Thursday, May 4, 2017

News Round-Up: May 4, 2017

Some news items you may have missed:

• If I can't start my day looking LIKE Alex Abramov, at least I can start my day looking AT Alex Abramov.

• Pulse Nightclub, the site of the largest mass murder of LGBTQ people in the history of the United States, will become a permanent national memorial.

• Two 16 year old high school students pretended to be a 35 year old man on a dating app to get a North Carolina teacher to send a naked pic to them, and then they sent the pic to classmates.

• After Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi said that those who dress outside of traditional gender norms are asking for violence, citizens of the Equality State began protesting his comments by wearing tutus and tweeting the hashtag #LiveandLetTutu.

• The Tony Award nominations are out, and lots of folks are thrilled to be on the list. There were, however, some rather egregious oversights. Check out who got overlooked here.

• Team Trump is furious that CNN refused to air his new campaign ad, which included a graphic calling CNN "fake news." Check out CNN's response below:

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