Friday, November 25, 2011

Boycott The Salvation Army - help a charity without prejudice

As the holidays approach, the Salvation Army bell ringers are out in front of stores dunning shoppers for donations. If you care about gay rights, you'll skip their bucket in favor of a charity that doesn't actively discriminate against the LGBT community.

The Salvation Army has a history of active discrimination against gays and lesbians. Many LGBT people are rejected by the evangelical church charity because they're "sexually impure."

On its webpage, the group claims that "the services of The Salvation Army are available to all who qualify, without regard to sexual orientation." While the words are nice, their actions speak volumes. They blatantly ignore the position statement and deny LGBT people services unless they renounce their sexuality, end same-sex relationships, or, in some cases, attend services "open to all who confess Christ as Savior and who accept and abide by The Salvation Army's doctrine and discipline." In other words, if you're gay or lesbian, you don't qualify.

The organization also has a record of actively lobbying governments worldwide for anti-gay policies - including an attempt to make consensual gay sex illegal. (Yes, you're paying lobbyists with those donations.)

Instead of donating to the Salvation Army, choose a different charity that will help everyone without prejudice. Find a local secular charity - or here are some national organizations that provide help to anyone who needs it:

Goodwill (disabled and unemployed)
The Red Cross (medical and emergency relief)
Doctors Without Borders (medical and emergency relief)
Habitat for Humanity (homelessness and housing)

And if you are here in the Las Vegas area, my personal charity of choice, The Saint Therese Center, helps hundred of HIV/AIDS affected people every year - without judgement. I highly recommend you check them out and send your charity dollars there.


  1. Here in Canada the Salvation Army is more then happy to help gays and everyone else. They dont discriminate anyone. If you need help the Salvation Army will give it to you no matter who you are!!

  2. "They blatantly ignore the position statement and deny LGBT people services unless they renounce their sexuality, end same-sex relationships, or, in some cases, attend services "open to all who confess Christ as Savior and who accept and abide by The Salvation Army's doctrine and discipline." In other words, if you're gay or lesbian, you don't qualify."

    I've seen this nonsense quoted on several LGBT sites, but never seen a citation for it. Unfortunately, I didn't see one here, either. Interesting....

  3. My brother and I have both separately experienced this discrimination as gay men - in different states of the US. Not sure if that qualifies as a "citation" for you, but I have experienced it.

    I would suggest that just because you haven't experienced something doesn't negate it's existence.

    I've never experienced zero gravity but I know it exists.

    I've never experienced a tsunami, but I know they exist.

  4. The Salvation Army does amazing things without prejudice.

    My guess is that you're anti-Christian.

    The Red Cross wastes all kinds of money -- compare the salaries of upper management between the SA and the RC. Your eyes will be opened.

    1. anti-prejudice, not anti christian. I am Salvo and the number of people who come through our doors after being turned away by other organizations and sometimes our very own is disheartening. i can see why so many pigeon whole us. Although I agreed on the salaries point.

  5. That's why blind guesses are rarely correct.

    Actually I'm not anti-Christian. It sounds like a bad line, but my best friend happens to be a wonderful Episcopal priest of whom I am very proud.

    And one of the charities I list above - Habitat for Humanity - was actually born out of a small interracial Christian concept community in Georgia. So, clearly I'm not anti-Christian. If I were, I doubt I'd endorse a Christian founded charity.

    Finally - my post has nothing to do with comparing budgets or salaries. My post clearly is about prejudice against gays and lesbians. Prejudice I have seen first hand.

    But thank you for the comment. I like open discussion, and encourage it.

  6. AND - the last charity I list - The St. Therese Center - is run by Catholic charity outreach here in Las Vegas. I clearly endorse it and mention it is my personal charity of choice.

    One more strike against your "anti-Christian" accusation.

