Monday, January 9, 2017

Trump Spokesman: Why Are You Listening To What Trump Says As Opposed To What's In His Heart?

Trump spokesperson Kellyanne Conway tried in vain to divert from the fact that we were all reminded last night of Donald Trump's disgusting mocking of a New York Times reporter during the presidential campaign.

After Meryl Streep's comments during the Golden Globe Awards last night, Team Trump is again on defense about the hideous mocking of Serge Kovaleski.

Via Mediaite:

During Meryl Streep‘s fiery speech against the president-elect at the Golden Globes, she brought up the moment in the 2016 election where Trump seemed to crudely mock the disability of New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski. Conway was asked about this by CNN’s Chris Cuomo, where he pressed her to explain why Trump couldn’t just admit to what he did, apologize for it, and move on.

“That is not what he did,” Conway said when asked if what Trump did was wrong. Cuomo brought up how Trump can deny mocking Kovaleski’s arthrogryposis as much as he wants, and yet, there’s a great deal of evidence to show that that is what he did.

“Why can’t you give him the benefit of the doubt…,” Conway asked, to which, Cuomo answered “because he’s making a disgusting gesture on video about Serge.”

The two of them continued to spar as Cuomo pointed out Trump’s actions, while Conway continued to insist that the mocking behavior was about Kovaleski “groveling.”

“Why don’t you believe him? Why isn’t it taken at face value?” Conway said in exasperation. “You can’t give him the benefit of the doubt on this and he’s telling you what was in his heart? You want to go with what’s come out of his mouth rather than what’s in his heart.”

Wait - did we read that correctly? Conway wants us to stop listening to what's coming out of Trump's mouth and instead of "what's in his heart???"

Good for Chris Cuomo for not letting her divert from the issue.

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