Friday, January 15, 2016

New York Daily News: "Drop Dead Ted"

Sen. Ted Cruz thought he had found a good attack line against Donald Trump by recently calling out Trump's "New York values" to crowds in Iowa. Trust and believe, he meant it as a slander.

But when it came up last night at the latest GOP presidential debate, Trump skillfully turned the tables telling Cruz it was very "insulting" to the people of New York who bravely face the events of 9/11.

Cruz: “Everybody understands that the values in New York City are socially liberal and pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage. And focus on money and the media.”

Trump (speaking about 9/11): "Everyone in the world loved New York, and loved New Yorkers; and I have to tell you, that was a very insulting statement."

The New York Daily News put their thoughts on the cover of today's paper as you can see above.

Columnist Mike Lupica wrote, "Ted Cruz, who only comes here with his hand out, has decided that the most diverse city the world has ever known is filled with people who all think alike. He sounds in these moments like as slow a thinker as we have ever had run for President."

"Here is what New York values are: New York values are a young guy, a paralegal, literally giving somebody he doesn’t know the shirt off his back on a subway because winter has finally come to the city and brought freezing temperatures with it. New York values are the New York taxi driver who traveled three boroughs across four days to find the guy who had left $1,400 in his cab, so he could return the money to him. You know what that really was? It was the real life of a city that Ted Cruz knows nothing about. He is simply another tourist here, one constantly on the make."

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