Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Repeal of North Carolina Hate Law Unsure At This Time

(image via WRAL)
Although GOP state lawmakers had promised to repeal their divisive hate law HB2 if the city of Charlotte would first repeal their local ordinance giving LGBTs protections, it's not sure how things will shake out.

Charlotte fulfilled their side of the bargain, but Republican lawmakers, now in a special session, are foot dragging.

From the Charlotte Observer:

Minutes into the House session, Rep. Jeff Collins of Nash County rose to declare the session unconstitutional and decried the “extraordinary hubris” of Charlotte City Council in prompting it. Two other members joined him.

Rep. Michael Speciale of New Bern moved that the session be immediately adjourned. He was ruled out of order. Sen. Tommy Tucker, a Republican from Waxhaw, filed a resolution to adjourn the session.

By 11 a.m., the House had gone into a recess that was later extended to 1 p.m. without taking up HB2. House Republicans gathered in caucus. A growing group of protesters gathered outside the chamber.

The Charlotte Chamber, apparently alarmed by the turn of events, sent out a urgent call to action for the public to call legislators.

“This morning the Charlotte City Council approved a full and clean repeal of their non-discrimination ordinance that led to the state's approval of HB2, a bill that has caused serious economic damage to our economy and to the perception of our state,” the chamber said. “The legislature is in special session at this moment. It is not known if there are enough votes to repeal.”

As House Republicans mulled their next move, Sen. Jeff Jackson, a Charlotte Democrat, filed his own HB2 repeal bill. Sen. Mike Woodard, a Republican from Durham, and Sen. Terry Van Duyn, a Democrat from Asheville, signed on as co-sponsors.

Stay tuned.

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