Friday, June 30, 2017

Top 10 Cities For LGBTs

Housing aggregator Nestpick has commissioned surveys and boiled down the data to determine the Top 100 Cities For LGBTs around the world.

For a city to rank strongly as an LGBT destination, we determined that it must have a vibrant gay dating scene, a lively alternative nightlife, open minded citizens, and low levels of hate crime.

We also took into account the national laws affecting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, such as the right to get married or adopt children.

Once the data pointed to the top 100, polling was done with LGBTs in each of those cities with at least 2,500 people taking part in each city. Overall, at least 200K folks offered their thoughts.

Click here for the top 100 along with each city's score, but for now let's count down the top 10.

Any surprises here?

10. San Francisco

9. New York City

8. Barcelona

7. Brighton

6. Berlin

5. London

4. Tel Aviv

3. Toronto

2. Amsterdam

And the top city on the planet for LGBTs is...

1. Madrid

It's no wonder that World Pride 2017 chose Madrid, Spain, for the huge pride festivities going on right now.

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