Sunday, May 7, 2017

Lessons For Trump: School House Rock "I'm Just A Bill"

This past Thursday was quite the day for President Trump and House Republicans as Trumpcare finally came up for a vote on the Floor of the House and the bill passed (by a slim margin of 217-213).

Team Trumpcare then headed up to the White House Rose Garden where it was all smiles in front of the news cameras for the jubilant crowd.

You'd have thought they'd won the Super Bowl.

In fact, the American Health Care Act is only one third of the way through the process of becoming law, so this was kind of like spiking the football on the 35 yard line.

As everyone knows, a bill goes from the House to the Senate, where changes are made, then sent back to the House for approval of those changes.

And if they make more changes, the legislation continues back and forth between chambers until there's majority agreement.

Then, the bill heads to the President, who signs it into law.

I'd guess that Donald Trump didn't have the luxury of watching School House Rock back in the 1970s like all of us.

Since we're discussing it, why don't we take a trip in the "way back machine" and revisit that oh-so-learned ditty, "I'm Just A Bill."

Someone might want to send a link of this post to the prez just so he can bone up on how this all works :)

Watch below.

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