Sunday, February 11, 2018

Broadway: Alex Newell & Cast Of Once On This Island Slay "Mama Will Provide"

One of my favoritest Broadway musicals ever, Once On This Island, is back on the Great White Way in a gorgeous new revival.

Check out Alex Newell (Glee) as "Asaka," Mother Earth, singing "Mama Will Provide" with the luminous company on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

The role, traditionally cast as a woman, is sung with vigor and warmth by Newell. Score a point for non-traditional casting that totally delivers.

The show tells the tale of "Ti Moune" who is sent on a journey by the gods of the island to prove the strength of love over death.

If you are in NYC, make sure you see it.

My longtime friends Norm Lewis (Tony Award nominee for Porgy & Bess) and T. Oliver Reid are both in the cast weaving their powerful gifts into the tapestry this is Once On This Island.

Watch below.

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