Sunday, April 29, 2018

Trump On GOP Losing The House In Mid-Terms: "That's Not Going To Happen"

The New York Times reports that Donald Trump is in denial about the GOP's prospects in the mid-term elections this fall.

President Trump is privately rejecting the growing consensus among Republican leaders that they may lose the House and possibly the Senate in November, leaving party officials and the president’s advisers nervous that he does not grasp the gravity of the threat they face in the midterm elections.

Congressional and party leaders and even some Trump aides are concerned that the president’s boundless self-assurance about politics will cause him to ignore or undermine their midterm strategy. In battleground states like Arizona, Florida and Nevada, Mr. Trump’s proclivity to be a loose cannon could endanger the Republican incumbents and challengers who are already facing ferocious Democratic headwinds.

When told by several prominent Republicans at a dinner that the House is practically already lost, Trump repeatedly told the politicians “That’s not going to happen.”

As the Times points out, practically every modern president has lost seats in his first midterm election.

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