Monday, May 8, 2017

HBO's John Oliver Explains The Flawed American Health Care Act

John Oliver of HBO's Last Week Tonight explains how the version of the American Health Care Act passed by House Republicans this past week is worse than the first version of the legislation.

"Yes, they took a bad thing and managed to make it even worse. It's like watching Mariah Carey's Glitter and saying, "You know what this needs? Jar Jar Binks."
And while House Speaker Paul Ryan and his fellow Republicans insist that the bill guarantees access to health care for people with pre-existing conditions, they are not making clear that any small gap in insurance coverage could result in much higher premiums.

“It’s like if your daughter asks, ‘Can I have a cookie,’ and you say: ‘Sure, that will be $1.5 billion, Katie. You have not been denied this cookie, you still have full access to it should you choose to become successful enough to afford it.'”

Watch below.

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