Sunday, November 20, 2016

Trump Continues To Distract From $25 Million Fraud Settlement By Attacking HAMILTON

Donald Trump continues to use the Hamilton/Mike Pence incident on Friday night to distract from the fact that he just settled a huge fraud lawsuit regarding his failed Trump University for $25 million.

After posting two tweets yesterday morning, the Donald took to Twitter again on the subject. First he tweeted the above missive, which he promptly deleted.

Didn't he just go after Hillary Clinton for deleting internet communications?

And then he posted the below tweet in the middle of the night. In the post, he again demands an apology from the cast for calling Pence "sir," telling the audience not to "boo" Pence, and expressing their concerns as constituents in a calm voice.

Along the way, he slams Hamilton as "highly overrated." The show is one of the most celebrated in Broadway history and sold out for the next 8 months. But, whatevs....

Is this really "presidential?"

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