Sunday, December 16, 2018

Trump Rants About Cohen Becoming A 'Rat,' Wonders Why Folks Didn't "Break Into The DNC?"

Donald Trump went on one of his usual Sunday morning Twitter rants raging about his former 'fixer,' Michael Cohen, becoming a "Rat" after the FBI "BROKE INTO AN ATTORNEY’S OFFICE!"

Of course, the FBI didn’t 'break' into Cohen's office. A federal judge authorized a legal search warrant after finding that there was a good reason to believe evidence of a crime would be found in his office.

p.s. They did find that evidence. Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison this week.

The president of the United States just wondered in front of millions of Twitter users why someone didn't break into the Democratic National Committee offices.

Doesn't that sound familiar? I'm thinking circa 1972 and a certain Richard Nixon...?

History truly repeats itself.

By the way, Cohen tweeted that the FBI was "extremely professional, courteous and respectful" during the search.

It's worth noting that Ken Starr has absolutely NO idea what Special Counsel Robert Mueller has found during his investigation.

Also - the Ken Starr/White Water investigation went on for four years. Mueller was appointed to head up the current investigation in May 2017 meaning he's spent less than half the time Starr took to look into White Water.

Similarly, Starr expanded his investigation far afield from his original mandate. So arguments that Mueller should 'ignore' crimes not related to Russia along the way are ridiculous.

When the police investigate a robbery and trip over a dead body, they don't ignore the body.

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