Friday, December 23, 2016

News Round-Up: December 23, 2016

The sexy gay stars of Netflix's Sense8

Some news items you may have missed:

• The special two hour Christmas episode of the acclaimed Netflix series Sense8 is now available! Go watch now! I understand the creators heard loud and clear how much we all loved the sensual spa scene in the first season's episode 

• The North Carolina NAACP will call for a national economic boycott after the Republican-led state legislature reneged on a deal to repeal it's hate law, HB2.

Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker has given her blessing for a third big screen installment of the popular HBO series.

• An appeals court has overturned former student-athlete Michael L. Johnson’s conviction for infecting a sexual partner with HIV.

• Expect Donald Trump to express his outrage over the United States abstaining from a vote on the United Nations resolution condemning Israeli settlement construction, which by the way has been the position of every president since Reagan.

• Do not miss the new film adaptation of the late August Wilson’s Pulitzer-winning play Fences, directed by and starring Denzel Washington. I hear Viola Davis' portrayal of his steadfast wife, Rose, is practically a shoe-in for the Oscar. Washington and Davis are both nominated for Golden Globes. In wide release Christmas Day.

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