Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Kansas: Anti-Gay Wackadoos Phillip and Sandra Unruhs File Amicus Brief In State Marriage Case

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Last week, Kansas wackjobs Phillip and Sandra Unruhs were quickly swatted away after their attempt to intervene in the Kansas marriage equality case where they tried to say giving equal rights to gay and lesbian couples was tantamount to STEALING it from straight couples like themselves.

The judge quickly dismissed that weak assertion.

However, the Unruhs were allowed to file an amicus brief in support of denying gays the right to marry, and so today, we have their masterpiece of a brief.

Included in the 8 page filing are statements to the effect that:

• Since the Plaintiffs are lesbians, any ruling should not affect male same-sex couples
• Giving marriage rights to same-sex couples would discriminate against opposite-sex couples based on sex
• Marriage equality would result in the taking of property rights of heterosexual couples in violation of the 5th and 14th Amendments

It's not a long read, but pretty fascinating in it's illogic.

See the brief below:

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