Monday, September 16, 2013

Walmart: Costumes For All Occasions - Dead Dog Prop


I'm horrified. And not in some kind of fun, "Halloween" way.  This is supposedly an ad for a Halloween "dead dog" costume or prop.

Here's the actual listing on Walmart's website:

"You have seen bloody road kill, this is bloody road kill, Foam filled latex prop of a skinned dog with a large tire track squished through its mid torso, Chain attached for dragging purposes, Box Dimensions (in Inches), Length : 36, 00, Width : 21, 00, Height : 10, 00 SKU: MC740043"

Wow. One more reason to drive me and my consumer dollars away from Walmart.

UPDATE: The item's url is no longer valid.  So either Walmart was hacked, or pressure to remove the either was applied.  Either way - good riddance to a bad joke/terrible idea.
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