Friday, January 15, 2016

Anti-Gay Ted Shoebat Would Send SWAT Teams In To "Rescue" Children Of Same-Sex Couples

In this video, raging anti-gay "Christian" activist Ted Shoebat declares that all "dykes are criminals" and wants to see SWAT teams raid the homes of gay couple and seize their children.

“I believe sincerely within my heart if you have two dykes or two faggots who have children, those children are in an immense amount of danger. They are in danger of being raped, they are in danger of being molested, they are in danger of being assaulted, murdered, killed. And for the good of that child, the state needs to bust open the doors of those sodomites and confiscate those children. I really believe that within myself.

“If I had the power, I would send the SWAT team or the National Guard and I would say, ‘Guys, there are the homes that we know for a fact have two fags and they have a child with them. Go in there, you arrest those two faggots and you take that child.’

“And the SWAT team would go in there, bust the door open, arrest the two faggots like the terrorists they are, and save that child from this tyranny. Because that’s what this is, this is tyranny.”

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