Sunday, November 27, 2016

Trump Goes On Twitter Rant Over Voting Recount

President-elect Donald Trump seems a bit unnerved by the announcement by Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein that she will request audit/recounts of the voting in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Trump took to Twitter today in a long rant decrying the recount effort based on the recommendations of computer scientists who say there are some irregular patterns in those three states. The discrepancies seem to be based in counties which used only electronic voting.

Of course, you'll recall Trump had a completely different tone about challenging results and voter fraud just weeks before the election.

Yesterday, the Clinton campaign tacitly announced it would participate, primarily to ensure the effort was fair to all sides. The Clinton team has stated it does not expect the results of the election to change due to the recount.

I personally think this is good thing. There are Americans who are still in disbelief about the outcome of the presidential election, and a recount (paid through donations, not tax dollars) could help folks accept the result more easily.

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