Thursday, June 30, 2016

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie On Donald Trump's VP List

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (L) with presumptive GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump

Well, you saw this coming.

Even though they ran against each other in the GOP primary, Donald Trump and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie have been long-time friends. Christie was one of the very first to jump behind Trump as the presumptive Republican presidential candidate.

Political insiders have speculated Christie has been angling for some prominent Cabinet position in a possible Trump administration. In addition to veep, folks have pondered an Attorney General appointment.

From the New York Times:

Mr. Christie is among those being vetted as Mr. Trump’s possible running mate, according to people briefed on the process, and Mr. Trump has said in interviews that Mr. Christie would have a prominent place in a Trump White House.

Already, Mr. Christie has begun the task of designing a government on Mr. Trump’s behalf. Tapped to lead Mr. Trump’s transition efforts, Mr. Christie has taken a role that some of his allies liken to that of a White House chief of staff, soliciting views on what a potential Trump administration should look like.

Mr. Christie has taken the transition process firmly in hand, according to people familiar with his activities, which have been kept from public view so far. He has enlisted his former top aide in Trenton, Richard H. Bagger, to help manage the transition team.

Behind the scenes, Mr. Christie has prodded his fellow governors and Republican political donors to line up behind a candidate many view with distaste. He has made only modest headway in the last few months: Mr. Trump has struggled badly with fund-raising and Mr. Christie has pleaded with donors, in personal phone calls and fund-raising events, to give him a second look.

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