Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Trump Wants Investigation Into "Those Registered To Vote In Two States" Like His Senior Adviser Steve Bannon

As I reported yesterday, President Trump has continued to cling to his "alternative facts" that he believes he actually won the popular vote in the presidential election.

Trump contends that had it not been for 3-5 million "illegal" votes, he would have been the victor in the popular vote race.

Experts who study voting patterns, and especially the issue of fraud, say there is a better chance of being bitten by a shark who won the lottery than for millions to have voted fraudulently.

Personally, I say if the election was THAT far off, then perhaps we should have a do over?

Today, Trump has announced he wants a "major investigation" in voter fraud.  And I say good.

Trump notes he particularly wants those folks who are registered in two states to vote to be looked at.

Turns out he should turn to the guy standing right next to him as it's been confirmed that White House  senior adviser Steve Bannon is one of those people.

From the Sarasota Herald-Tribune:

One of the most powerful men in America happens to be a resident of Sarasota County. We think. His name is Stephen K. Bannon, the scruffy-faced senior adviser to our new president. Maybe you've heard of him. But has anyone actually seen him?

In particular, has anyone ever seen him at 3108 Casey Key Road, though probably not asking neighbor Stephen King to borrow a cup of sugar, considering King once wrote on Twitter: "My newest horror story. Once upon a time there was a man named Donald Trump and he ran for president.''

Anyway, this is where Bannon lives, or is supposed to live, still, according to the Sarasota County Supervisor of Elections office. It's the address listed on his voter registration form, effective Aug. 25.

There is only problem: Bannon is also registered to vote in New York City, listing a home address on West 40th Street, and according to a spokesman for the New York State Board of Elections, he voted there in November by absentee ballot.

At a press conference today, White House spokesman Sean Spicer told reporters that the investigation may focus on "bigger" states like New York or California. Yes, those would be ones that Trump lost by huge margins.

So, if I understand correctly, Trump believes that Democrats somehow got 3-5 million people to vote illegally - all for Clinton - in states she was going to win anyway. But forgot to get them to vote in swing states.

Of course, that makes perfect sense.

Watch below as voting expert Brian Schaffner explain to CNN how Trump is twisting his research:

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