  7. I come from Australia. bottom line here is if you are a salvo and someone asks for help you give it to them. you treat every person friend stranger or enemy with the same grace and kindness as if they are your brother(sister as applicable etc.) the sad thing is people's personal beliefs outside of the doctrines of the salvos get in the way. its very much sadly a case of 'not every employee follows company policy.' especially when the company policy is to help whom ever, when ever and how ever possible. i am sorry you and your brother, as well as others have felt discriminated against. I am salvationist, my brother is gay. I love him more than words can express. and i have many times defended him and his friends against ignorant radical Christian do gooders. as far as i am concerned every person makes their peace with god, all i do is remind them of 'A' path not 'the' path they can take. beyond that i am servant of god and will do what i can where i can. there will always be hard-liners and radicals. i just hope you wont condemn us all for your experiences. you deserve better, and in this life or the next i believe you will find the love and grace you all deserve.

  8. I work for The Salvation Army, and nowhere on any of our paperwork that you fill out for services ask if you are gay or not or if you have had a abortion or not. Why dont you go and find out for yourself before you publish nonsence. We (The Salvation Army) helps ANYBODY in need.

  9. Hi Anonymous - nice bit of courage you have there to not use your name. Maybe you're not so sure of your position or you would use your name?

    In any case, you strangely mention abortion which I don't mention at all. So that's the first clue you didn't read the post very well.

    And regarding anti-gay behavior, I have experienced it myself from The Salvation Army. I have myself. YOU cannot tell me what I have or have not experienced.

    Nowhere in my post do I say The Salvation Army says you have to state if you are gay... you are making things up at this point. Please go back and read my post.

    Finally - I notice you don't address the fact that there is documented activity of the SA on lobbying anti-gay policies around the world - read here:

    Lastly, this is MY blog. MY thoughts. MY opinions. Based on MY experiences. To repeat - I myself have experienced discrimination from The Salvation Army. So I can write and post that if I feel like it. If you don't like it, don't read it.

    And since you work for TSA, next time instead of attacking me when you have no idea what I have experienced, try the Christian approach and ask what happened to me perhaps. I don't believe Jesus would attack someone for expressing what they've experienced.

    1. You know, you sound a bit angry to me. I was not attacking you, it is too bad that you saw it that way. I was mearly stating the fact that the TSA where I am does not do what you are saying they do. You sound angry, attacking and closed minded. But you clearly endorse the Catholic St. Therese Center, have you forgotten that the Catholics are the number #1 gay haters?

      I have nothing against you, just your hateful and close minded thoughts, but I am sure you will take it as I hate gay people and that is just not the case.

      YOu are correct this is your blog, and you can say anything you choose.

  10. Hey Anonymous! Thanks for coming back. Glad you're here.

    Closed-minded, angry and attacking. Hmmm...

    Closed-minded? I advocate for secular and non-secular charities that I have worked with that help people without discrimination. Hardly "closed-minded." Actually, probably falls under the definition of open-minded :)

    Angry? I encourage donations to good and upstanding charities, and when folks have disagreed with me here in their comments I allow the comment and say "Hi" then start and encourage a dialogue. Hardly angry. I've seen angry and this isn't it.

    Attacking? Let's think on that a bit. Based on personal experience I post on MY blog charities that I have had good experiences with and also share the bad experience I had with TSA. There's a difference between sharing my experience and "attacking." That's just truth.

    And if you'd like to know more about the past "less than supportive" activities of THA on behalf of the LGBT community, my polite suggestion is to take a look here:

    Btw - regarding Catholics: I know some in the Catholic Church are very anti-gay. But I also know many very supportive Catholic, Episcopal, Baptist, Lutheran leaders who do great things for not only the LGBT community but millions.

    I work with the St. Therese Center here in Las Vegas. Sponsored and sanctioned by the Catholic Church, they do more for those living with HIV/AIDS than practically any other Nevada organization. I know. I work with them personally. I don't endorse the Catholic Church - I endorse an organization that is helping people. Help that I have seen with my own eyes.

