Friday, January 6, 2017

Trump Trash Tweets Schwarzenegger Over APPRENTICE Ratings

With nothing to do in his early morning hours (but get ready to become leader of the free world), President-elect Trump chose to take some "me time" to poke at Arnold Schwarzenegger for the low ratings on the premiere of The Apprentice, which Arnold now stars in.

Of course, what the Trumpster left out of his classy call-out is that his own ratings had slid mightily from season 1 (18.5 million) when reality TV was still new, to his last season with a much lower viewership  on it's season premiere (6.5 million).

Obviously, ego trumps money in The Donald's world, since he's still an executive producer for the show and making money off the series. So, mocking his own star is pretty much cutting off his nose to spite his orange face.

But not to worry, Arnold took the high road and gave a class in "class:"

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