Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Out Music: JoLivi "Love Who You Wanna Love"


Out singer/songwriter JoLivi, who excels in a moody, sexy electro-pop music space, recently dropped her latest single, “Love Who You Wanna Love.”

The upbeat track, inspired by the singer's first same-sex romance, features JoLivi’s sensual vocals coupled with lyrics rooted in empowerment that reflect her independent spirit.

Be who you wanna be,
Love who you wanna love,
Change want you wanna change

The Hawaiian born singer/songwriter shared with The Randy Report her approach and inspirations for songwriting.

TRR: You recently came out as bisexual. Did you write “Love Who You Wanna Love” with the idea of coming out in mind? How did that feel to be public? Freeing? Nervous?

J: "Love Who You Wanna Love" is about more than just loving a gender. It's about loving yourself and not judging others for whoever they love. It's about you as an individual not being afraid of going against the norm. We live one life... I've loved both genders... I wasn't nervous, and it wasn't exactly freeing because I never thought I needed to "come out." I am able to relate to more that just one idea of what love is and also be a voice for those unheard.

Does your dating status affect your songwriting very much? Do you find your songwriting more inspired by a happy place or break ups?

LOL! You nailed it! My last EP was written about a three year relationship...specific moments and as a whole. I've never been inspired really by the happy moments in my life when it comes to songwriting, but I do like to write about other people's happiness or as a collective society. Something about writing when you're unhappy is therapeutic. Also, listeners can relate more and believe that you as an artist are still just as human as they are.

How do you think being "out" may play out in future music?

It isn't even a thought. I think everything in my career will follow it's right path regardless of who I love. If you're humble and kind... :)

What’s next/on the horizon for you?

TOURING ... I can't wait to go on tour... write another album ... and keep inspiring anyone I can!

Check out "Love Who You Wanna Love" below, JoLivi's official website here, and more music on Soundcloud.


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