Friday, May 24, 2013

RIP Rona Newton-John

My dear, beautiful Rona. You are instantly missed.  But will smile in my heart forever.

"Goody, goody."

Rona Newton-John, Michael and I backstage

With Olivia, Michael, Gregg Cave and Rona after Olivia judged the
"You're The One That We Want" reality talent show

In the studio while Olivia and Rona recorded "Mickey" for the
"A Few Best Men" soundtrack

Olivia, Michael and Rona taping a TV special

Rona, Michael, Olivia, Jon Secada and Amy Sky in Washington DC for
Christmas at Fords Theatre TV Special

Pat Farrar, Olivia, Michael, Rona and I backstage in Las Vegas

Rona, Michael and Olivia on set for the "Sordid Lives" TV series
Rona and I at Christmas party in 2011


  1. R.I.P RN-J My thought and love go to the Newton-John family

  2. Very heartbreaking to hear! I met Rona a couple of times and she was always very nice and had a witty sense of humor. My sincerest condolences to the family and friends.

  3. beautiful pictures; thank you Randy!

  4. beautiful pictures; thank you Randy! prayers for the Newton-John family.

  5. Randy I am so sad 2 hear this I know what a loss this will be to all sending loving thoughts & Prayers I'm glad I got 2 meet her & spend some time with her in 2011 she was 1 great Lady shared thoughts 2 the whole Family
    My Best 2 U Alawys

  6. Rest in Peace. Prayers for all her friends and family---

  7. Rest in Peace. Prayers for all her friends and family---

  8. Prayers And Thoughts Go Out To Ronas Family And Friends, To Olivia In Particular. So Sorry For Your Loss. Our True Being, As Reflections Of God, Is Spiritual, And Our Spirit Never Dies. Our Loved Ones Never Leave Us Just As God Never Leaves Us. We Are His Perfect Spiritual Ideas And This Mortal Existence Is Only Temporary. We Will All Be Together Again Someday In Total Perfection.
    My Heart Goes Out To You And Your Family,
    Robert In Minneapolis