Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Wimbledon Devolves Into Hysterics As Fan Dons White Skirt To Join Champions On Court

I'd been reading about this incident, but really glad I watched.

Just a really light-hearted moment at Wimbledon. Made me laugh out loud.

From TheWest.com.au:

In an episode which had the crowd and the players in hysterics, veteran champion Kim Clijsters made a point about the strict dress codes at Wimbledon which say players must wear all white - even down to their underwear.

But what happens when a punter is called on court for a few moments of hilarity? Well, rules are rules.

A spectator was pulled from the crowd during a women’s invitational doubles match and given the chance to try to return a serve from Clijsters, a four-time major champion.

In a nod to the All England Club’s clothing rules, Clijsters went over to the sideline and grabbed a white skirt for the man to put over his blue shorts. Because he had on a light green shirt, he also was given a white shirt to pull on.

The fun is effervescent. Watch below.

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