Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Boyfriend Pranks Pro-Wrestler Anthony Bowens With Hidden 'Used Condom'

Anthony Bowens and Michael Pavano

Who likes to pull pranks on their partners?

Apparently, out pro-wrestler Anthony Bowens likes to pull some practical jokes on his bf, Michael Pavano.

For instance, last August Bowens unleashed some hideous ‘fart powder’ in a car pretending he had an upset stomach. The hunky wrestler recorded the episode for their YouTube vlog.

At the time, Michael vowed to get back at Bowens.

And so, recently, Pavano came up with a plan.

He placed a condom filled with some semen-like fluid under his bed. And after setting up his phone camera to capture the moment, he waited for Bowens to fall for his ‘joke.’

In the video, Bowens comes in looking for a phone charger. Pavano directs the hunky wrestler to check under the bed. That’s when Bowens finds the condom.

And the look on his face is a bit heartbreaking.

The discovery

Thankfully, for Pavano, the beefy, buff athlete processes things in a calm manner.

He asks Pavano about the prophylactic and Pavano plays dumb saying he has no idea where it came from.

Then he tries to pin it on his brother who might have used the bedroom for some playtime with his girlfriend.

Throughout, Bowens’ face shows his mind racing a mile a minute as he tries to process his 'discovery.'

Finally, Pavano reveals the prank and the hidden phone.

But folks were split in the comment section for the YouTube video.

Some called the video “very funny," while others thought the prank was “mean.”

“I did not think this was funny,” wrote one commenter. “I guess I feel relationships are hard to come by, and I could not handle something like this.”

Another said, “Anthony, you are about the calmest man I have ever seen - you have a good soul, buddy!”

Watch the video below and let us know what you think. Is this funny? Or not so much?

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