Thursday, August 4, 2016

Hillary Leads Trump 10 Points In Latest Fox News Poll

Democrat Hillary Clinton has opened up a 10 point lead in the latest Fox News national poll - 49% to Donald Trump's 39%.

Now, you know if ANY polling firm would "skew right," it would be these folks. So that makes this even more impressive.

While Trump leads with the male demographic by 5 points, Hillary is polling strong with

• women by 23 points (57-34 percent)

• blacks by 83 (87-4 percent)

• Hispanics by 48 (68-20 percent)

• voters under 30 by 18 (49-31 percent)

With the latest polls factored in, this is super-stats guy Nate Silver's latest "polls only" prediction for Election Day 2016:

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