Friday, May 5, 2017

Flashback Friday: 30 Years Ago

Me (2nd from the left) during my CATS days in 1987
I don't do many Flashback Friday posts, but I'm thinking of a dear friend from my CATS days in the 1980s who recently passed away.

In light of that passing, several of my former cast mates have shared pics from the 1986-1988 national tour of CATS, which was my first big job in theater. For two years I was "the magical Mr. Mistoffelees" traveling across the country. Our company was the first to share the hit musical with major American cities like Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, St. Louis, Louisville, Miami, Memphis and more.

This picture, which I've never seen, shows me as a scruffy-faced 24 year old at some opening night party somewhere in America. How I painted over that furry face, I can't recall.

Also in the photo are Austin Jetton, Jackie Reilly, Jonathan Cerullo and now big-time Broadway conductor Patrick Vaccariello.

It was around this time last year that many of my CATS family gathered together to take in the new Broadway revival of the show. All the chemistry, all the quirks I love about these folks, all came back in seconds :)

It's stirring how the passing of old friends reminds us of the power of our long-time friends.

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