Friday, April 21, 2017

Hillary Clinton: "We May Never Be Able To Count On Trump Administration To Lead On LGBT Issues"

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

While giving a speech last night at a dinner for The LGBT Center, former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton warned of “clouds gathering on the horizon” for LGBT rights.

“The progress that we fought for, that many of you were on the front lines of, and that we’ve celebrated and maybe even taken for granted, may not be as secure as we once expected,” said Clinton.

She later added, “I think we have to face the fact that we may never be able to count on this administration to lead on LGBT issues."

Clinton also addressed the situation in Chechnya, where gay men have been reportedly detained, beaten, tortured and killed just for being gay.

“In recent weeks, we’ve heard terrifying accounts from Chechnya of gay and bisexual men being taken from their homes and families, tortured, even killed. And when government authorities were confronted with these reports, their response was chilling. They said that you cannot arrest or repress people – who do not exist. The United States government — yes, this government — should demand an end to the persecution of innocent people.”

The New York Times recently published an op-ed taking President Trump to task for his “record of empty talk” on LGBTQ rights.

As we all know, during the presidential campaign, Hillary was endorsed by just about every LGBT organization in the U.S.

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