Thursday, September 8, 2016

Chris Pine On "Gay Sulu" In STAR TREK BEYOND

Star Trek star Chris Pine was asked by the Hollywood Reporter his thoughts on the news that the character of "Sulu" is revealed to be gay in the latest Trek film, Star Trek Beyond:

“Amen, man. It’s about f—ing time. The fact that there’s still a conversation about it means that there’s still room to go in terms of it being normalized.

"My only rebuttal to George Takei — no matter what kind of creative differences he had about Sulu being gay, and I can understand his creative differences — is the fact that our job is to make people feel less alone. If there’s one kid in Middle America who feels any amount of self-loathing because he feels different, or is being bullied because he feels different or looks different or sounds different, if our film can give him solace and make him or her feel less alone, then abso-effin-loutely we should do it all the time, every day of the week.”

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