Sunday, April 14, 2019

SNL: Emma Stone Is Desperately Seeking 'Deidre'

Emma Stone is desperately seeking 'Deidre'

On Saturday Night Live last night, Emma Stone played an actress who takes her small part in a gay porn film way too seriously.

At one point, trying to flesh out the one-line role, she ad-libs a bit much to the director's chagrin.

Director: "Uh, just say what's in the script."

Stone: "I was just trying to access 'Deidre.'

Director: "There's nothing to her. People are just going to scroll past so they can get off. She has no past, no future. She exists only to be cheated on."

And yet, Stone continues to explore and delve into every small bit of 'Deidre' she can find.

If you've ever acted, you've probably met a version of Stone's character. Watch below.

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