Saturday, July 1, 2017

Dan Savage On Trump Tweets: "Sexist Bullying Asshole Reveals Himself To Be Sexist Bullying Asshole"

Dan Savage

LGBT activist Dan Savage sat down for a chat on Real Time with Bill Maher last night to talk on several subjects including Trump's latest Twitter debacle (“Sexist bullying asshole reveals himself to be sexist bullying asshole”) and the Democrats woeful messaging issues.

For instance, Savage tells Maher that Dems should embrace the label of "the urban party" and not run away from it.

And, he says the Democrats could learn something about language from the LGBT community.

"We talked about gay marriage and people were like, 'yuck' because 'gay' says 'sex.'

So, we all switched and started saying 'marriage equality.' And even people who are uncomfortable with gays doing the gay 'butt thing' could get behind equality.

Democrats should look to one of the biggest social movements in the last 30 years and what we achieved with effective messaging and everyone on the same page."

Watch the segment below.

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