Sunday, June 17, 2018

Steve Bannon: Trump Doesn't Lie, He Speaks In A 'Special Vernacular'

Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon tells ABC News that Donald Trump has never lied that he knows of. Bannon says Trump speaks in a "special vernacular" that connect with the American people
Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon

During an interview with Jon Karl on ABC News' This Week, former Trump campaign and White House adviser Steve Bannon declared President Trump has never lied to his knowledge.

Umm, ok. And I'm Justin Timberlake.

Karl had played clips of Trump promising to never lie to the American public during the 2016 campaign. As Karl points out that was a promise the Trumpster “obviously broke. He has not always told the truth.”

“I don’t know that,” replied Bannon. “From what I’ve seen, he has.” Karl asked him again, “you think the President has never lied?” “Not to my knowledge, no,” Bannon said again. Then he joked “except when he called me ‘Sloppy Steve.’”

Bannon went on to say that Trump simply speaks in a "special vernacular" that resonates with the American people.

I don't think Bannon knows what "vernacular" means.

Watch the exchange below.

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