Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Reports Swirling That Sean Spicer Might Be On His Way Out As White House Spox

Rumors already swirling that the current White House spokesman may be replaced soon as the Trumpster is reportedly not impressed with "Sparky" Spicer's performance.

Or his fashion sense.

From Axios:

This West Wing is a tough neighborhood. Even AFTER Sean Spicer's successful get-back-on-the-horse presser yesterday, I'm told that a top White House official was discussing his possible replacement. On Day 4! With 1,457 to go in this term.

Unfortunately for Spicer, Trump is obsessed with his press secretary's performance art. Our Jonathan Swan hears that Trump hasn't been impressed with how Spicer dresses, once asking an aide: "Doesn't the guy own a dark suit?" Spicer looked a lot sharper yesterday than he did on Saturday — in a dark, bankerly suit.

And according to the Washington Post, Spicer wasn't Trump's gut choice:

"As Trump thought about staffing his administration following his surprise victory, he hesitated over selecting Spicer … He did not see Spicer as particularly telegenic and preferred a woman."

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