Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Jill Stein: "You Can't See Voter Fraud Unless You Actually Check The Votes"

Jill Stein, appearing on CNN this morning, said Americans will never know for sure if voter fraud is a true threat to our electoral system unless we actually CHECK the votes.

During the last weeks of the presidential campaign, Donald Trump repeatedly asserted that voter fraud was real and rampant. Many of his followers bought into those statements.

But if we're ever really going to know how wide-spread (or not) the issue is, we have to see how reliable our systems truly are.

From The Hill:

“You cannot see voter fraud unless you actually check the votes,” she said on CNN Tuesday morning. “There’s absolutely no way to know. We should have checks and balances built into the process.

“There should be an automatic audit and we should not be using these voting machines that have been proven to be so incredibly unreliable, that are incapable of actually reading what the marking is on the piece of paper.”

“I’ve always said when I was asked throughout the campaign, ‘Would I stand up and call for a recount if there were doubts about the reliability of the vote?’ ” she said. “I’ve always said ‘yes.’ “I’ve never taken sides in this election between the two establishment candidates. We do not have skin in the game. We’re here to stand up for everyday voters who need a better way forward.

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