Friday, June 30, 2017

Morning Joe Hosts Allege White House Offered To "Spike" National Enquirer Story For Apology

In the aftermath of President Trump's "bleeding badly from a face lift" tweet about MSNBC Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski, she and fiancĂ© Joe Scarborough both penned an op-ed for the Washington Post and spoke on the air this morning about an alleged offer from the White House.

According to the two MSNBC hosts, if the pair would call and apologize to Donald Trump for their less-than-glowing coverage over the past several months, Trump would call his good buddy who owns the National Enquirer and get a negative story about the hosts "spiked."

NY Magazine reporter Gabriel Sherman says he has the inside scoop:

According to three sources familiar with the private conversations, what happened was this: After the inauguration, Morning Joe’s coverage of Trump turned sharply negative. “This presidency is fake and failed,” Brzezinski said on March 6, for example. Around this time, Scarborough and Brzezinski found out the Enquirer was preparing a story about their affair. While Scarborough and Brzezinski’s relationship had been gossiped about in media circles for some time, it was not yet public, and the tabloid was going to report that they had left their spouses to be together.

In mid-April, Scarborough texted with Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner about the pending Enquirer story. Kushner told Scarborough that he would need to personally apologize to Trump in exchange for getting Enquirer owner David Pecker to stop the story.

The editor of the National Enquirer denies any knowledge of conversations between the White House and the Morning Joe hosts.

Here's the two hosts explaining on the air this morning:

Of course, Scarborough and Brzezinski knew exactly what they were doing in order to bait the Donald. He quickly dispatched this tweet upon watching the show this morning.

Legal expert Laurence Tribe chimed in on the alleged "blackmail:"

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