republicans viewing him in negative terms.

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