Thursday, February 4, 2016

New Hampshire Daily Tracking Poll Shows Marco Rubio And Hillary Clinton Trending Up

The 7News/UMass Lowell New Hampshire tracking poll shows progress for Republican Sen. Marco Rubio and Democratic former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The daily poll shows Rubio gaining 3 points while front-runner Donald Trump dropped 2 points overnight.

Here's where the Republicans stand:

Over on the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton rises 4 points while Sen. Bernie Sanders drops 3 points.

With five days before the first in the nation primary, it'll be interesting to see how much ground the underdogs in the Granite State might make up.

Will Trump's peeps really show up and vote for him? He's admitted he knew nothing about "ground game" in Iowa - will that change in New Hampshire?

I've said before that with Sanders practically in his backyard, and with such a commanding lead, a second place finish by Hillary in single digits would register as an achievement.

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