Thursday, December 15, 2016

CNN's Chris Cuomo Fact Checks Trump Spox About "Overwhelming" Win

Sean Spicer, the Republican National Committee spokesman rumored to be on the short list for Trump's White House Press Secretary, told CNN's Chris Cuomo that Team Trump has been “unbelievably transparent” about his business dealings and the roles of his children in his administration.

“The American people have understood exactly what they’re getting, and they voted overwhelmingly for him,” Spicer said on CNN's New Day. “He has been very clear about what he owns, the role of his family and everything else since he announced that he was running for president — and they overwhelmingly elected him with all of that on the table.”

Cuomo stepped in with some facts (via Raw Story):

“We know that more people are concerned about his business dealing than who are not, we know that his approval rating is low compared to where other president-elects have been at this point — but let’s dismiss the polls,” Cuomo said. “You said they overwhelmingly voted for him. There is no definition of overwhelming that would meet this statistical criteria.”

“It’s one of the lowest electoral margins we’ve had — I think it’s 46th out of 50-something,” Cuomo continued. “It’s one of the lowest in the last few cycles we’ve had. He won, he’s the president-elect, he will be the next president of the United States, but I’m saying, if you want to be straight about it and transparent — it wasn’t overwhelming.”

Regarding his children, Trump said during a debate that he would put his assets into a blind trust, which he is not doing.

Plus, his sons, who are to run the Trump companies, are sitting in on presidential meetings Trump has with foreign leaders and corporate CEOs, all of which is a huge conflict of interest.

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