    Interestingly, I get the sense you have never dealt with this organization. So, is this a case of "do as I say, not as I do?"

    You attack me for writing about my personal experience with TSA which you know nothing about, while then having a problem with the St. Therese Center which, and I could be wrong here, you have no direct knowledge of?

    I don't think you are anti-gay. I think you feel a bit defensive about an organization you care for. And that's great. In your last response you clarify - "I was merely stating the fact that the TSA WHERE I AM..." And that's absolutely fair. Your first post was much more general. My point is it's possible you don't know everything that has ever happened to every person who has walked through the doors of every Salvation Army. That's just a guess, but just putting the possibility out there.

    Instead of anger, your initial response could have been "I'm so sorry you had a bad experience with TSA. I work with them in my town and they do wonderful things." Just saying: some people might have responded in that manner. As a matter of fact, the first commenter from Canada basically did that. Nice and friendly I think.

    In any case, I do appreciate your words and time coming here to express yourself. As the administrator of The Randy Report, I could choose to not let you post your opinions. Obviously, that's not what I'm doing. I encourage dialogue. Please feel free to come here anytime and enlighten.

  11. how proud your folks must be to have raised not one but two homo's, i hope you dont think of yourself as a decent human being because i hate to break it to you, homosexuality is an abomination of gods word. and instead of sitting there beating up on the salvos, how about lookin at it this way, do the gay rights committee help people like the salvos do? or do they just hand out condoms and vaseline. NORMAL people would much prefer a hot meal and somewhere safe to sleep, so get your head out of your boyfriends lap and stop attacking people that are only trying to help other people, regardless of who they bed down with. you queens get a bit touchy about people attacking your lifestyle so how come its ok for you to attack others.thanks for your time andrew,

  12. There you have it folks - kind, Christian love.

    Thank you "Anonymous" for making my point far better than I ever could.

    Please come back any time and share your thoughts. I love an open dialogue here.

    1. I have experienced discrimination from the gay community.
      I was attacked and anal raped as a boy by 2 homesexuals. I was 11 they were both over 18.
      So to me that makes every gay a complete and utter asshole.

      My experience is real, and because of it I have an attitude towards members of the 'homo' community. Am I justified in it? Hell yes I am. Has anyone from the gay community ever reached out and said sorry? Well no, not one.
      But I have been employed part time by Salvo's employment services, in Sydney. I have to work and help find jobs for openly gay men, who make my skin crawl.
      Have the salvo's reached out and helped me ? Yes.
      Can I say the Salvo's do more for the local community, humanity and the people they come in contact with more the the gay community does?
      Yes, yes and yes.

      Having a published 'rule book' and enforcing it a 2 different things. From what I read of american laws, stil being gay in half the US states is illegal, so that alot of queers that should be in jail, but they aren't.

      Maybe you , Randy, should grow up, walk and talk to a salvo, and publish something useful on your blog.

      Oh and here some FACTS from our local area.
      100,000 meals served.
      2,000 beds of SAFE accomodation.
      5,000 food parcels.
      1,000 people assisted looking for work.
      500 cases of support for families in domestic violence or kicked out of rentals.
      Thats not a year, a month or even a fortnight. thats weekly.
      Does the LGBT community do that.. no chance.

      Jaxon. Ryde,(Sydney) Employment Plus.

    2. Thanks for the comment Jaxon. I welcome an open dialogue here.

      As for growing up and talking to a salvo - I've done both. At 48 I'm pretty much the grown up I'm going to be. And having experienced discrimination first hand from the Salvation Army, I'm allowed to express that experience here.

      You, very sadly were raped, and I was discriminated against by the Salvation Army. You share your story, I share mine.

      And no - it is not illegal to be gay in the US.

      Thanks for reading The Randy Report.

  13. I feel sorry for you Randy if you experienced being discriminated by TSA. I am a part of the The Salvation Army and we are happy to help and serve people without discriminating them. Maybe you should watch this video to enlighten your mind.