Monday, October 27, 2014

Kansas Couple Denied Intervention On Same-Sex Marriage Law Suit Based On "Theft of Marriage"

Sandra and Phillip Unruh of Kansas
A married couple in Kansas, Phillip and Sandra Unruh, has filed for and been denied the opportunity to intervene in the state's same-sex marriage lawsuit.

In what was a very "unlikely to succeed" strategy, the Unruhs filed a brief saying that allowing same-sex couples to marry is "deeply disturbing," "inflicts profound harm" on them, and is tantamount to a literal theft of their own marriage.

In other words, the Unruhs claim is that "marriage" is for straight people and giving it to gays means stealing it from heterosexuals.

From KCWH:

A Harper, Kansas couple is upset after a judge said they can't be a part of a same-sex marriage lawsuit filed earlier this month. The judge claimed they could not be parties in the casebecause their views will be represented. So now, they're writing an amicus brief to have their opinions heard.

"We were disappointed that we weren't allowed to become parties in the court case but we are also excited about the fact that the judge invited us to file an amicus brief which means friend of the court," Phillip Unruh said. "It means the judge has allowed us into the court case and will consider our written arguments."

As thrilled as Phillip Unruh may be, just about anyone can file an amicus brief.

The judge in the case gave the Unruhs until 5pm tomorrow to file their amicus brief.

Can't wait for that one!

In related news, the crackpots over at Westboro Baptist Church (located in Kansas) have filed a similar request to intervene in the state's marriage equality fight.  Expect a similar rebuke from the court on that one, too.

Here's the judge's denial of intervention below:

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