Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bible-Carrying "Christian" Screams Wild Rant At In-N-Out Burger

According to Raw Story, the man in the video above had been hanging around an In-N-Out Burger in Redding, California, most of the day holding the door open for customers with one hand and his Bible in the other.

At some point, said man became enraged that he had not been properly thanked by the restaurant employees for holding the door.

So he went berserk ripping plastic plants out of their planters while screaming:

“Am I gonna get busted? No!” the man shouts at the beginning of the video as customers leave their tables to get away from the commotion.

He goes on the vent loudly about the restaurant “bitching about someone holding a f*cking door for people,” which he claims to be doing because he’s a “f*cking Christian” who’s got to “stand up for other f*cking Christians.”

I don't think sounds very "Christ-like" but hey, I'm not an expert...

(via Raw Story)

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