Monday, February 12, 2018

Team USA Takes Home Bronze Medal In Team Figure Skating As Adam Rippon Makes Spectacular Debut

Adam Rippon

It was a spectacular night of Olympic figure skating last night as I sat glued to my flatscreen watching Team USA win the bronze medal in the Team skating event.

In the women's freeskate, Mirai Nagasu made history as the first US woman to ever land a triple axel in Olympic competition (and only the third woman ever).

Out figure skater Adam Rippon made his Olympic debut for the mens freeskate and was dazzling in a performance that captivated the crowd and proved he has what it takes to be a major contender at these games.

Not to grouse, but many viewers were confounded by the fact that Rippon skated a totally clean skate but was scored third behind the skaters from Canada and Russia who both fell. Waiting to see that explained.

It's worth noting that Rippon and Nagasu, who are besties and roommates at the Olympics, were shut out of the 2014 Olympics. So last night must have been an especially sweet moment to savor together.

In the end, Team Canada took gold, Olympic Athletes from Russia was awarded silver and the Americans took home the bronze.

In doing so, Rippon becomes the first openly gay American to win a Winter Olympic medal.

Also, Eric Radford of Canada becomes the first openly gay athlete to win gold at a Winter Olympics.

In an interview after his skate, Rippon was asked what the experience was like. After a pause, he responded, “Andrea, it’s like pretty awesome. I highly recommend it.”

And fellow gay American Gus Kenworthy posted this on his Instagram:

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