Sunday, March 19, 2017

Simon Dunn Heats Up Winter For DNA Magazine

(photo: Christian Scott/DNA)

Photographed by Christian Scott, former rugby player Simon Dunn brings the heat to winter in his new DNA Magazine spread titled, “Winter Isn’t Coming”.

In 2014, the hunky Dunn tried out and made the Australian bobsleigh team, becoming the first out gay man to ever represent the "down under" nation in the sport.

In November 2016, he announced his retirement from the bobsleigh team saying, “I’ve felt a proudness in my own sexuality that I hadn’t felt in the 27 years prior. I’m finally comfortable in my own skin as a proud gay man.”

He added: “Moving forward, I’ll be going back to playing rugby, continuing my advocacy, and I look forward to whatever adventures my future may hold.”

More pics from Dunn's photo shoot for DNA at The OutFront.

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