Monday, June 19, 2017

Boy George Reinvents Village People Classic "YMCA" For Aussie Marriage Equality

Boy George, currently serving as a judge on The Voice Australia, has teamed up with YMCA Australia to reinvent the Village People hit, YMCA," in an effort to shine a spotlight on issues important to Australian youth like marriage equality, mental health and youth unemployment.

But George did pause, initially, in approaching the iconic disco hit.

Via The Daily Telegraph:

“I thought absolutely not. How could you cover that song?” he said. “The thing about covering songs, you have to get inside the song and see if it works and when I started to listen to the lyrics they were weirdly revealing.”

Now, after recording the song as part of the charity organisation’s new campaign, the 56-year-old loves the new, stripped back version. “I started to think, this is going to really work in my shows.”

I always find the idea of slowing down a classic hit in order to mine "new gold" an interesting premise. As we've all seen with other covers, not every song benefits from a thoughtful revisit. I agree with BG here, though. The lyrics do have something new to offer, and he's found something here.

I like :)

Watch the music video below.

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